Twitter Beginners Guide: What to Tweet About

We’re past the half way point for our month of tips for marketing small business on Twitter and I hope you’ve enjoyed the tips and guides on getting your business set up on Twitter.

Now you’re ready for the actual tweeting!

Picking what to tweet about sounds easy but mistakes can be made if you don’t have a strategy in place beforehand.


First take into account that Twitter is an ‘in the moment’ platform limited to 140 characters.

One of the things I like to do is check what’s trending on Twitter (that’s posted to the side of your Twitter feed) so I get a quick easy glimpse of the latest in current events.

Twitter is an instantaneous delivery method so you need to get your tweets in front of your followers throughout the day.

Some fundamental things you can tweet about in the proverbial twittersphere are your personal opinions on “in the moment” news.

Take care not to rant and rave though. Offer insightful opinions that don’t take a strong side.

Your personal opinion is fine but not for your professional brand. Preaching personal politics can turn off potential clients who you may have otherwise been able to work you without issues.

With most elections being consistently split you have a 50% chance of putting off a potential lead by being overtly opinionated or echoing the wave of aggression and irrationality currently permeating every aspect of online information related to politics.

Politics can bring out an emotional response that you may regret later so when posting as a company remember you are representing your business.

It is true that adhering to a political stance can result in gaining followers. As can using adult language and sometimes the users who follow people for those reasons are their most devout but it comes with the risk of not gaining the other half of your potential followers.

Definitely showcase your expertise. If you have tips that are unique to your industry that’s great content you can post about on all social media including Twitter.

Anything from the heart is great too. Inspirational messages, quotes and more that express your voice and are directed at your desired audience are perfect.

Share other people’s content. Check out their blog articles and if your audience would appreciate it then tweet it!

Try tagging the author as a way to both recognize and thank the author of the content you shared.

Look for funny things to share! Everyone loves to laugh so pass that stuff along if you find it.

If there are any current events that relate to your area of expertise then use it. Tweet about it and note how it relates to what you do but be careful and don’t overdo it.

Now how often should you tweet? Recent studies say 1 – 51 times per day.

Staying on either extreme is not advisable. According to Quicksprout the happy medium for tweeting is 15 times per day.

It is advisable to try the tools I mentioned in earlier Twitter posts like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite and schedule your posts out so it doesn’t become too time consuming.

Until next time,
Susan Friesen

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We’re past the half way point for our month of tips for marketing small business on Twitter and I hope you’ve enjoyed the tips and guides on getting your business set up on Twitter. Now you’re ready for the actual … Continued