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3 Traits of Effective Business Leadership

3 Traits of Effective Business Leadership

What to Watch for When You Have a Need for Guidance

To receive guidance is necessary as part of our growth as business entrepreneurs and leaders. And interestingly wherever we look, someone is always available to assist us.

Fortunately, what we do not know, someone else does.

Whether you are wanting to position yourself as an effective business leader or are seeking out someone to provide you with proper guidance, here are 3 considerations to keep in mind.

  1. Follow the Seven Habits

    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen Covey suggests the following to keep us on track:

    1. Be proactive
    2. You are the programmer of your life, grow and stay humble.
    3. Keep personal integrity- what you say and what you do must match
    4. Think win-win. Value and respect all, employ character based codes for collaboration
    5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood- using empathy, care and open mindedness in interactions
    6. Combine strengths and operate as teams
    7. Employ Continuous improvement- for mental, spiritual and emotional health and balance.

  2. Be Honest

    Interestingly I have been a leader all my life and yet had been unconscious of many traits within me that did not allow me to tap into the above list consistently.
    I had no idea that my ego often stood in my way. This same ego would give me the impression that I was thinking “win-win” when in fact it was being calculative and self serving.
    The ego can be very tricky.  I might have thought that I was open- minded in my interactions yet every ego filters to evaluate based on personal and collective beliefs that can be very limiting and disempowering, and I have had my share to transform in the last nine years.
    The ego often unconsciously leads us into power struggles that can become very sticky. If we don’t experience them in our work-life, we certainly end up facing them in our home lives, so they catch up with us eventually! lol
    Despite running corporations with 3000 people I had no idea that my ego was censoring EVERYTHING based on its own judgments and programing, and that the reactive knee-jerk actions from the ego had nothing to do with the true self that resides within us.
    If I was not operating from my true self- it goes without saying that many of my actions did not fit the seven habits listed by Covey.

  3. Embody Conscious Leadership

    What I have come to learn during the last nine years is that when we are under the direction of a conscious leader we are always being lifted to be the very best we can be, and conscious leaders actually walk their own talk.
    They embody the seven attributes listed above effortlessly. This is the power of consciousness- effortless living where the person has disassociated from the antics of the ego.
    This consciousness is accessible to all of us by first learning more about ourselves. We have to be willing to stalk all our reactions to understand them and their history within our psyche.
    Then we have to move beyond understanding to visit the lessons in our history so that we can be liberated. It all happens systematically so that we truly find our voice to be a contributor in the world.
    As we become liberated we begin to embody and live from this pale of heightened consciousness… and that leads to us becoming the effective leaders we wish to be.
    Do not get me wrong, we are always learning and growing. There is always more…

The Invitation

My invitation is to ask you to stop and pause before you decide on who should guide you next in your business or home life.

Our world is changing fast. The old paradigms are not working.

Old patriarchal ways of leading are not enough. People who discuss mind-based ideas are not serving anyone- they are simply keeping people stuck in yesteryear.

The new world has not yet unfolded… and many emerging leaders are seeking to find their voice to influence this new world.

Look to see if the person who influences you has actively done the inner work to see who they are.

Has this work been done at the level of their mind, or is it deeper, and you can see and feel their groundedness? Can you feel their courage? Can you feel their knowingness? And can their compassion be trusted?

Look for a conscious leader

This is the only way you will truly benefit yourself and others around you. A conscious leader will walk their talk. A conscious leader will offer a helping hand knowing that it is through your growth in self awareness that your leadership skills will improve.

About the Author, Kindi Gill ACA

Kindi Gill

Are you extremely responsible but tired and wish someone could now nurture YOUR needs? Is your family life in need of a boost and ready to be revitalized into unity? Is there room for improvement in your relationships at home so that your work-life is better supported? If you are struggling with adversity, contact Kindi Gill for a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

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