Why nasty, bulging, ugly deficiencies prevented me from doing what I told my clients to do

Photography shoot prep with makeup and video
“Why do you think you’re not pretty Sue?”

I was asked this by a long-time client and friend after I was sharing with her how difficult it was for me to get professional photos done and posting several of them on Facebook. I must have said something that gave her the impression I didn’t think I was pretty. Do you think the way I visibly cringe even at the thought of getting my picture taken gave it away?

More on answering that thought-provoking question in a moment but first, I wanted to share the reason why I FINALLY got the photos done.

Ever heard of the saying, “Do as I say and not as I do”? I was getting tired of saying that to clients when I saw their beach-clad photo or one of their kids as a representation of their brand on social media.

How could I keep telling them to invest in professional photos when I could barely get nerve to put up a photo taken of me at a party from eight years ago?

It was the only photo that I didn’t gag on when I saw it, so  I used it. For a long time.

Last year I broke free from that old photo and had our videographer snap a few shots of me when we were doing a shoot for a client.

I used that one for about a year.

Why did it take me so long to finally invest in a proper photo shoot with a professional photographer? I guess I was waiting…

Waiting for some miracle to happen that I would suddenly be OK with seeing myself in photos.

Indeed, I hate seeing myself in photos. Period.

All I see are the nasty, bulging, ugly deficiencies. You know the kind I’m talking about. (And if you don’t, consider yourself very lucky!)

But one day I came to my senses and realized that I’d never realistically get to that point of being free from those oh so many deficiencies, so made the decision to, someday, find a local photographer and get my professional photos done.

At the same time, I also decided I would get my make-up done… I theorized that make-up can mask all kinds of nasty, bulging, ugly deficiencies… along with the right lighting and at the right camera angle of course.

And lo and behold, in walks to my life a local make-up artist, Judy Doduk of Judy D Beauty who just happened to be partnering with a photographer, Taneane Tweale Photography to provide professional make-up and photography services for business entrepreneurs. (Gotta love how that Law of Attraction works!)

I was fully prepared to hire them on the spot. I was ready. Flaws and all. Just get it done and over with!

Except what they asked me instead threw me for a loop: they asked me to be their model for their promotional pieces for their joint venture!

Say what?


Be a model?

You are kidding right? Is this some kind of cruel joke?

Nope, they assured me I’d make a perfect model.

Scepticism aside, I agreed.

Big breath.

Why don’t I think I’m very pretty? As with many women, it started (and has stayed firmly embedded there) when I was younger where I was given nothing but signs and indicators that I was the definition of an ugly duckling:

  • I was bullied in school. I was called ugly on a regular basis, ignored, teased, taunted and all the other fun stuff that kids in elementary school think are good times.

  • My brother also bullied me. His idea of fun was calling me “Sueeeeey” (as in calling a pig),  calling me other choice, cruel names, and basically treating me as if I were a pest that needed to be squashed on a continual basis.

  • My Mom, being the frugal gal that she was, invested in the $1 gallon jugs of cream rinse for my hair. I don’t think my tangled, frizzy messed up hair benefited from that investment much.

  • And don’t get me started about my horribly dry skin (“Porcupine” was another pet name) and the big silver railroad track braces (which were no where near as cool as they are today!)

Shall I go on? I think you get the picture.

I grew up quite convinced I was not pretty, not by a long shot.

I’m not sharing this to get your sympathy but just giving some insight as to why I loathe seeing myself in photos.

Or shall I say used to loathe.

That’s until I saw the photos that Taneane and Judy took of me.

They stunned me. Truly.

Surely that’s not me… I don’t look like that… wow, did they ever pull out every trick in the book to make me look that way!

I was so overwhelmed by what I saw, I asked my social media followers to help me decide which ones to use:

WOW, the comments I received were once again completely against all that I have believed all my life! What an eye-opener! (By the way, E ended up being the winner!)

I must say, when I think back to the day of the photoshoot, during the whole process they made me feel pretty too! And we had so much fun; it was a remarkable experience and one I will treasure for a long time.

So now I can finally say to DO what I DO and if you haven’t invested in getting professional photos done for your social media profiles, marketing pieces and website, then please believe me that if I can do it, so can you!

The right time is right now.

Don’t wait to lose those 10 (or whatever) pounds.

Don’t wait to grow out your hair only to cut it short again anyway.

Don’t wait for the sky to turn yellow and for pigs to fly.

Just do it.

You will be amazed at how good you will feel when you see the finished photos.

You will also be amazed at how your business will benefit from having your professional profile representing it. Prospective clients will take you more seriously and will believe more readily that you are the perfect fit for their needs.

If you live in the Lower Mainland of BC, please do yourself a favour and call up Taneane and Judy and if not, find someone in your local area who will take good care of you like these two gals did for me.

You can thank me afterwards.

To your success!

P.S. What’s your reason for not getting professional photos done? And if you have, please share your experience so we can convince others to do it too!

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“Why do you think you’re not pretty Sue?” I was asked this by a long-time client and friend after I was sharing with her how difficult it was for me to get professional photos done and posting several of them … Continued