Why Short Business Plans Are Viable Options for Entrepreneurs

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Why Short Business Plans Are Viable Options for Entrepreneurs

Why Short Business Plans Are Viable Options for Entrepreneurs

“Before beginning, prepare carefully”

…Marcus Tullius Cicero

I recently co-authored two books that simplify the writing of business plans.  The books are designed to help people who either aren’t able, or don’t want to write a lengthy or complicated business plan.

The simple planning process is intended to help the reader get a business started quickly, or to prove that their idea is the right one.

By working through the market research section of the workbook, the reader will justify their business idea and answer the question, “How will my idea help people?”

The business planning books help the entrepreneur organize delivery of the product or service, encourage the writer to think about their role in the business, identify the people or services to support them, asks easy questions on sales and marketing and, most importantly, makes the finances easier to understand.

Now I’m not saying that short and simple business plans are good for every business.

Complex businesses often require complex plans, but a simple business plan is a lot better than no plan. They are especially useful for new start-ups or small enterprises.

They are also helpful in the pre-planning phase. This can be an important time when having vital information can support important business decisions.

Writing a business plan is like taking a big vacation.

The average person doesn’t just hop on plane without pre-planning, often for months. When the big day for that special holiday arrives, the excitement has built, and there is comfort in knowing the destination, the accommodation and holiday tours, and most importantly, the budget.

As the author John Le Carré says, “A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.”  If you’re thinking about starting a business, get those ideas out of your brain, jot down all your questions and spend time trying to find answers.

By doing this, you can feel confident about your new business and have a proven strategic plan to follow.

You’ll prove marketable ideas and have strategies for reaching the perfect customer, organizing the business, identify necessary action steps and most importantly, be clear on the money in and the money out.

Remember that short business plans can be just as packed with vital information as long plans.  So, let’s get writing!

Do you currently have a business plan in place? I’m a business planning expert who loves to help entrepreneurs write their dream plan. If you would like help in writing your plan or would to inquire about having your own copy of my new book, ‘Business Planning 101, A Simple Guide to Writing a Business Plan’, my contact information is below. I’d be happy to have a chat – no charge!

Warm regards,
Pamela Chatry

Pamela Chatry

About the Author, Pamela Chatry

Do you work too hard? Is your business in chaos? If you are struggling with business issues, contact Pamela Chatry for a complimentary assessment. Pamela has been a trusted and highly respected Business Consultant, Mentor for Women in Business, Self-Employment Advocate, Trainer and Keynote Speaker for over 25 years.

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