Thoughts Are Powerful Things

Think And Grow Rich! The Original Version, Restored And Revised

Here’s a fabulous article from David Neagle, someone I admire for his amazing insight into the power of thoughts and how we can manifest our true purpose in life by just believing it can happen!

He is a huge proponent, as am I, on the value given in the Think and Grow Rich book by Napoleon Hill, of which his article references.

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In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill wrote, “Truly, thoughts are things, and powerful things at that when they’re mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence and the burning desire for their translation into riches and other material objects.”

Definiteness of Purpose
Hill is not just talking about the desire for riches, although it might appear so. You have to look deeper. All the Laws of the Universe are summed up in those sentences. Let’s start with: thoughts are powerful things when combined with definiteness of purpose.

That means you are singular in your purpose. There’s no conflict between what you say you want and a subconscious purpose that is trying to manifest itself in a different way. You are unified; there’s no ambivalence.

How do you know if you’re a unified force? As I wrote last week, look at your results. If they’re disappointing, that’s a clue that something within you has a different agenda.

The best illustration of persistence is an old story about a student who goes a master and says, “Teach me success. I want to know the wisdom of the master.”

The master says, “No, you don’t. Go away.” The student goes away. Later he returns and says, “No, I really want to know these insights.” The master, again, sends him away. When the student returns once more, the master takes him to the river and holds his head underwater.

The student gasps for air, fighting the master with all his might. When he finally breaks free, the master says, “When you want success, when you want true life as much as you wanted to live in that moment, then you are ready. Until then, don’t bother me.”

True purpose, like life itself, demands to be expressed through you. When you tap into that purpose, you feel the same kind of persistence that student did while trying to save his own life.

Burning Desire
About burning desire, Hill wrote, “I have learned from years of experience with people that when a person really desires a thing so deeply that he’s willing to stake his entire future on the single turn of a wheel in order to get it, he’s sure to win.”

If you think to yourself, “I don’t have anything that I would be willing to stake on the single turn of a wheel,” then you haven’t found your true desire. When you get to the core of that true desire, you are willing to stake and risk everything to make that manifest, because making that manifest is the purpose of your life. That’s why you’re here.

Your purpose is not to play it safe all the way to the grave while you save enough money for retirement, make sure the kids go to a great school, live in a nice neighborhood, take two vacations a year.

It’s not that you can’t have those things. You can have all of those things and more, but not by working for them. If you work for them, then that becomes the dominating purpose of your life.

Your true purpose also isn’t about what you’ve done. It’s about who you become, the awareness and enlightenment you bring to your soul in this lifetime.

The burning desire that lets you know you have tapped into your divine purpose is always for the greater good and further expansion and expression. It always causes you to grow and encourages others to grow as well.

Bringing this back to the quote: when you tap into your true purpose, when you’re a unified force that’s willing to do whatever it takes to manifest your desire, and when all of that fuels your thoughts, goals and intentions — there is nothing that you can’t achieve.

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Here’s a fabulous article from David Neagle, someone I admire for his amazing insight into the power of thoughts and how we can manifest our true purpose in life by just believing it can happen! Read more about how powerful our thoughts are….