The Purpose Behind Our Five Biggest Stressors

The Purpose Behind Our Five Biggest Stressors How to Cope When Dealing With the Death of a loved one, Divorce, A Move, A Major Illness, or A Job Loss

How to Cope When Dealing With the Death of a Loved One, Divorce, A Move, A Major Illness, or A Job Loss

As we tread through the maze of living we all face some form of adversity.  For some of us, we are blessed with fewer significant stressors and for others they keep coming one after the other.

In 2004 I faced a major job loss. In 2006, moved to a new country and during 2007 encountered illness. In 2012 and 2014, I watched my husband go through a cancer diagnosis and the associated fear of death and during 2015 we jointly went through the possibility of divorce and asked for legal representation during a divorce in Utah.

The five main stressors that human beings can face, as portrayed on varying health sites, have been experienced in our family life in the last decade in one form or another.

The Purpose Behind Suffering

When under stress, the meaning of life immediately gets questioned as we face devastation that is out of our control.

The purpose behind suffering inevitably has to be questioned if we are curious and perhaps our life is consequently re-evaluated.

Our relationships and our business goes through the swing of strain and strength.

As our volatile emotions of anger, grief and misunderstandings arise our weakest parts are exposed and challenged.

This acts as a platform and an opportunity to find our confidence and strength, the opposite paradigm to our insecurities and weakness.

The Benefits of Contemplation

As we contemplated in our family, a new realization arose for me. If we are blessed with a determined and courageous spirit, we can look for the silver lining in adversity, rather than simply enduring and suppressing our fears.  This is also true as we navigate through the ups and downs of our business success.

For me, becoming weighed down was a gift in disguise. As human beings we are so versatile and capable and this is what gives us dignity.

The School of Life and Its Lessons

We all have patterns that we follow. Some of us have a mind that is driven by fear of survival and our need to earn a living as a key priority.

Others have patterns of embracing insignificance and hiding behind procrastination and neediness.

Some of us may control more than be adventurous and spontaneous.

Whatever our pattern, none of us would really want to miss out on life and stay trapped living an unfulfilled life. That idea alone makes me very sad.

To not experience the lessons we came to see about ourselves, is an opportunity missed.

As death is escapable, we might as well gain something worth keeping in our journey of existence on this planet.

When we uncover our patterns and transform them into greater light we simultaneously become more loving towards everyone, including our clients and team members.

We begin to understand love beyond biological love and that becomes a deeply rewarding lesson. The more we have personally suffered, the more empathetic and caring we become of those around us too, so all our explorations yield great benefits.

The Purpose of Stressors

In my explorations I have come to see that at every opportunity life is encouraging us to trust and surrender to its wisdom.

We are being asked to let go of our control and clinging attitude to our known reality and instead embrace action that helps us to bring light to our shadow personality.

For me finding the extraordinary tool, the Dalian Method, has been the equivalent of finding that one magical needle in a giant haystack of potential solutions.

This genie has offered answers to my deepest questions and aided my journey towards amazing liberation and freedom.

With this tool I have understood why I had suffered. I understood how to come out of suffering irrevocably. I learnt how to embrace life with a renewed optimistic and fearless response. I learnt how to evolve beyond my limiting beliefs and conditionings so that past trauma could be permanently dissolved and not have to be repeated. Traumas may lead to serious injuries, personal injury lawyer | Craig Kelley & Faultless LLC will advice on different injury situations. Even Smith Jones Solicitors will be able to help you with all that with better service.

Best of all the Dalian Method has made me a better me, a more loving and caring version and thus I now get to enjoy a better quality of life and improved relationships.

What about you? Do you know how to get to the root cause of adversity and quickly eradicate it from your body?

I invite a discussion on how you have handled your stressors in life. What transformation have you experienced? How has it improved your life?

About the Author, Kindi Gill ACA

Kindi Gill

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How to Cope When Dealing With the Death of a Loved One, Divorce, A Move, A Major Illness, or A Job Loss As we tread through the maze of living we all face some form of adversity.  For some of … Continued