Are You Struggling With eMarketing
Information Overload?

Overwhelmed at How to Implement
the “Expert” Advice Out There?

Frustrated by the Many Differing Opinions and
Zero-Value “Solutions” Offered on
How to Market Your Business Effectively?

I hear you! I’m fed up too!

A Note from Susan Friesen,
Founder & President of eVision Media

FrustrationOver the years of working in this industry, I all-too-often encounter entrepreneurs and business owners that are confused, stressed and overwhelmed at all the marketing messages they are bombarded with every day.

So many well-intentioned (and not so well-intentioned) people and “so-called-experts” telling them to “do this” and “do that” but never telling them how to do it! Or worse yet, giving advice that just doesn’t fit with their own business goals.

Are you feeling that way too?

Are you struggling with information overwhelm and are confused at all the differing opinions you hear wherever you go? Is stuff like blogging boggling your mind? Is eMarketing, eNewsletters, social media, and all the other “eStuff” totally confusing to you?

Wouldn’t you love to have someone come to your rescue?

Someone who can show you how to market your business on-line and explain things in a way so you can understand and don’t feel so lost and confused?

Someone to give you step-by-step guidance on critical marketing strategies like writing eNewsletters and blog posts or using social media and article marketing to drive more traffic to your site?

How about someone to teach you how to launch a new product or service or how to sell your stuff on-line?

It’s time to go on an info-diet and gain some peace of mind.

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners, no matter what stage they are in their business, I continually hear their frustrations at finding the World Wide Web to be confusing and overwhelming.

They are thrown in so many directions with all the expert opinions coming at them from various avenues.

The more they listen to social media, attend free teleseminars and workshops and even ask their handy repair man who always has some “expert” advice to share, the more their mind is spinning from information overload with no tangible action steps to get started in the right direction.

The thing is, the Internet has created a breed of “experts” who often don’t have any credentials to back up their supposed claims to fame. Many are simply smooth talkers who are out to do one thing: make money.

Over the years I have seen more and more people get sucked into this vortex and spend thousands of dollars chasing after someone else’s promises of riches and most every time, their money did not get them anywhere near the return on their investment they hoped.

I Couldn’t Sit Back and Do Nothing Any Longer

A Bright IdeaThis is why eBusiness mentoring was added to our list of services. It is meant for those that are serious about taking their business to the next level and are willing to turn off the noise around them and listen to solid business advice.

Working with a mentor allows you to take advantage of years of experience so you can save time, money and stress by cutting to the chase and getting solid eBusiness and marketing advice, strategies and insider tips that will help you grow your business to the next level of success you desire.

Being in this business for over a decade, coupled with earning a Bachelor of Business Degree in Computer Information Systems, I have helped hundreds of clients with clear, solid and reasonable ideas and solutions to their business problems. From showing them how to get set up with blogging to offering tried and true methods to effective newsletter writing and many things in between.

It is my goal to help you make sense of the on-line world we live in so you can make better and more profitable business choices without any hype clouding your decision-making process.

The mentoring sessions continually surprise me. I find that I am gaining new insights every week. In addition, I have a support person. Someone who cares about my business and is on my team. I can ask Susan questions about any aspect of my business and gain valuable learning. Mentoring is critical for new entrepreneurs.

This Is How Successful People Become… Well, Successful!

Here’s the thing. If you research all of the most successful people you know, you will find one common theme amongst them – they all have someone in their professional life that has guided, coached and mentored them to success.

The power of having a mentor to help you with challenges and uncertainties you face as a business owner can provide you with the information, facts and strategies you need to get your business to where you want it to be.
you're-worth-itYou need someone with experience and professional expertise in the Internet industry to help you sort facts from fiction and understand fully the power of the World Wide Web so your business can capitalize on it. You need to work with a trusted mentor; someone you can bounce ideas off, get guidance from, and find solid answers to get you to the next level in your business.

Whether you are new in business and know little about the “Web” or a seasoned professional, I can tailor our sessions to meet your needs so you can learn exactly what you need to in order to take advantage of the power of the Internet for your business.

I will guide you step-by-step on how to position and market your business effectively and with confidence, ensuring your product or service is getting optimal exposure and the best return on your investment.

Audrey GrayI would really recommend taking the mentoring course to help your business. It’s not enough to just be on line. You have to know about the process, and what makes it work. You learn to be more creative and think outside the box. Your business won’t grow, or continue to, if you don’t keep abreast of the changes in the new evolving market place.

It will be a continual learning curve into the future of your business. Having Susan Friesen as a mentor, will help your business . . . if you want your business to have a future, you need to get help and a mentor is ensuring you have a future!

Audrey Gray
A Whispering Cedars B&B

Here are some sample areas we can focus on:

  • Website optimization for the most effective web presence
  • eNewsletters – what to write about, how to format your newsletter for optimal readership, ideal subject lines and how to integrate with social media
  • Blogging – how often and what to write about. How to integrate with social media etc
  • Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • Video and audio marketing
  • Teleseminars, webinars and telesummits – how to create and profit greatly from them
  • Product launch creation and marketing – all the steps required to make a successful launch
  • How to produce profitable teleseminars, webinars and telesummits
  • And much more!
Victoria BancoSusan Friesen is a great mentor that helped me get motivated and inspired to be the best I could be in starting my own business.

She helped me relieve the overwhelming stress of starting my own staging business and helped me believe in myself, and also inspired me to do what it takes to be successful. Thank you Susan.

Victoria Banco
Beautiful Spaces Home Staging

Here are some specific strategies we can work on together:

  • Brainstorm ways for you to attract your ideal client
  • Help define who your ideal client really is
  • Strategize on creating passive streams of income
  • How to be an affiliate and create joint venture partnerships
  • Assistance with marketing and promoting your product or service
  • Brainstorm ideas and strategies to help build your business
  • Be educated on “how to” do something
  • Get advice and answers on questions related to eBusiness, eMarketing and Branding
  • Receive feedback and guidance on your website, blog posts, social media activities etc.
  • Brainstorm on how to perfect your brand positioning

Working With Me As Your Mentor, You Will:

  • Receive valuable encouragement and support
  • Decrease your learning curve to get you moving in the right direction faster
  • Save time and money by reducing your mistakes from trying to figure everything out yourself
  • Gain a better understanding on how to effectively use your website to attract qualified leads and pull them into being your ideal client


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This Small Investment is Exactly What You Need to Get to the Next Level of Success

Stop running in circles and blindly searching for answers in all the wrong places.

Let me share my experience and expertise with you so you can actually enjoy being an entrepreneur again!

There are three comprehensive, one-on-one mentoring packages from which to pick: Intensive, Accelerator and Quick Start. Individual mentoring sessions are available upon request.

Each of the packages noted below have been designed and discounted with you in mind:

Intensive | 3 Months Accelerator

(Best Value)
Quick Start Basics
4 Weeks
2-45 minute weekly calls covering any topic you need guidance on(24 calls total) Initial 1-hour call to discuss your needs and goals.4 subsequent, 30-minute calls (one per week) 1-hour weekly calls covering any topic you need assistance with(4 calls total)
Unlimited email support for questions and mentoring assistance as needed, when needed Unlimited email support for quick questions and suggested solutions 2 emails a week to answer quick questions and receive suggested solutions
3 Business Spotlights in eVision Media newsletter or blog including photo, write-up and link to site 3 Business Spotlights in eVision Media newsletter or blog including photo, write-up and link to site 1 Business Spotlight in eVision Media newsletter or blog including photo, write-up and link to site
Facebook and Twitter mentions in the client “Brag Bag” Facebook and Twitter mentions in the client “Brag Bag”

*Minimum six month commitment required


It is my deepest desire to see you grow and succeed in your business. I look forward to being your collaborator, guide and teacher so that you can be empowered with the support you need to build the business of your dreams! I believe in your success; let’s do this together! Call today to book your mentoring package.

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