You’ve got a Hallmark postcard – DON’T check it out!

I just got this in my in-box. It looks legit enough – has the Hallmark logo and a nice invite to click on the link and view the “someone who cares about me” postcard they sent.

I was immediately suspicious for a few reasons – first it doesn’t have an email address of the person sending it to me. The legit ones always say either the email address or the name of the sender. Second, it looked too plain and not the usual stylings of Hallmark.

Sure enough, I checked the source code and it’s a Trojan attack. Had I clicked on the link to view the card, my computer would have installed a Trojan Horse to do whatever malicious intent it was meant to do.

Read more about Malaware here. Whatever you do, don’t click on the link of anything in an email you receive unless you know the person. Here’s what the full email said:


Hello there. You’ve got a postcard from someone who cares for you.

In order to downoad your postcard, click on the link below: (this did not link to the hallmark site, instead it was an EXE file that would have installed a trojan on my computer)

Thank you for using Hallmark services.
Regards, Hallmark



You’ve got a postcard, check it out – Don’t check it out – it’s a Trojan Virus EXE file