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Keys to a Successful Entrepreneur’s Business Development Evolution

Keys to a Successful Entrepreneur’s Business Development Evolution The beauty of running a business is that the creativity that fuels all the ideas keeps the joy flowing, and with each new idea, we are growing as a person too. This energy can be a great inspiration to keep feeding the momentum that is required to chase our dream. Here are 3 keys to keep in mind while you are on your journey as a successful entrepreneur:
  1. Understanding the Journey is the Real Goal

    Along the way we may face unpredictable challenges that act as ways for us to problem solve and be innovative.   The interesting thing is that in isolated moments during this journey we can feel doubt or fear as to whether things will unfold as we had wished. And of course, there is never any certainty about the unknown anyways!   The trouble is when our mind is so focused on a specific predicated goal, stress can build in anticipation, and we often end up stealing our own joy in the process of our moment to moment creation.   Our mind may even conclude that our aspirations are perhaps not materializing at the speed we might have hoped for, and thus zap away at our passion and motivation.   So, the possible solution to this unwanted stress is what?   Consider this- If we can be aware the ONLY GOAL of long-lasting meaningful value is the journey of being an entrepreneur, we would in fact slow down to applaud all the new skills and experiences we have mastered.   We would end up marvelling at the fears overcome, the adventures experienced and delight in the wisdom we have acquired.   This type of evaluation of our accomplishment can end up being far more rewarding than the expectation of meeting our straight-line plan for our vision.   Thus, the curvy road often followed is the true magical reward in our business endeavour. The journey is the point!   Key your eye on this whenever you can and stop to appreciate the small moments. Take a deep breath down to your feet and stop to recognise the smiles that you have encouraged and the hope that you have offered.   These moments are the ones that often count the most.
  2. Believing Easy is Right

    Growing up into our adulthood we often receive messages from school and society that working hard yields success and thus best results. We somehow learn that hard is good!   However, our gifts usually come really easy to us, and we can often disregard them because they are so natural. We can end up accidentally feeling those things come easy to others as well, not realising that this might not be true.   Look at your easy moments and question how you can build on those.   Also, when something just flows almost effortlessly, an unexpected door opens for us, or an unexpected opportunity just falls into our hands, these moments are showing us that life is taking care, so pay attention.   It is these exact moments that can act as a springboard for the growth of our business and help us to see where our potential growth lies.   So, each month pay attention to the events that happened easily. Explore them with a curiosity to see what hidden messages they are sending into your life.   Have a deeper scrutiny at the things that seem hard and look to see if you are focusing too much effort for the dividend gained.   It is often those non-pre-meditated moments of ease that show us where to focus!   Look for easy and break the myth that success has to come at the price of hard work. Being consistent is different to it has to be hard.
  3. Noticing Our Emotions Offer Clues to Pivoting

    Our third key to business development is our emotions. They are like clues driving us into the untrodden path that we are destined to navigate.   Excitement says do more of this...   A tightening of the stomach and heaviness says take stock, you might need to pivot away from where you are at.   Use your emotions as a barometer to help you move in the direction of your full potential and contentment.   And of course, evaluate fear too.   If you are really afraid it could be the greatest moment of growth for you, and the fear is attempting to keep you small and unfulfilled.   At other times the fear could be alerting you to see that the risk is too big. It could be the warning saying "No". Tune into your fear through your inner gut and learn to discern its message.   This type of clarity can never be gained from outside of you.
Enjoy your entrepreneurial adventure. Experiment and Explore as much as you can. This is a life changing role and a very courageous one too. Do not underestimate the beauty of the opportunity in front of you. Enjoy the creativity and marvel at the journey as deeply as you would marvel at a sky full of bright stars! For in the end, this journey is slowly chiselling you into someone who will be seen shining that brightly from afar too if you lean into all the opportunities with these three keys as your guides. [article_about_author author="kindi"]

How to Dream BIG in Your Business

How to Dream BIG in Your Business

The ABC’s of Business Basics Series: Tips for Your Company’s Mission to Mars

According to Google, “In theory, the closest that Earth and Mars would approach each other would be when Mars is at its closest point to the sun (perihelion) and Earth is at its farthest (aphelion). This would put the planets only 33.9 million miles (54.6 million kilometers) apart. However, this has never happened in recorded history.” Wow! Think about it... 54.6 million kilometers. It is a number many human beings can't relate to or believe would be possible to travel to. However, this doesn’t stop space scientists. They don’t focus on how far away the planet is, they just want to get that spaceship to Mars. In my practice as a Business Advisor, I see too many owners who play it safe. They set low sales targets, retain a minimum number of employees, or advertise only to existing markets because they don’t want more customers than they can handle or to get too busy. Yet big dreams can actually propel you into the life and business you want. Let’s look at a business owner I know who had a big dream...Walt Disney. He "saw" Disneyland in his head. He knew where his company was headed, and held the dream through the naysayers and the banks. Imagine how proud he was when his dream became a reality. Do you have a dream large and exciting enough for your business? If not, then perhaps it’s time to create one. Just like the Mission to Mars, it may feel so big or far away that it doesn’t feel realistic. It may scare you or it may seem impossible to accomplish. Create one anyway.

Not sure how to dream big in your business?

Here's three tips to help out: Tip #1: Don’t get hung up on the "how," just the "what." Do you want a 2nd location? How about an international presence or double the revenues? Identify your "Mars" first. Tip #2: Own it. Is this really what you want? As the owner, and just like Disney, you need to really believe this is what you want and where you are taking the company. Tip #3: Share your dream "Mission" with everyone. The "dream team" will help make it happen! Dreams give us the incentive to get out of bed everyday, fill us with renewed purpose, energy and effort, and ignite the spirit of human achievement. Go for it! [article_about_author author="pamela"]

3 Telltale Signs You’re Procrastinating and How to Overcome this Problem

3 Telltale Signs You’re Procrastinating and How to Stop I don’t know about you, but I can find myself in a tight spot once in while – all because I procrastinated about something I knew I needed to do. And then of course, I am frustrated with myself because now I need to drop everything else I’d rather be doing and I’m stressed and not happy at all. Again! In this article I will help you understand how to recognize procrastination when it comes up for you and learn how to reach your goals. Is it really procrastination... or are you making the right decision because something else is more important right now? If it is really procrastination these strategies will help you recognize the early warning signs and give you strategies that will work for you so that you stop playing small and live your life to the fullest. The end of the year is quickly ending so this is a perfect time to reflect over the year and see what you had planned to accomplish compared to what you did accomplish. Think back to when you planned out your goals. Remember how excited and dedicated you were? And then life happens and the day-to-day gets in the way and before you know it another day has gone by without reaching your goals. When asked recently in an Internet survey the top five reasons people gave for procrastination was: fear of failing (19%), lack of motivation (13%), lack of focus (12%), feeling overwhelmed (10%) and the task was unpleasant (9%.)

1st Sign You are Procrastinating

You indulge in distractions such as watching TV, surfing the web, social media, playing video games, taking naps, reading books, or hanging out with friends instead of working on your goals.

2nd Sign You are Procrastinating

You make excuses for not doing something you know you should be doing such as...
  • It’s been a rough week or
  • I need more time / money / resources / sleep or
  • I have too many other things going on right now – I just can’t fit this in or
  • I’m just not feeling it right now
  • Yada, yada, yada...

3rd Sign You are Procrastinating

Feelings of despair that can paralyze you from taking positive action towards your goals. This often sounds like...
  • Why is my life so unfair?
  • Why am I always the one that must do everything?
  • Why are things always so difficult?
  • Why can’t I be more organized?
If you can see yourself in any of these warning signs, then you are definitely procrastinating in a detrimental way.

Here are ten strategies that will help you overcome this problem once and for all:

  1. Vocabulary is important so choose your words wisely. Positive words yield positive results; negative self-talk gets more of what you don’t want.
  2. Reverse your calendar and start with the deadline and work backwards so you space out the work in smaller steps. Make sure the interim deadlines are realistic and allow space for unforeseen things to come up without jeopardizing the project.
  3. Fill your calendar so that you reduce the time you think you have available to work on the important tasks. Look at elapsed time versus effort time.   For instance, it might take you 3 hours to complete a project step but you won’t have a 3-hour block of time all at once. So, give yourself a deadline of completing that task over 3 days so that you can find 3 hours of time spread over the 3-day period.   Include recreational and family activities, too, so that the time you can dedicate to the project is realistic and achievable.
  4. Work in a state of flow because we’re most productive when fully engaged. Distractions, emotions and other concerns undermine our ability to focus. Consider spending 2-minutes in meditation to empty your mind and visualize yourself celebrating completing the task.
  5. Fully embrace your goals so don’t spend time working on things you don’t care about if you have any choice in the matter. There are some things we all must do regardless of how much we dislike them – so do those things first and get them out of the way so that you can enjoy the rest of your day doing what you really want to do.
  6. Look at the tiny steps if the big picture is overwhelming. Break each big step into smaller steps and before you realize it, the project is finished. And share the load by delegating as much as you can to someone who loves doing those types of things.
  7. Make your own rewards and treat yourself once a specific task is completed. Relish how good it feels to have that step completed and then do something fun before moving to the next step.
  8. Reframe its importance even if it’s not important to you. Remind yourself of how important it is to someone you care about or think about how good you will feel when this project is completed.   I do that when it’s time to prepare my annual taxes because it is the one thing I dislike more than anything – but once it’s handed off to the CPA I feel wonderful knowing I won’t have to do it again for another year!
  9. Sleep, eat healthy & exercise because unless you feel good physically and mentally it will be almost impossible to focus on completing the task at hand.
  10. Uncover start and end points because once something has a beginning and an end, it’s a whole lot easier to start filling in the middle. That’s a lesson I learned from my home economics teacher in grade school when she made us measure twice and cut once.   When I was learning to sew, I had to take out each piece of the pattern and lay it out on the fabric so I knew exactly which pieces I needed before I was ever able to start cutting. Of course, I wanted to jump right in and make a dress, but I’m so glad she enforced me to do it right the first time!
So now that you understand why you might be procrastinating, how to tell when it’s happening and some methods to develop some winning strategies it’s a perfect time to start planning for the new year. [article_about_author author="katherine"]

You Have The Keys to Your Abundance – Here’s How

Abundance is actually a feeling and not a thing although 'things' can definitely make you feel abundant. Since the Law of Attraction is all about vibrations and they are either positive or negative, it makes sense to look for situations, people, circumstances or things that make you feel positive. And, a vibration is simply energy and everything is energy whether it has the appearance of a solid form or not. You have the power to control your energy and to chose whether the energy you are giving off and attracting, is positive or negative. The Law of Attraction will do its job by bringing you more of the same!

Two Mindsets Needed to Attract Abundance

As an entrepreneur you've heard it said many times that your 'mindset' is the key to creating a life you want. It's important that you look at your mindset, right now, exactly where you are in life. The mindset that you had last year or a few years ago is not the mindset you have right now. Your vibration has changed. You might want to do a check-in with your mindset and see where you are at right now, present day. It will most likely fall into one of these categories:
  • Abundance Mindset – you are totally open to all the unlimited possibilities in your life right now and you feel abundance all around you. You feel positive about your business and personal life and you love what you have created.
  • Stagnation Mindset – you may or may not be in your comfort zone here, but you are just coasting along and most likely not feeling very abundant. You might think it's okay to feel this way – the only way you will know is if you have the desire to be more abundant. It's the feeling that gives you your answer.
  • Lack Mindset – you definitely have a lot of negative emotions and you may in fact have accidents, lose clients/customers, see your sales dwindling and feel no abundance at all. This is because all the negative emotions are blocking out any light from the positive vibes you want to feel.
The most important thing for you to do is to acknowledge where you are at now and if you FEEL you need to change something you can do that. Here are two important ways for you to unlock your mindset from receiving the abundance you desire:
  1. Have An Open Heart To Receive

  2. If you are what's called a 'heart-centred entrepreneur' you are most likely attracting people, circumstances or situations who are also heart-centred. Now it is time for you to open your heart to receive the gifts from others. It means acknowledging all the abundance that is coming your way regardless of what it looks like. The key to attracting more abundance is having an open heart so that you can receive whatever it is you need to allow you to feel more abundant.
  3. Have An Open Mind to Receive

    Whatever you attract 'celebrate the closeness' of the match. Most people start to feel negative when they haven't attracted abundance in the manner that they expect. If this happens to you – hang in there- the Universe is aligning up everything you need to do, know or have to make you feel more abundant. It's a mindset that you want to foster.  Always be 'open' to receiving and if it's really not what you wanted then just say 'Next' and keep the vibe positive.

Receptivity Comes From Possibilities

Receptivity comes from the possibilities all around you that you let in to both your head and your heart. Your brain and your heart actually send messages back and forth and when they are in alignment that is when the manifesting begins. The key to unlocking the message is for you to get clarity on what you want, ask for it and then be totally receptive to what comes your way. Become more of an observer than a doer as the abundance you want starts to fill you up with positive thoughts, people, circumstances and situations. And definitely money is great too! [article_about_author author="dana"]

3 Traits of Effective Business Leadership

3 Traits of Effective Business Leadership

What to Watch for When You Have a Need for Guidance

To receive guidance is necessary as part of our growth as business entrepreneurs and leaders. And interestingly wherever we look, someone is always available to assist us. Fortunately, what we do not know, someone else does. Whether you are wanting to position yourself as an effective business leader or are seeking out someone to provide you with proper guidance, here are 3 considerations to keep in mind.
  1. Follow the Seven Habits

    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen Covey suggests the following to keep us on track:
    1. Be proactive
    2. You are the programmer of your life, grow and stay humble.
    3. Keep personal integrity- what you say and what you do must match
    4. Think win-win. Value and respect all, employ character based codes for collaboration
    5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood- using empathy, care and open mindedness in interactions
    6. Combine strengths and operate as teams
    7. Employ Continuous improvement- for mental, spiritual and emotional health and balance.
  2. Be Honest

    Interestingly I have been a leader all my life and yet had been unconscious of many traits within me that did not allow me to tap into the above list consistently.   I had no idea that my ego often stood in my way. This same ego would give me the impression that I was thinking "win-win" when in fact it was being calculative and self serving.   The ego can be very tricky.  I might have thought that I was open- minded in my interactions yet every ego filters to evaluate based on personal and collective beliefs that can be very limiting and disempowering, and I have had my share to transform in the last nine years.   The ego often unconsciously leads us into power struggles that can become very sticky. If we don't experience them in our work-life, we certainly end up facing them in our home lives, so they catch up with us eventually! lol   Despite running corporations with 3000 people I had no idea that my ego was censoring EVERYTHING based on its own judgments and programing, and that the reactive knee-jerk actions from the ego had nothing to do with the true self that resides within us.   If I was not operating from my true self- it goes without saying that many of my actions did not fit the seven habits listed by Covey.
  3. Embody Conscious Leadership

    What I have come to learn during the last nine years is that when we are under the direction of a conscious leader we are always being lifted to be the very best we can be, and conscious leaders actually walk their own talk.   They embody the seven attributes listed above effortlessly. This is the power of consciousness- effortless living where the person has disassociated from the antics of the ego.   This consciousness is accessible to all of us by first learning more about ourselves. We have to be willing to stalk all our reactions to understand them and their history within our psyche.   Then we have to move beyond understanding to visit the lessons in our history so that we can be liberated. It all happens systematically so that we truly find our voice to be a contributor in the world.   As we become liberated we begin to embody and live from this pale of heightened consciousness… and that leads to us becoming the effective leaders we wish to be.   Do not get me wrong, we are always learning and growing. There is always more...

The Invitation

My invitation is to ask you to stop and pause before you decide on who should guide you next in your business or home life. Our world is changing fast. The old paradigms are not working. Old patriarchal ways of leading are not enough. People who discuss mind-based ideas are not serving anyone- they are simply keeping people stuck in yesteryear. The new world has not yet unfolded... and many emerging leaders are seeking to find their voice to influence this new world. Look to see if the person who influences you has actively done the inner work to see who they are. Has this work been done at the level of their mind, or is it deeper, and you can see and feel their groundedness? Can you feel their courage? Can you feel their knowingness? And can their compassion be trusted?

Look for a conscious leader

This is the only way you will truly benefit yourself and others around you. A conscious leader will walk their talk. A conscious leader will offer a helping hand knowing that it is through your growth in self awareness that your leadership skills will improve. [article_about_author author="kindi"]

5 Useful Decision-Making Steps to Buying Your Next Business Program Sold at an Event

5 Useful Decision-Making Steps to Buying Your Next Business Program Sold at an Event

How to Avoid Making Impulsive Purchases from Success-Promising Gurus

I recently attended a 3-day business conference in Vancouver. There were about 500 people in attendance, all business owners and entrepreneurs who where there to network, learn and be inspired. You can also call Lee Rosen Miami for business consulting. All in all, it was a great event that resulted in my meeting new people and gaining valuable insights that I brought home with me to infuse into my business. The conference boasted nine high-profile speakers including thought leaders like Jack Canfield, Dr. John Gray and James Malinchak. Their talks were entertaining, insightful, informative and motivating. They certainly learned the craft of being an influential presence on the stage well. But make no mistake, each of these speakers were there with the sole purpose of promoting their wares and influencing the audience to purchase their key strategies, programs and courses that promised business success. And they succeeded. The volume of people that ran to the back of the room to grab their limited-time, extraordinary low-cost offering before it was sold out was mind boggling. As a member of that audience, I was fascinated by what I was witnessing. Perhaps it was my state of mind or the confidence I already felt in my capabilities of achieving further business success, but I was not at all tempted to be a part of the crowd to run to the back of the room and grab a purchase. I looked around and saw men and women who were involved in a variety of different businesses and industries. Many of whom where desperate to get that SECRET FORMULA that would transform their struggles into riches. And the speakers on the stage knew this and played right into their hands. Throughout the 3 days, the audience was presented with lots of solutions, advanced systems and formulas on how to achieve success in their business. But the problem is, not all proposed solutions were ideal for everyone.

But what is a business owner and entrepreneur to do?

They are attending such events to help them with their business so are naturally attracted to the offers made up on the stage. To help you avoid making irrational and emotionally-based decisions when faced with the pressure of live event and even free webinar offers I have put together 5 steps on what to think about first before jumping in with the crowd and grabbing your purchase:
  1. Think things through first.

    Ask yourself if this opportunity is truly going to get you a return on your investment if you make the purchase. What are you willing to commit to in order to get the most out of that investment? The key here is to understanding success is not just going to happen by signing up but actually doing the work. Are you realistically willing to do the work? Are you going to be 100% committed to this or will you get home, set it aside, and promise to get to it when you get a chance? None of these programs will get you the results these presenters are talking about if you’re not committed enough to follow through on every single step provided.
  2. Be objectively critical.

    When these speakers are on the stage, they are sharing their best success stories possible – the cream of the crop. Often this reflects only a minor percentage of those who have taken the program. Be objective. And don’t make emotionally-based decisions that compel you run to the back of the room and purchase. This is exactly what they are counting on.
  3. Decide if your business can truly benefit from what you will learn.

    Just because they are telling you this on stage doesn’t mean it’s a perfect fit for you, your business model, and your goals. As an example, if you have the gift of service and support, then more than likely you will not do well learning to be a speaker on stage despite that presenter saying “anyone can do this using my system and processes”. If you have the gift of, say, music, then being a published author is probably not something you should pursue despite being provided with a “fool-proof, iron-clad method that will get you on the Amazon best seller list”. Ask yourself if what this presenter is offering is exactly what you need to learn in order to reach your business goals or is there something better suited for you available elsewhere? Do you really need to learn all of this yourself or is hiring someone who is an expert in that area a better decision that will help reach your goals quicker without having to become an expert in that field first?
  4. Recognize the emotional manipulation that’s happening.

    We see this all the time. Whether you’re attending conferences or online webinars there’s always a “limited time offer” that makes it irresistible to pass up. Don’t let these “one-time-only" offers lead you into thinking this is the only chance you’ll ever get to take advantage of what’s being offered. It simply isn’t true. It’s a sales tactic that preys on people who make emotional decisions and don’t want to be left out or miss out on an incredible opportunity. These programs will all still be offered after the hype ends. Even if that means paying $50 more, so be it. Give yourself time to objectively work through the pros and cons and decide whether it’s worth your investment or not. Don’t let your emotions be triggered by the slick sales speech or written sales copy on a page.
  5. Do your research.

    This may not necessarily be the case for headliner speakers we see on the stage, but sadly, there are a lot of very smooth-talking “gurus” out there who are nothing but smoke and mirrors. They offer a lot of hype but little substance. Do your pocketbook a favour; before investing in any kind of program or product, research the person selling it first. Do a Google search and see if any bad reviews come up. Ask people in your social media groups if they’ve had any experience with that person and what were the results. Your goal is to make an informed decision, not an emotional one based on the promises of the sales copy. And if you do encounter negative reviews – listen to your gut. So many times wrong decisions are still made because, as human beings, we’re highly influenced by emotions and we can easily justify our actions based on those promises despite finding evidence to the contrary.
After reading this, you might think I’m against purchasing programs and courses all together but that’s not the case at all. I’m not saying not to invest in business growth strategies, but instead to make informed, objective decisions on which investments to make in the first place. The sad fact is that marketing can be a very manipulative process that is meant to create fear- and lack-based, emotional responses. The people we see on stage, as well as those that do highly visible free webinars, are masters at pulling these emotional triggers. Simply be aware of that manipulation and follow the guide I outlined above to help you decide whether or not your business can truly benefit from that investment you’re being asked to make. Do you have any stories of acting on impulse and regretting the purchase later? To your ongoing success, Susan Friesen P.S. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your Twitter followers: [clickToTweet tweet="5 Useful Decision-Making Steps to Buying Your Next Business Program Sold at an Event" quote="5 Useful Decision-Making Steps to Buying Your Next Business Program Sold at an Event" theme="style1"] [article_about_author author="susan"]

Is Jealousy the Biggest Culprit in Thwarting Your Business Growth?

Why Gratitude is One of the Biggest Keys to Success

Jealously the Biggest Culprit in Thwarting Your Business Growth No magic pill, wand or formula was applied in creating this success story. While Social Media can have many benefits to business growth, there’s an underlying, negative-based energy many people experience that could very well be contributing to the lack of their business growth. And that energy is jealousy... For us on the West Coast of Canada, we only get to enjoy a few months of summer warmth and sun each year. This is the time we make plans to get out and enjoy the weather as much as possible. So it stands to reason many of the posts shared on Social Media are fun-related. After all, who wants to share posts about the hours they spend behind their computer working 15 hours a day? Relaxing at Kingfisher SpaWhile away on holidays recently, it occurred to me there may be some who would look upon my holiday-infused Facebook posts thinking this is my life – doing nothing but having fun and going on holidays. And when I thought about it, I’ve given them no reason to think otherwise. If a new Facebook business-owner “friend” only saw holiday-related posts, then that’s the impression they would have of me – I never seem to work! For those that know me, this assumption is far from the truth but nonetheless, for those that don’t, I can see how they would come to that conclusion. And the interesting thing is, that kind of conclusion has a far-reaching result that could very well be affecting their business success. That’s because instead of being happy for me, they are feeling a twinge of jealousy. Jealous they can't take holidays... Jealous they can't go for spa treatments... Jealous they can’t relax poolside at a resort... And so on. Jealousy is a very insidious thing that can sneak up and snare the most unsuspecting person. [clickToTweet tweet="Jealousy is a very insidious thing that can sneak up and snare the most unsuspecting person" quote="Jealousy is a very insidious thing that can sneak up and snare the most unsuspecting person" theme="style1"] How many times have you looked at someone's success or witnessed all of the wonderful travels they've been on and secretly wished it were you instead of them? When this happens we nosedive into a lack and scarcity mindset. Our ego kicks into high gear and we get into competition mode. Comparing what WE DON’T have to what THEY DO have. And when that happens, we’re not in an expansive, abundant state of mind. Instead, we’re stifling all energies needed for growth, which can ultimately result in a lack of success. I did it too. I would see people like Mari Smith travel the world doing keynote speeches or private consulting gigs and think how lucky she is to live such a magical life! But then I realized magic has absolutely nothing to do with it! When we see people like Mari, or me for that matter, reaping the rewards of our labour, we fail to realize the labour part of that equation. The ability to take time off, travel, go to spa appointments or relax at resorts is a product of hard work. It didn't all happen magically, or effortlessly for that matter.

What does gratitude have to do with success?

I've talked before about my keys to success and aside from working long hours, having a team and building a business wisely, the biggest key to my success is gratitude. I’m thankful every single day even if a client is upset with me.  Gratitude can still be found in the lessons learned to avoid that incident from happening again. I’m thankful for the hard-working, integral employee giving their notice.  Gratitude can still be found because I was able to have them on my team as long as I did and look forward to how that person's replacement will make a positive impact on my business. I’m thankful for the deadbeat, non-paying client.  Gratitude can still be found knowing what kind of client to turn down in the future, seeing the signs ahead of time they will be a challenge to collect from. This is what I do every day where it’s well documented in my gratitude journal I write in every night.

Success is what you want it to be. You are in control.

Despite the one-sided impression Social Media provides, there is no magic program, product or formula that will create success for you. But with having an attitude of gratitude, a strong commitment to success and not letting jealously prevent you from thinking you can have that too, you can be successful. I’ll let you in on a little secret.... many don't know that not long ago Daniel and I were quite destitute. We were on the verge of losing our home and had a $24,000 credit card debt (due to identity theft but that's another story). So I know what it feels like to be on the other side of the pasture thinking everything was so green over there and completely unattainable. However, what got us through to the other side is we never gave in to victimhood. We believed things will get better, focused on being grateful for what we had, and worked towards what we did want. Law of attraction expert Dana Smithers has a great solution to when things are not going perfect and that's to ask yourself, "what do I really want?" (Watch this quick video where she explains how this works.) So the next time you feel a pang of jealousy when you see someone post about their wonderful cruise, their world-wide adventure or their spa treatment, remember there was no magic involved in that person's success. Only hard work, commitment and a whole lot of gratitude for hills and valleys that was overcome along the way to that success. Take a moment now and no matter how shitty of a day you're having, what can you be grateful for? Ask yourself what is it that you really want? Share below, let's all celebrate with you. Are you willing to make a commitment to celebrate everyone’s success? Take responsibility for your actions and do what it takes so you can reap similar rewards of success? Don’t let jealousy be the biggest culprit in the lack of your business growth. Show it who’s boss instead! To your ongoing success, Susan Friesen P.S. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your Twitter followers: [clickToTweet tweet="Is Jealously the Biggest Culprit in Thwarting Your Business Growth?" quote="Is Jealously the Biggest Culprit in Thwarting Your Business Growth?" theme="style1"] [article_about_author author="susan"]

How Is Your ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ Working For You?


Why Expressing Gratitude Is Key to Your Success

The Law of Attraction is all about vibrations and its job description is to ‘match vibrations’. So, it stands to reason if you are grumbling about this and that in your life then... you will attract more things to grumble about. On the other hand, if you are always expressing thanks and appreciation, your feeling positive will continue to attract the things that allow you to feel good. Your expression of gratitude might be towards people, circumstances, situations or things.

Your ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ Level

If you really want to know how well your own ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ is working for you look at your life. How are your relationships with loved ones? What state are your finances in? Do you feel like you could use some Rhinosure help? Business always growing with fabulous clients who can’t get enough of you? Is your health good you’re always 100% present and engaged with your clients? Vibrational energies, i.e. frequency levels of energy, have been scientifically measured on a scale of 0 – 1000. ‘Gratitude’ resides just above ‘Joy’. Whatever emotion or vibration you are giving off it will be matched by the law of attraction giving you more of the same emotion. The person most well known for measuring frequency levels of different emotions is Dr. David Hawkins. This is his ‘Map of Consciousness’ from his book ‘Power vs Force’ which indicates where certain emotions reside on a scale from 0 – 1000. Enlightened people like the Dali Lama would resonate closer to the 1000 frequency. Power vs Force Chart If you are resonating below 200 then you are giving off negative vibrations. Any feelings you have of pride (false pride), anger, desire, fear, grief, apathy, guilt or shame keep you locked in a whirlpool of negative emotions. You pay an emotional price for hanging on to these emotions and not letting them go or be cleared from you body. Eventually these negative emotions will show up as dis-ease in your body somewhere. Your mind and body are going to be their healthiest and happiest when your emotions rise above the 200 level.

Where Does ‘Gratitude’ Reside on Dr. Hawkins Chart?

According to one article* that stood out in my research: “Gratitude resides just above Joy. In order to feel grateful, you need to feel contentment which is a joyful state of being. Contentment is regarded by Dalai Lama as the key ingredient for inner happiness. Gratitude is one of the main ingredients for happiness. Gratitude includes appreciation. You can bring the energy of gratitude in your body by writing a list of things that you are grateful for, that you appreciate for every aspect of your life, especially for the bad ones (the parts that feel heavy, with problems and lacks). Higher emotions, higher thoughts, therefore, higher vibrations (thoughts are vibrations as Abraham Hick told us) are lighter. The truth is light. Lower emotions, lower thoughts, therefore, lower vibrations are heavy. Lies are heavy.”

Why Would You Express Gratitude For Bad Things In Your Life?

The reason you want to express Gratitude for everything that comes into your life is because there is always something positive to learn from any situation - good or bad. And, from the Law of Attraction perspective focus on the ‘bad’ briefly so that you are not wallowing in your own misery or poor-me state for very long. Find a different way to look at the situation that makes you feel more positive. It may not come right away but give it time and then raise your lower vibration to that higher state of Gratitude. You’ll feel better for making that choice! And if you need help releasing your negative trapped emotions consider having an Emotion Code session with me! * www.CentreofLightTulsa.org [article_about_author author="dana"]

Top 10 Tips to Building a Balanced Business

Top 10 Tips to Building a Balanced Business I started my business to create more work/life balance. Honest. Ok. You can stop laughing now…. Anytime! If you are still laughing at the naiveté of my younger self, then you must be in business for yourself as well. You know all too well about the many long hours you put in; the constant drain on your time and your bank account; and the passion that comes from working day and night on either a) something that you love or b) something that you are now so far into that you can see no way out. What if I told you, you could build a business that was balanced from the get-go? Well, I guess that involves understanding what it means to be “in balance” in your business. Most people assume the definition of work/life balance involves spending less time at work and more time doing something other than work that you love. A quick online search brought up these definitions, all rooted in a similar thought: “Work-life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle” (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation). This is related to the idea of “lifestyle choice.” – Wikipedia “Work-life balance is knowing what feeds your energy.” – Jacki Zehner, CEO of Women Moving Millions “Work-life balance is about getting more sleep.” – Amy Errett, cofounder of Madison Reed “My secret to having work-life balance is to schedule in my fun.” – Monif Clarke, CEO of Monif C. Plus Sizes And... “Work-life balance means making decisions around where, who and what you’re going to sacrifice, because you can’t do it all,” – Nike Taranto, Cofounder of Plated.com I also turned to Richard Branson for his tips on achieving a healthy work/life balance. That man seems to be always having a good time, and with his success, I figured he must have some “secrets” up his sleeve. Here are his:
  1. Rise Early
  2. Limit Screen Time
  3. Write lists
  4. Make time for sports
  5. Make time for loved ones
  6. Embrace something new (or do something new every day)
I like how Branson just ASSUMES you are going to love what you do every day. It didn’t even make his list! So what I’m hearing from the above is work-life balance involves prioritizing; doing things you enjoy; having fun; and sacrificing some things. I agree with all those statements – except for the word sacrifice. I believe in choosing what’s most important and prioritizing what will make you the MOST happy, fulfilled and successful in your business and in your life. Here is my definition of work/life balance:

“You are “in balance” when you are happy.”

Yikes, now that’s a new can of worms to open, not only am I asking you what it means to be balanced, now I’m also asking you what it means to be happy too? So, let’s translate that to starting up a business that you love to work in. What do you need to be happy (and consequently balanced) in your business?

Here are my top 10 tips to being balanced and happy in your business:

  • Start a business doing something you love
  • Hire out the pieces you don’t love doing yourself.
  • Honour your need for rest when you need it
  • Cultivate the important relationships in your life so you don’t replace all of them with work
  • Run your business from somewhere you love being, day in and day out
  • Set up your business so you, as a person, thrive in it
  • Decide up front what it means to be successful in your Balanced Business – and make sure you count more than money in your Success Variables – what does success mean to YOU and to your business?
  • Surround yourself with people you enjoy working with and who share your values in your business.
  • Do something just for you every day.
  • Know what YOU need to be happy.
Yes, when you are running your own business, it all starts with you. The more you know yourself, your limitations, your personal gifts and what fills your tank, the more you can create a life and a business that you love to be in and where you will feel balanced, no matter how much you work and no matter what other people may say. Because, if you are working most of the time and LOVING it, I would argue that you are balanced. All this because you get to define it and you get to create your own Personal Business Equation – which defines success on your terms. What do you need to feel in balance in your business or anywhere for that matter? The more you know that up front, the more you can be assured you will be enjoying the fruits of your labour for many, many years. [article_about_author author="susanelford"]

Ending Self-Sabotage: How to Turn the Enemy Within Into an Ally

Ending Self-Sabotage: How to Turn the Enemy Within Into an Ally You have a big presentation in the morning and have carefully proofed it for typos. You have selected your outfit. You have downloaded the directions and made sure you have a full tank of gas. Knowing it’s important to get a good night sleep, you turn in early only to toss and turn all night as you rewrite your presentation in your head all night long … You made a commitment to a spending plan at the beginning of the year and have been diligently keeping your agreements with yourself for over four months now. Yesterday, you were idly scrolling through a couple of your favorite shopping sites and fell in love with a gorgeous purse in the season’s hottest color.  You hit BUY without thinking … You’ve just lost those extra 10 pounds (again) and to celebrate, you order in a large pizza with all the trimmings, a jumbo soda, and know that today’s the day that you will demolish the pint of chunky chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer … These are just a few of the ways we self-sabotage but there are plenty more.  Can you recognize any of these other self-sabotaging traits that result in you getting in your own way?
  • Pushing or rushing to achieve results:  This behavior almost always backfires; in your impatience, you make mistakes, overlook key details, or make impulsive decisions that have not been thought through.
  • Being overly dramatic:  When your response to a situation is larger than necessary or expected, it can suck all the air out of the room.  It pushes other people away.
  • Withdrawing due to fear of rejection:  If you are afraid of failure, you might talk yourself out of even trying or getting started.  It can lead to paralyzing indecision and overly-cautious behaviors that are undermining and non-supportive.
  • Self-defeating extravagance:  You might tell yourself that you deserve this treat, or that one, but ultimately, if you are undercutting your own financial security, you do not mean yourself well.  
  • Workaholic tendencies: Working all the time may inflate your sense of importance, but it can also create isolating aloofness and a disconnect from the things in life that truly matter, like family, intimacy, self-care, play, and one’s spiritual growth.
  • Stubbornness: When you are overly attached to your own perceptions versus being open to considering other people’s point-of-view, you can find yourself getting competitive versus collaborative. Stubbornness can mask a compulsion to be right and give rise to destructive rebellion.
  • Demoralizing perfectionism:  Perfectionism shows up in different ways, such as excessive questioning, obsessive worrying, compulsively blaming others or oneself, and behaving like a “superior victim.”

So, where does this self-defeating behavior stem from?

The easy answer is that it arises from your thoughts and your feelings.  Negative thoughts about oneself generate self-loathing. A feeling of not being good enough and of not belonging. When you stuff those feelings, you empower them. When I was a child I remember wondering who was that who was speaking such hateful things in my head? In my 30’s, I discovered in A Course in Miracles that I choose to think the thoughts I think, and that if I didn’t like the thought I was thinking, I could choose to think another thought. That was truly empowering! I also learned that our thoughts have the power to create our reality. Thinking a negative thought was an attack thought on myself.  That really got my attention! I wondered why I would hate myself so much by thinking that bad things were going to happen to me, that nobody loved me, and so on. By thinking these negative thoughts over and over, I was calling them into my reality. Growing up in England, I learned we didn’t express our feelings (it just wasn’t done!) and we acted as if nothing was wrong, whether we had been hurt to the core or were feeling traumatized. As an empath, I could feel the pain and frustration of my mother and could see she had nowhere to go with it.  She died of cancer in her early 50’s and I was in my mid-30’s when I realized I was on the same path. With this realization, I knew that getting in touch with my feelings and learning to release them safely, harm to none, would not only save my life but support me in showing up authentically in my life. Through steadily releasing my feelings over time, I let go of my childhood defense patterns of perfectionism, having no needs, and rushing through my discomfort. Now, that I choose to think thoughts that support me, that mean me well, and no longer entertain or dwell on negative thoughts that terrorize me, undermine me, and now that I choose to release negative feelings quickly, in privacy, without holding on to them, and with harm to none, I see my body and mind as my greatest allies and partners in life. My willingness to take the time to go step-by-step in building my business, and to allow the passage of time to reveal the right path, instead of being impulsive and impatient has ultimately supported business growth that is connected to my values. No longer rushing to the finish line has resulted in my cultivating flexibility, tempering my arrogance and releasing stubbornness.  Calming my mental anxiety through meditation and choosing the thoughts I think, gives me the courage to be myself, to be aware of my needs and ultimately to trust myself. Does it take time and focus? Life is an awareness game; it is lived in the present moment.  Every time you become aware you are thinking a negative thought, whether it is about you or a client or someone else, catch it and stop it. Think another thought, a thought that is positive and supportive.  You free yourself from self-sabotage, one thought at a time. Love and blessings, Aimée [article_about_author author="aimee"]