The Urban Myth of Newsletter Provider Deliverability Rates

The Urban Myth of Newsletter Provider Deliverability Rates- What metric you SHOULD use to get the best deliverability rates

What metric you SHOULD use to get the best deliverability rates

In recent articles, I’ve talked about the importance of article/blog writing to help boost your business. I’ve listed reasons why you should add blogging to your marketing repertoire and also provided important tips on getting the most out of your blogging efforts.

In each of these articles, I talk about using those articles to send out to your newsletter list in order to keep top of mind with your subscribers.

This article will help you decide which newsletter provider you should choose and actually debunks the urban myth that deliverability rates should factor into your decision-making process.

After reading, you’ll be well equipped to get going with your newsletters. Do you already send out a regular newsletter? If so, share in the comments section below your experience with your newsletter provider and if not, tell us why you haven’t gotten to it yet!

Clients often ask me which email newsletter provider they should choose. So much so we decided to do some research and find out if one service can provide better deliverability rates or if this is just an urban myth.

Many people are under the illusion that choosing the “right provider” for their email newsletters has a direct impact on the deliverability of their newsletters; that choosing one over another may result in their emails being caught up in spam filters, or vice-versa.

Fortunately, that really isn’t the case.

Major Email Service Providers (ESP’s) such as Mailchimp or Aweber, comply with strict anti-spam policies to ensure the best delivery rates possible. They even work with Mail Service Providers to ensure their services aren’t black listed.

This includes tools such as providing customers with spam score analysis, tips on avoiding spam, and warning (or even disabling the accounts of) customers should their messages result in higher than acceptable spam filter ratings.

Nowadays, the difference in delivery rates between major ESP’s is negligible.

Sending out an email blast with the same content, one through a provider such as Infusionsoft, and the other 1ShoppingCart, isn’t going to affect the amount of people that see your email.

In saying that, the one thing we have noticed is that 1ShoppingCart can be a bit slower at sending out emails than its competitors. This can be a detriment to your marketing campaigns if people are not receiving their confirmation email right away.

What Does Affect Email Deliverability?

The important aspect of keeping your emails going to your recipient’s inboxes, and not their junk folder, is remembering to avoid common spam-triggering mistakes that will get your newsletters marked as spam.

Things like using:

  • Subject lines with “Free Offer” or “Once in a lifetime opportunity!” in them,
  • Excessive exclamation or dollar signs in the subject line, or
  • Using poorly coded HTML

So, how do you choose the right ESP for you?

That all depends on what you’re looking for; often it boils down to costs and ease of use. Here are five of our top picks and their benefits:

  1. Mailchimp

    Mailchimp is a very simple to use and most importantly, free email service provider for accounts with up to 2,000 subscribers, with monthly subscriptions available based on list size for larger accounts.
    The minimalistic user interface makes setting up newsletters and autoresponders a breeze, and Mailchimp offers a robust feature set, including advanced analytics, third party application support, and even a mobile app.
    We often recommend using Mailchimp to new business owners who are just building their list. With the cost being free (unless they want to set up an auto responder series), there’s little reason to not go with them.

  2. Aweber

    A monthly subscription-based service, Aweber offers premium features such as a selection of hundreds of customizable templates, over 6,000 free stock images to use, unlimited autoresponders and subscriber segmenting.
    The monthly fee starts at $19 for lists of up to 500 subscribers, and they also offer a free 30 day trial.

  3. Constant Contact

    Constant Contact offers unlimited broadcasts and lists as well as a plethora of application integrations such as Facebook and Salesforce, image and file storage, and real-time stat tracking for a monthly fee.
    Constant Contact starts at $15/month for up to 500 subscribers, and they currently offer a 60 day free trial.

  4. 1ShoppingCart

    Combining an shopping-cart and payment processing system for selling products and services online with a fully-featured email service platform is a great way to operate an online business.
    With support for up to 10,000 products, digital product delivery, unlimited autoresponders and questionnaires, an affiliate program and more, 1ShoppingCart is designed as an all-in-one service for online businesses.

  5. InfusionSoft

    InfusionSoft is an alternate option to 1ShoppingCart. I often refer to it as a Cadillac that offers a lot of email marketing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and eCommerce tools all under one roof.
    If you have plans to build your list into the thousands and also offer products or services for sale on your website, InfusionSoft is worth exploring. It’s monthly costs are higher and the learning curve is quite steep, but well worth the investment for serious marketers.

If you choose one of the major newsletter service providers to use for your sendouts, you shouldn’t have any problems with THEIR deliverability but it is important to ensure YOU create newsletters that won’t get caught in the spam filters.

We have first-hand experience using all of the above email services; for more information and additional service options we recommend, visit this page.

Do you send out consistent newsletters? Which is your favourite newsletter service provider? And if you don’t send out newsletters… tell us why?

To your success,

About the Author, Susan Friesen

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  • We don’t even bother with newsletters any more, nor do we read them. Too much with so little time.

    • I hear you Scott, adding a newsletter to your marketing efforts does take time but remember, they aren’t about YOU, they are about your ideal target market. Newsletters are still considered a huge benefit to building brand awareness and keeping top of mind to your ideal audience so if your audience still reads them, then they are very worth doing.

      I wrote an article on the benefits of newsletters a few months ago, you might want to give it a read:

  • This is just the information I need right now! I have been meaning to setup a newsletter for a few months now, and this is great information to push me to move forward. Awesome!

    • So glad to hear that Rachel! if you need any assistance in getting going, let me know how we can help!

  • Deanna

    Have you any experience with GetResponse? This is one ESP I have used the most. I have also had some experience with most of the others you have listed.

    • We used to use GetResponse all of the time and still have some clients using it. A few years back they changed their pricing policy quite a bit and made it much more expensive to use so many clients wanted to jump ship and use the free Mailchimp ESP instead. But I had/have no problems with GetResponse at all. GetResponse is listed on our list of recommended ESPs too:

  • Kathryn Wilking

    I started my little e-newsletter about 3 yrs ago with 23 people on my list. I figured I’d get some experience with a small list…and I could make mistakes. I have two lists now and send each month ~and that is all I am committed to do now. (less than 500 on the lists) But, I have a fantastic open rate of 50% and higher! I use mail-chimp and do most of the work//articles/images myself. I send it all to Susan Friesen to line it all up and check a few links …and we send it off into the clouds. Asking for help is the hardest part; paying Susan to finish it off is my best choice to make SURE it gets out there and looks great! Thanks Susan!

    • Kathryn, your open rate is amazing! To get a 50% open rate is quite the feat – keep doing what you’re doing because your list is loving the value you’re providing them!
      Thanks so much for the kind words, it’s such a pleasure to put your newsletters together for you so that they get the best deliverability rate (we code the HTML by hand for best results)

What metric you SHOULD use to get the best deliverability rates In recent articles, I’ve talked about the importance of article/blog writing to help boost your business. I’ve listed reasons why you should add blogging to your marketing repertoire and … Continued