Integrating Your Personal Brand with Your Professional Brand

In this eTip I was recently at the WOW (Woman Of Worth) event in Harrison Hot Springs where I had a chance to speak with Dana Smithers about the importance of getting your personal brand aligned with the goals of your professional business brand.

How can you incorporate personal branding into your business?

Dana has had several businesses over the years and we’re lucky enough to have her count on us as her ‘go to team’ for professional web development, graphic design and online marketing services.

Dana embodies her own branding and her passion for her work is reflected in her commitment to owning her brand.

Choosing the colour red was no mistake. Dana picked it to convey her message of education, inspiration, and empowerment and it is a staple in all her branding both for herself and her business. She literally wears it and that consistency is what we’re talking about today.

Dana is now at the point in her career where she is so committed to her brand that her wardrobe is absent anything not part of her style palette: red, white, and black.

We helped her with her branding and she isn’t limited to one shade of red so don’t think you need to be pinned down to a style guide that restricts you. Dana makes a great point that different shades of your primary colours are 100% allowable.

These shades and even your brand can change but make sure it’s always designed to aide in attracting your ideal clients.

Dana recently updated her own site but kept things relatively consistent to build on the momentum established already by her strong branding position which is focused on helping solopreneurs achieve their goals.

Something Dana made very clear was that if you’re thinking of asking a friend or relative to handle aspects of your business, you’re never going to get the same level of service that you would from having a professional team at your disposal.

When Dana launched her book this year she came to us regarding the book jacket and layout. We know her brand inside and out having built it with her so she knew she could expect something that worked with her website and her branding easily and that’s just what she got.

By keeping the consistent colouring that is integral to her branding, Dana has even encountered people whens she’s not in red asking her where the red is in her outfit! They know her brand so well when she appears to deviate it’s noticeable, but as she points out, her lipstick and nail polish are always in her signature red.

Aligning your personal branding with your professional branding goes beyond the visual element we’ve focused on here and you’ll be able to see those elements when you analyze your branding.

By getting these two elements in line, you increase your prospects of being recognized and brand recognition is always good for business.

If you’d like to establish a strong brand both personally and professionally like what we’ve accomplished with Dana, please get in touch. Our team loves helping with branding projects so let us now if you’re interested in taking yours to the next level.

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Until next time,
Susan Friesen

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In this eTip I was recently at the WOW (Woman Of Worth) event in Harrison Hot Springs where I had a chance to speak with Dana Smithers about the importance of getting your personal brand aligned with the goals of … Continued