Susan Friesen’s Journey

Web Specialist, Business & Marketing Consultant, and Social Media AdvisorI was outgoing, always full of ideas and really loved the idea of building a big business one day. The problem was, I had no idea how to go about doing it! I didn’t get any college education (I rectified that a few years ago though) and the more I put off pursuing my dream, the less I believed it to be possible. After all, who did I think I was anyway? No education, no skills, and no bank account to hire a bunch of people to do it for me.

Despite these roadblocks, I forged ahead in baby steps. I went the MLM route and became a Mary Kay consultant where I learned amazing things about sales and customer service and I also built a successful craft business where I learned valuable business basics on pricing, marketing and presentation.

As time progressed, my faith and trust in myself waned. I longed for encouraging words and assistance from “someone” to show me the way and never once believed I already had what was needed inside of myself. I needed someone to bring it out of me.

Then one day came a SIMPLE DECISION… After several years of internal struggle, I made a simple decision that changed the course of my life forever. I decided to go back to school and learn about computers. I knew they were going to revolutionize how we did business and wanted to explore my creative juices through that medium.

Then I met my second husband, Daniel. Through his loving guidance and support, I began to trust myself again. He was the mentor I longed for in helping me believe in myself that I could do anything I set my sights on! The newly empowered “me” was finally emerging after years of self-pity and unworthiness…

Nevertheless, now I was working for corporate at 12-14 hour days, 6-7 days a week and only getting paid for 40 hours a week! I did love what I was doing, but as Daniel kept pointing out: why was I working so hard for so little in return?

As fate would have it, that job ended a year and a half later and I immediately knew I didn’t want to go back to something like that again. So I decided to go back to school and earn a business degree. This time my intention was to become a “Chief Information Officer” where I could be telling someone ELSE to work the long hours while I lived the easy and luxurious life of an executive. *cough*

While in school, I volunteered for a couple of non-profit organizations and helped with their websites. Soon I was asked by new business owners to build a site for them, of which I gladly accepted, (and oh what a steal of a deal they got too since I had no intention of building my own business – this was just some cash I was going to make before getting my big CIO job!)

The thing is, the more women I helped get their website up and running, the more rewarding it became, and the more “in purpose” I felt. I loved “being there” for my clients – answering their questions, helping define their brand for them, be the encouragement they weren’t getting from home and also being the voice of reason that would have them think about other options instead of jumping into an idea without making an informed decision first.

I loved doing what I was doing so much so that the old hair shampoo commercial literally came true – “they told two friends, who then told two friends and so on… and so on!” Before I knew it, I was building my own business solely based on referrals (which is still true today).

Over the years I have helped hundred’s of entrepreneurs build their business. Through my journey, I literally became the person I longed to have in my life years ago when I had a dream but had no idea on how to set forth and pursue it. I now can offer that to others where I can share my gifts, knowledge and expertise and be the support system and mentor my clients long for yet lack in their personal lives.

It is my purpose to be of service for entrepreneurs in building their dream business so when they present themselves to the world, they are doing so with confidence, a professional brand identity, an accessible resource for all their technical, marketing and design needs, and a friend who is their biggest cheerleader!

I write this in complete gratitude for all the clients I have helped in these past years and all the people I will be helping in the future. It is my honour and privilege to be of service to you.

Kindest Regards,

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