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Embracing Your Personal Branding Uniqueness for Business Success

Today’s eTip is about how important it is to let your personal brand shine so you show off the real you and the best you!

The value of letting your personal brand shine

Building a personal brand is important and you put a lot of work into it so don’t by shy about who you are. Too often as women in business we’re told the expectation is to be demure and reserved but there is a lot to be said about simply being yourself if your business and brand are built around who you are.

When building up your personal and business brands you should have taken the key step of defining your ideal client so with that in mind you should remember that your deal client wants you! If you restrict yourself you’re actually doing yourself a disservice.

It may even mean potential clients outside the spectrum of your ideal client are put off but that’s totally okay because what you really want for both your business and peace of mind are the clients you’ve defined as best suited to you and your business.

Be confident in your personal brand and own who you are. 

Do you swear a lot? Hiding that from the offset of client interaction creates the expectation that you will consistently hide it and eventually the client will get to know the real you. When that happens and you’ve presented a false version of yourself it can create issues that would have been avoided had you showed the real you at the start.

While it’s not for me personally and does not align with my personal branding there are many examples of successful people who curse!

Promote what makes you unique

The more unique you are the more likely you will stand out to potential clients.

Let your personality shine through so everyone knows what you’re about. In saying that you should also keep in mind that your accomplishments should be worn on your sleeve. Never shy away from telling people about what you’ve accomplished in the past.

This doesn’t mean telling people that you think you’re great or what you think you’re great at; tell them why you feel that way and what you’ve done that has instilled confidence in you in your skill set or product.

Use key terms like ‘I accomplished’, ‘I generated’, ‘I completed’ and follow up with something genuine that you’ve done that makes you confident in yourself.

Accept praise with grace

This is a personal fault of my own. It’s sometimes tough to respond to a compliment but I highly recommend you take a moment and accept it. Thank them and let them know you appreciate it. Never deflect or reject praise.

Now the goal is to surround yourself with your target market so when you are being yourself you’re around the right people for it.

Not everyone appeals to everyone so put yourself in places where your ideal clients will be present. Mixing water with oil will just cause you unnecessary problems.

By placing yourself in the right setting and letting yourself shine with a strong personal brand you will lead yourself to your ideal clients so you have a much better time working with with people who like who you are and what you do.

Trying to be all things to all people can lead to hurdles that are best avoided while you build out your client roster with people who fit well with you.

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Until next time,
Susan Friesen

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About the Author, Susan Friesen

Susan Friesen offering 10 Critical Questions You Must Ask to Get Maximum ResultsSusan Friesen, founder of the award-winning web development and digital marketing firm eVision Media, is a Web Specialist, Business & Marketing Consultant, and Social Media Advisor. She works with entrepreneurs who struggle with having the lack of knowledge, skill and support needed to create their online business presence.

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How pleasure is actually productive…

Can you remember the last time you indulged in delightful inactivity?

Maltese Dog In Hammock

Perhaps you found yourself laughing and not being able to stop, or walked along the surf letting the waves tickle your toes? I can remember going on long bike rides with my brothers in my childhood, where the last thing on our minds was exercise! And flinging ourselves off the bikes when tired to simply rest flat out in the cornfields, looking up at the sky and smiling with deep inner joy. Or, the times when a girlfriend and I would play dress up, stalking around in oversized high heels, skirts so long they tripped us up, adorned with long strands of plastic pop beads that snapped together in different color combinations and collapsing into a heap laughing hysterically!

Can you remember being so completely immersed in a game that time stood still? Can you remember feeling vividly alive?

All of the shops closed on Sundays in England when I was a child, so Sundays were days of delightful inactivity. On summer afternoons, we lay around in the garden, reading and napping, followed by reading and napping! My parents loved to work in the garden and would eventually come in for a bath and then would put on their dressing gowns (or robes as we in America call them) and relax for the evening, all pink from their bath and the time in the sun. Sweet memories… Years later, I started taking a Sabbath on Sundays. No, I am not Jewish but I am committed to taking a day of rest each week; a day where nothing is scheduled, the computer is not opened, the phone not answered. A day when I make time for myself.

Delightful inactivity or as some people call it, the art of doing nothing is more productive than it sounds. It gives you the chance to recharge your batteries (even computers need to be recharged), to calm the relentless chatter of your mind, to make a space for something new to come in. It is in these times of rest and play that my most creative ideas have arrived. Out-of-the-box thinking comes from being out of the box or off-schedule. Pleasure is productive.

When you look for these opportunities, you will find them peppered through the day: sitting in a traffic jam, waiting for a friend or client to arrive at a restaurant, standing in line, arriving early for a movie, sitting in an airport when our plane is delayed. Sadly, for many of us, instead of luxuriating in this ‘found time’ we fill it with impatience or irritation, often even taking the delay personally! It would be amusing if it weren’t so chronic.

Will you take a stand for yourself, your own well-being? After all, it’s your life, your time and your choice as to how you live your life … comment below on how you will accomplish this!

Aimée Lyndon Adams

About the Author, Aimée Lyndon-Adams

Aimée Lyndon-Adams is both a seasoned corporate executive and a metaphysician practicing spiritual energy healing. She has provided coaching and healing sessions to individuals, couples and groups and has offered an energy management curriculum of training classes for many years. She is an articulate and charismatic speaker and facilitator.

Visit www.WhatTrulyMatters.com to claim instant access to your free gift for your juiciest life EVER!