Top Success Principles for Breakthrough Success

Top Success Principles for Breakthrough Success

I’ve been working with several mentoring clients lately who are looking ahead and coming up with a goal sheet on what they want to accomplish next year. With the end of the year almost here, now is definitely a great time to be doing this exercise.

But goal setting can be a scary process for many…

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What often happens when big goals like this are solidified on paper and you are opening yourself up to the possibilities of what could be achieved, you may also be closing the door on what’s truly possible for you…

As an example, at first you may find yourself listing your big goals like “hold my first virtual summit”, “earn $100,000 in sales” or “write my second book”.

Then as you review the list your inner gremlin starts to kick in…

“This isn’t realistic”
“I don’t even know where to begin to achieve this” 
“I’ll never find the time to make that happen.” 
“Who am I trying to fool here!”
“I can’t possibly…”

And before you know it you’ve become your own dream killer. 

But it doesn’t have the be that way.

Are you ready to take a giant leap forward? Or even get started for that matter? Here is to your inner critic and set yourself up for success in the coming year.

  • Decide what you want. If you want to stay stuck, going with the status-quo and not taking time to figure out what you really want is a sure-fire formula to do it.

    Make a coffee date for yourself. Bring a notebook and pen. Ask yourself what you want to see happen in your life, relationships, finances and health.

    What do you want to accomplish in your business this year? What do you want to experience? Imagine that you have a magic wand and anything you dream is possible.

  • Dare to dream BIG! Jim Rohn says “You should set a goal big enough that in the process of achieving it, you become someone worth becoming.”

    Don’t edit yourself.  Let the ideas flow. The more specific you are about the details, the better.  The Law of attraction is powerful when you visualize every detail about what you want.

  • Create a plan to make it happen. Napoleon Hill once said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Own the confidence that the dream that’s planted in your heart will happen.
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  • Believe firmly in your mind and heart that this WILL happen. Let your passion take over and provide the fuel to drive you forward. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    Instead of “How can I…” (a limiting question) Ask yourself “In what way can I…..” (a question that comes from a place of abundance saying there IS an answer.)

  • Feel the fear and do it anyway.  There’s nothing more liberating than pushing through where you are unsure and then realizing success.  The exhilaration you’ll feel when you push past your own limits is so empowering.
  • Own the vision of your goal already accomplished.  Make a dream map with pictures of your goal completed.  Write affirmations that show your gratitude for accomplishing this task (before it’s occurred).  “I am so happy and grateful now that….”

    Make a video with images and affirmations combined.  com is a powerful tool that makes it easy.

  • Keep taking steps forward.  When you step out in faith, the universe conspires on your part to bring you what you desire.  An object in motion, stays in motion.  It takes much more energy to move a stopped object forward.
  • Have trust. Let go of the need to control everything.  Believe in the abundance of the universe to attract the resources, tools, people, and opportunities you need to accomplish your goals.
  • Be grateful always. Gratitude is one of the most powerful positive vibrations.  Take time daily to acknowledge what you are thankful for.

    When you focus on the blessings, you will find there are more things you are blessed with.

  • Engage in a morning practice to recharge. Spend time every morning thinking about your perfect day, visualizing what you’d like to create… acknowledging what you are grateful for, releasing negative charges that have occurred, and centering yourself in joy and love.

    When you are grounded, your day will flow with much more ease.  With a full heart and mind, you’ll have the inner strength you need to move mountains.

You are stronger than you know, more capable than you can imagine. Believe in your dreams and know that you have everything inside you need to make it happen.

Once you get clear about what you want and own that it’s possible you’ll discover it is much easier to get what you want by taking control of your thoughts, your visualizations, and your actions!

Here’s to creating the best year ever for your life and business. If you could use some help figuring out how to accomplish your business goals, ask me about my mentoring packages!

To your success,

About the Author, Susan Friesen

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Top Success Principles for Breakthrough Success

I’ve been working with several mentoring clients lately who are looking ahead and coming up with a goal sheet on what they want to accomplish next year. With the end of the year almost here, now is definitely a great … Continued