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Making a Commitment to Building Your Business

I shot this quick video about making a commitment to building your business while staying at one of my favourite bed and breakfasts, Blackberry Lane Bed & Breakfast. This is my go to hideaway to de-stress and recharge and is located less than an hour from where I live.

This eTip asks the question: How hard are you willing to work to make your business a success?

How hard are you willing to work to succeed?

My husband Daniel and I have very demanding schedules that begin at 5:30 am and don’t stop until about 8 pm at night.

It can be exhausting!

but it’s also extremely rewarding to have a successful business.

One of the things that dawned on me during this visit is how alike I am with Andy and Marlene, the owners of this B&B.

Since the B&B is located on a farm, when I arrived Marlene was decked out in full farming gear, working away keeping this place properly maintained. Her next task was to hop onto a riding mower and mow some acreage. After she was done she got to come in and start cooking!

Meanwhile Andy was busy at his full time job, which he does after he’s done his morning farm chores. When he finishes his day he heads home for even more farm chores. Their days are long and tough.

I’m familiar with that kind of a demanding schedule as I grew up on a hobby farm full of animals. It was a lot of work and my parents were always up well before I ever was just so they could feed the animals and maintain the farm (this included milking the family cow, Emma). This was all done while working full time jobs in Vancouver, which was an hour away in each direction.

This brings things back to my original question: how hard are you willing to work?

I hear a lot from clients about the distractions pulling them away from work. So the question then becomes: how important is your business to you if so many other things take priority?

You can’t magically succeed in business, so if you’re not able to commit to the business, don’t expect it to thrive. You have choices to make. Are you willing to make the sacrifices needed to build a successful business?

We’ve all read about the magical 4-hour work week but the number of people that kind of schedule is applicable to is minuscule.

How far are you willing to go and how hard will you work to make your business succeed?

When I first started eVision Media, my schedule was even more demanding. So even looking at my schedule now and how much I have to work, it took a lot just to get my business to where it is.

If you need help making the hard choices so you can succeed, please get in touch. I love to help people by mentoring them through their distractions so they prioritize their business and build the success they’re after.

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Until next time,
Susan Friesen

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