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Women Business Owners: It’s Time To Celebrate Yourself

time to celebrate yourself woman

Yes, celebrating is not bragging, it's so much more...

As we end 2018, I encourage you to reflect back on the year, because it’s time to celebrate yourself. Review your journals, your calendar and look for your accomplishments and the highlights of your year. It is our human conditioning, what we believe to be true based on old outdated programming that often stops us from really joyously celebrating who we are, what we’ve accomplished and how we have served others. Without the memory of Celebrating there would be no Celebration! Read it again. Without the memory of Celebrating there would be no Celebration... How did you celebrate growing up? Did you celebrate? Was it fun... exciting... did you look forward to celebrations? Or were they stressful filled with confusion... drama...

The impact of what happened in the past shows up in the present.

Most likely you might believe that it is unacceptable to brag, boast and show off. I agree, no one likes to listen to someone who is all about themselves; however, celebrating yourself, your accomplishments from a place of service to others is different. Hiding your amazing light so that you are the best kept secret around is not in the service of others. Your community needs to know you, the Leader that you are. You have a responsibility to show them that it is OK to be powerful, smart and successful. it's time to celebrate yourself!

It can be difficult to acknowledge our accomplishments.

So, why is it so hard to take time to celebrate yourself, self-promote and step centre stage of your own life with the spotlight shining down on you for all to see? I imagine even reading this might trigger uncomfortable feelings and emotions for some. Margaret M Lynch writes in her book “Tapping Into Wealth - How Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help you clear the path to making more money” that we often take a Vow of Invisibility. Vow of Invisibility! Wow, think about it... Do you like it and feel comfortable talking about yourself, or when someone acknowledges you? I know many people who would just brush it off and down play their accomplishments. Feeling embarrassed or shameful at being the centre of attention.

Make new memories to celebrate.

As I mentioned above, our memories that are stored in our unconscious mind act as a guide post. Therefore, if your reference center is of memories where you were made to feel uncomfortable, less than and dismissed when you joyously shared your accomplishments you will feel resistance and not document them through celebration. Perhaps being invisible was the way for you to be safe, out of the way of harm. That might have been true for you then, I challenge you to ask yourself “Is it true today?” Most likely not.

Make new empowered memories.

time to celebrate yourself woman with sparkler My wish and request is that you start filling up your Celebration Bank, make new empowered memories that will now be stored in your memory bank aka your unconscious mind. Doing so will clear out the old programming and your new reference point will be the remembering of celebrating your accomplishments. So go wild..... it’s time to celebrate yourself! Dance, sing and share to anchor those feelings into your body, mind and soul. I would love to hear about your accomplishments and how you will celebrate yourself. The Changeless, Infinite and Limitless beautiful being you are. Watch how your wealth and prosperity will grow from this new refreshing perspective. Remind others to celebrate by sharing this article. Barb Wallick   [article_about_author author="barb"]