Why Bill Gates is Wrong; Life IS Absolutely Fair

Why entrepreneurs should see adversity as an opportunity

Why Bill Gates is Wrong; Life IS Absolutely Fair

Bill Gates recently gave a speech at a High School about eleven things that kids did not learn in their time at school. The eleven points are believed to come from an educator, called Charles Sykes from his book “Dumbing Down our Kids”.

Of course because of Bill Gates’ success these rules may get etched into the minds of the people listening as if they are sacred rules, or perhaps they would have acted as fuel for contemplation… I hope the latter is true.

Rule 1 states Life is not fair- so get used to it, and I began to wonder about this statement and the likely upside or downside of sharing it with our new generation of entrepreneurs, business leaders and change-makers in such a categorical way.

Yes, life will bring different circumstances to different people, and yes on the surface a “good person” may end up facing many adversities and other “not so nice people” may enjoy successes perceived to be unjust.

Yes three siblings born to the same parents will end up enjoying three very different lives and extremely different to those born in an underdeveloped world, but is it ALL because life is not fair?

Yes, all entrepreneurs and business leaders need to be psychologically equipped for life and thus not feel entitled and roll over at the first adversity that they face in the world, but how appropriate is it to plant a seed that sounds so disempowering?

I definitely remember in my younger years feeling sorry for myself that life had turned out to be so unfair, according to my perception, but I know that none of those emotions truly served me, and in fact caused me excessive suffering that could have been avoided, had I been directed better.

My own take on this rule is that it could be as much misleading and disempowering, as much as it was intended to be a reality check to force our new generation to work at their dreams and visions with sacred determination.

From what I have seen, based on my own lived experiences, the world has manifested  like a mathematical formula- so it has proved to be absolutely accurate in every minute for every chapter of my life.

Despite adversities that I have had to face, every occurrence in my life was designed to help me gain inner strength and reclaim my power, and thus in the end every “unfair event” helped me to take full responsibility for my life, and so I have no complaint…..it was totally fair because I gained so much!

The world wants evolution in consciousness and growth in self-awareness, and so everything that happens is designed to assist us with that objective. In the end the world is like a big school in which we get to learn how to live our fullest potential, and transcend the lower vibrational traits of competitiveness, jealousy, separation, etc. etc. and reach up to the ecstatic state of living in creative joy and love.

We as human beings are like radio frequencies emitting a certain “vibration”, and when we are emitting “well-being” internally, naturally life then bestows us with external circumstances that offer us a matched state of well being, be that in our health or in our business life/ home life.

Like attracts like. There is nothing unfair about this arrangement.

When we emit a vibration of “negativity, victimhood, helplessness, lack of self worth” etc. etc., of course life then quickly offers us outside circumstances that match this state of lack.

Again, like a mathematical formula life is attracting like with like.

To be educated in this understanding early on and be shown in a practical way, how to increase our vibration to a better state of allowing, we become empowered to see life as an opportunity and not something that has to be endured because it is not fair!

Endurance is an old paradigm of thinking and the accompanied resilience is not a badge of honor that we must get used to wearing. Instead we must learn to look for the silver lining in every occurrence and take charge to heighten our own vibration.

Each generation arrives more intelligent than the previous one. Perhaps this new generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs do not want to live in a world of hard toil and sweat where they are forced to prove their worth? And in the process they become manipulated by their fellow beings to become obedient commodities in the current status quo of society.

I courageously declare that life is doing what it needs to do and there is nothing unfair about it.

Yes there is much suffering, but that suffering is man made, through our egos created by false beliefs and conditionings. To condition anyone into a rule that says “life is not fair- so get used to it” is discouraging. Instead lets inspire one another to increase our vibration and step out of those old conditionings that are no longer serving us. Old patterns and behaviors of living are not necessarily right just because we found a way to cope.

As a CEO, I found a way to hide my fear, but that certainly did nothing to help me! Because the more I hid the fear, the more life sent me circumstances that were frightening.

Like attracts like. The responsibility to change and transform that fear was mine, and until I did so, my world could not be altered for the better. If I had stayed in the loop of endurance I was guaranteed poor health and stress that I had begun to experience! I suffered from angina problems, along with vertigo and sleepless nights from the excessive stress.

So lets move with the mantra that says life is absolutely fair.

It will always lovingly offer us what we need, so that we might grow wings to truly fly, so keep looking out for the silver lining in every situation and take charge to find your bliss and success…. because it is absolutely waiting for YOU!

Can you think of situations where you felt like life wasn’t being fair and how things ended up being for the good? Leave a comment below and share!

About the Author, Kindi Gill ACA

Kindi Gill

Kindi is a former CEO who offers Self-Awareness Executive Coaching, teaches principles of Consciousness and specializes in Change & Mental Health as a Professional Speaker.

Kindi has been a student of the Dalian School for Health and Consciousness and is a Facilitator of the Self Healing Dalian Method, an evolutionary tool for Transformation. Kindi has shared this system with hundreds of people, since founding Spark Expansion Consulting in 2015, and without fail, adults, teenagers and children delight in their changes.

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Why entrepreneurs should see adversity as an opportunity Bill Gates recently gave a speech at a High School about eleven things that kids did not learn in their time at school. The eleven points are believed to come from an … Continued