An Unlikely Cure for Procrastination

An Unlikely Cure for Procrastination

Our lives are full, let’s face it. We‘ve picked up a few habits along the way, good and bad.  We have goals. We’ve made connections, plans and we are moving along.

But things could be better.

Something is stopping our progress; over time, projects and dreams can end up on the shelf.

Often, the problem is allowing oneself to procrastinate.

My experience through feng shui has taught me that many of our distractions can be traced back to the disorder in our homes.

Clutter has many effects: emotional, mental and physical.  A build-up of clutter in your home can affect your office and your work.  It can be the root of your frustration and procrastination. It can also represent a ‘stuck reality’.

Clearing clutter can help you break through procrastination and move forwards.

It is all about the energy. Clear the clutter and you free the energy!

A house is an extension of your life,

and that includes your business life too!

If there is an area of your home that has been neglected, it is time to go in and have a peek. You will need to apply a bit of discipline, and you may need to get ruthless.

  1. Does your attic harbour the past?

    It is great to display certificates, awards and achievements, but when they are decades old, it will be hard to find motivation through these items.

    Much of this type of memorabilia ends up in the attic; high-and-dry is the best place for these items, but this type of clutter can keep you stuck in the past. The items that are stored overhead and out-of-reach are most likely high-school yearbooks, past trophies and collections or items inherited from others.

    CURES: Take the time to evaluate the clutter from yester-years. Copy and store items that you want to remember, and pass along the rest. When you’ve sorted through these items, take a step into the present.

    In your office, bring in updated items that show recent achievements and endorsements. Display up-to-date personal photos and images, with a goal of moving forwards.

  2. Are you a person that starts projects and then relegates them to the basement?

    Creativity can get interrupted, but when projects get set aside for too long, they end up below-grade.

    Many basements, lacking light and energy are a logical place to harbour these unfinished projects. The mental angst connected to these projects (collecting dust bunnies and taking up space) can be traumatic. Time to deal with them once-and-for-all!

    CURE: Get down there and have a look. The ones you can finish, organize their completion within a reasonable amount of time. As for the far-fetched inventions, perhaps it is time to admit defeat. Cut your losses, clean up the mess and move forward.

  3. Is your garage an expensive storage unit?

    The garage is a place where people store much more than their cars; it tends to collect a plethora of sports equipment, tools and seasonal items.

    Many of these items cost big-money and if they are seldom used, the guilt of seeing boxes and heaps-of-plenty can be a reminder of the cost.

    This type of clutter is not motivating and rather mournful of a bad decision. With guilt, you will not be able to reach your full potential, with anything.

    CURE: Would you consider selling a few things? Or, donate to a good cause? Have another look into your storage area to assess the emotional, mental and physical restrictions these items are having on you.

    Make room for new hobbies and interests to enter your life in the present.

  4. Are you a little depressed?

    A woman’s closet is full of self-esteem issues. Often cramped with miss- matched outfits and multiple sizes, it is no wonder that this is an emotional issue every morning.

    Trying to figure out what to wear to the office can be depressing.

    CURE: Clear out your wardrobe. Go through your belts, shoes, and dresser drawers; and especially your jewelry. Examine those emotions. Only keep the items that will support you, and help you to move forward.

Hanging onto clutter may represent a reluctance to ‘move on’, or even a way to escape from the present.  Have a look around your space with fresh eyes.

The places you DON’T want to look at are probably the first place you SHOULD start.

Dealing with clutter issues in your home will unfold into other areas; you’ll be able to address the procrastination and stuck areas of your life.

Many people begin to clear an area with guilt and remorse, and then, report a positive uplift when completed. The unloading of emotional baggage comes with the action of taking charge.

The challenge is getting started!

This fresh New Year, 2016, is a great time to ruffle the procrastination-dust-bunnies and recognize what is cluttering your home, and your life. Let’s move forward together!

All the best for a Fabulous New Year!


About the Author, Kathryn Wilking

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Our lives are full, let’s face it. We‘ve picked up a few habits along the way, good and bad.  We have goals. We’ve made connections, plans and we are moving along. But things could be better. Something is stopping our … Continued