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3 Hidden Transformation Opportunities When Under Pressure

3  Hidden Transformation Opportunities When Under Pressure

In entrepreneurial life we are under constant pressure. Some imposed by our clients and some by our own expectations.

Cash flow needs to stack up and customers need to be satisfied.

The more pressure we are subjected to the further we can move from feeling good to being under pressure. The stress that begins to accumulate can also stifle the joy that we would otherwise feel.

These are a few of the negative outcomes of pressure. But the good news is, there’s hidden silver linings in such moments that are often under debated.

There are three main ones detailed in this article. Each of these points shed light on an opportunity for transformation when facing pressure.

  1. Overwhelm Teaches Self-Awareness

    When we are in overwhelm there is a part of our emotional system that begins to flare up. It will show its presence in a variety of ways.

    It could be a silent moment of swallowing back a tear.  It could be an abrupt word with a colleague that alerts us that our internal emotional state has lost its center.

    When we lash out it merely indicates we are not happy internally and we have inadvertently slipped into judgment of those around us.

    When we fail to find time to connect diplomatically, we are momentarily forgetting what it means to be a compassionate human being.

    But worst of all these outside indicators are pointing to internal sabotage.

    We are judging others because we are in fact still judging ourselves! The internal judge is always stronger towards self than others.

    We are lashing out because we are failing to connect with our deepest joy-filled, calm space inside. IF we were grounded in this way, the abruptness would not have arisen.

    Thus we are not being compassionate toward ourselves because had we been, we would have chosen a joy-filled inner state! This is a sad truth….

  2. Understanding Leads to Self-Compassion

    Once we are aware that living with pressure is failing to be compassionate to ourselves, a moment to reflect can change everything.

    The reflection could evaluate how our biggest recent success arose? Did it happen under pressure or was it a byproduct of when we were the most calm?

    I know for sure, the more I stay calm and enjoy myself the easier it becomes to manifest what I want. In fact our earliest successes often came with ease, unexpectedly, whilst we were simply being ourselves and enjoying ourselves!

    They did not arise because of self imposed pressure, and we forget that when we live our entrepreneurial life!

    If we see it as we are wasting energy when we pour it into worry, panic or imposing stress or feeling outside expectations, we might become more thoughtful about this wastage.

    Instead all that energy could be redirected and used more resourcefully. By keeping the momentum on the task at hand we become more productive and HAPPIER too.

    This is self-compassion… reuniting us to our original desire to be in this particular line of work.

  3. Breath and its Connection with Fear

    If you watch yourself carefully, when you are under pressure, your breath does not go so deep into your belly. It sort of remains in the upper quadrant of your body and sometimes is held back and constricted.

    Try to experiment right now. Imagine a stressful situation and watch what happens to your breath.

    It naturally becomes shallower. Stress is always accompanied with fear. “Fear I won’t make my rent.”, “Fear I wont be able to satisfy the deadline.”… Fear to be rejected, criticized etc.

    When we are calm, the nervous energy in our body is not felt.

    Instead the fear that surfaces from not meeting expectations dissolves into its polar opposite- and fills your body with excitement and anticipation of success. It has a very light and expansive feel to it.

    This is the sort of feeling you initially felt when you first launched into this career.

    So in its simplest form, when under pressure remind yourself to breathe deep down into your feet. As soon as you do that you will start taking the energy away from fear and overwhelm, into grounded-ess.

    Use the earth to support you. Push the breath deep down into the ground, through your feet, as if you are laying roots into the floor to support you.

This simple act of self-awareness can redirect you back into your current moment reality, away from the emotional volatility that comes with pressure.

Use these moments to reflect, become more aware and use your breath to become more self-compassionate!

About the Author, Kindi Gill ACA

Kindi Gill

Are you extremely responsible but tired and wish someone could now nurture YOUR needs? Is your family life in need of a boost and ready to be revitalized into unity? Is there room for improvement in your relationships at home so that your work-life is better supported? If you are struggling with adversity, contact Kindi Gill for a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

Kindi is a CEO, Revitalization Consultant, Inward Leadership Mentor and Keynote Speaker. She has 30 plus years of experience in leadership, is trained as a Chartered Accountant and is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Kindi is also one of 11 people trained as a facilitator of the Self Healing Dalian Method, an evolutionary tool that bypasses the mind, created by a modern day mystic, Mada Eliza Dalian who revolutionized Kindi's own life back into wholeness.

Call her at 778-558-5110 for help in getting your life and vibration back on track to achieve its natural potential, so that your gifts can shine, and the rain can eventually stop.

6 Keys to Overcoming the Fear to be GREAT for a Fulfilled Business Life

6 Keys to Overcoming the Fear to be GREAT for a Fulfilled Business Life

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner and don’t feel fulfilled?

I find the key to success lies within the fear to be great, which prevents many from moving forward into that greatness and feel better fulfilled.

Here’s 6 keys that will help you overcome this deep-seeded fear and gain a business life that has you feeling truly enriched and fulfilled.

  1. Resolutions

    2017 is here, the beginning of yet another New Year, and the season for new resolutions and intentions has unfolded. But how will these really affect the quality of your business life in 2017?
    It does not matter if millions are setting new intentions, numbers alone, do not prove them to be necessarily effective.
    Whatever the resolutions, each of us know deep down that we are still bringing the same internal version of ourselves into the New Year. Resolutions therefore simply give the mind the idea that it is on a refreshed trajectory, when in fact nothing has changed.

  2. The Voice Inside Your Head

    If the voice inside your head is saying ” I am not enough”, no matter how much will power is deployed to push harder, and work harder, in the end nothing but exhaustion will be felt in such a scenario.
    If the voice inside your head is saying, “I can’t speak up because I am afraid to be rejected” it will be impossible for the entrepreneur to step outside their current comfort zone and explore new ways of business.
    We have to do much more than becoming aware that our voice is not necessarily self-preserving. We have to dig deep to tackle this anguish driving aspect of ourselves.
    And the crazy thing is that most of the time, we are not even aware of the real self sabotaging conclusions that we carry because they are deeply hidden in our unconscious, and so they are not even surfacing at the level of the mind.
    Despite this lack of awareness, they totally control the destiny of our business life. Take for example an unknown belief : “I cannot have my freedom”, no matter how hard such a person tries to expand their business life, this hidden belief will result in a business experience that will suppress, but never bring abundance and total freedom.

  3. False Reinvention

    So, for many of us, if we don’t want business as usual, we might consider a little bit of reinventing to adapt our ways. Most of this reinvention will happen using the mind, through affirmations, positivity, gratitude journals and ideas that the law of attraction will assist us, if we concentrate on visualizations for a better future.
    We are encouraged to conjure up feelings, as if it has already happened. We are encouraged to create vision boards that we can focus on, so that our attention will bring growth in the areas that we predefine.
    In modern day times, we tell our critical voice to “shut up” and suggest “we are awesome” instead. This of course gives us the impression we are correcting this inner state, but the hilarious part is that no one asks the deeper question – “Which voice did we use to tell the negative voice to shut up?”
    The answer is shocking. It is, in fact, the same voice!!!! It is like a dog chasing its own tail- nothing has changed, but somehow we have the new impression that things have improved for us. The negative voice is told to shut up by the positive voice. Then the negative one speaks even stronger, and so the positive one has to work even harder! Round and round we go…
    We work extremely hard, to maybe get a few successes but there is a but!

  4. False Successes

    Don’t get me wrong, when someone has gone through the laborious task to tell their inner voice to shut up, they may feel a burst of energy to act on something that they might not have tried earlier, and of course this is good news! Some fear has been overcome, and new doors could open.
    Many of the role models we see around us, prove that this theory helped them to be the business success stories that they are today. Oprah Winfrey swears by her gratitude journal, and Louise Hay proclaims affirmations will do the trick.
    BUT the fear that we are not enough, hasn’t gone away, it is still lurking, and it will have the last say, and come to sabotage at its earliest opportunity. Mathematics says it has to. The energy is still there. Energy can only change form, but it can never disappear.
    If energy cannot disappear, of course internal anxiety will remain too.
    This is why people stay on the search for more…….deep down they know that there is a lurking fear that they themselves carry, even though they might not want to share that with the public that revere them, they know they have not fooled themselves.
    The sincere ones employ new tools such as meditation to go deeper. The insincere ones continue to live a lie.

  5. The Real “TOOLS” for Permanent Change

    So the real task is not to tell the inner voice to shut up, but to transform the inner voice, so that it no longer says, “I am not enough”. And for that to happen, there has to be a real knowing that you are in fact, absolutely enough. This takes courage to embody and the fear to be brilliant has to be overcome to facilitate such a presence.
    Through practices such as meditation and advanced tools that transform unconsciousness, new insights can be gained. A knowing reveals itself and with that the understanding comes that these encounters could never be experienced through the mind, because the mind was creating all the problems in the first place.
    The knowing that ” I am awesome” comes from a place within where we recognize the purity of who we are….and that resides deep within, in our being. When we meet our true face, we have that knowing.
    Then we recognize that our core personality has to be transformed to meet the purity of our being. When our core personality is no longer lashing out, no longer angry with others, no longer jealous, bitter, resentful, insincere, greedy, manipulative etc., it begins to match the quality of our inner being.
    We need advanced ways to permanently eliminate the fears and the root causes of the above darker side qualities that surface in each of us. This is the only route available to truly discover that we are enough. There is no other short cut. We might decide that releasing a few trapped emotions is helping but nothing awakens our real nature unless consciousness is heightened. This is the real work.

  6. The Truth of “I Am Great” / “I Am Awesome”

    If we cannot say that all our actions are loving and pure, why would we lie to ourselves and say, “We are awesome”!!!?
    Through UNDERSTANDING why our inner voice is actually saying “I am not enough” and clearing up the root causes and mis-beliefs, we can finally hold our head up and say,
    “I know who I am,
    I know where I come from,
    I know what I am here to do,
    I know I am enough unto myself and a light unto myself”

    There is a step in claiming and recognizing the revelation of what you know. What you know could prove to be too much for those around you. It may blind too many people, and thus this is where the fear comes in.
    To reveal your brilliance and embody your magnificence, in total confidence is so alien in our world at large, that it might feel better to hide the light and not shine it too brightly.
    When we have overcome this fear, the largest of them all, we can finally say:
    “I am here to be brilliant”, “I am here to live in total fulfillment” and “I am here to be awesome, showing others how to be too”.

    The voice inside your head will now be in total silence.

This is awesome and this is where we get to have a business life in which we are truly enriched and fulfilled.

About the Author, Kindi Gill ACA

Kindi Gill

Are you extremely responsible but tired and wish someone could now nurture YOUR needs? Is your family life in need of a boost and ready to be revitalized into unity? Is there room for improvement in your relationships at home so that your work-life is better supported? If you are struggling with adversity, contact Kindi Gill for a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

Kindi is a CEO, Revitalization Consultant, Inward Leadership Mentor and Keynote Speaker. She has 30 plus years of experience in leadership, is trained as a Chartered Accountant and is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Kindi is also one of 11 people trained as a facilitator of the Self Healing Dalian Method, an evolutionary tool that bypasses the mind, created by a modern day mystic, Mada Eliza Dalian who revolutionized Kindi's own life back into wholeness.

Call her at 778-558-5110 for help in getting your life and vibration back on track to achieve its natural potential, so that your gifts can shine, and the rain can eventually stop.

The Entrepreneurial Bright and Shiny Object Syndrome Exposed

The Entrepreneurial Bright and Shiny Object Syndrome Exposed

What You Need to Know Before You Sign Up for Yet Another Program

There’s an insidious travesty happening in the entrepreneurial world and I’ve stayed silent about it long enough.

It’s time to expose what’s really happening to unsuspecting entrepreneurs and business owners when it comes to seeking the perfect answer to their business needs.

You probably already know it as chasing after the bright and shiny object syndrome.

It happens when the perceived need to learn more, be more and do more outweighs the need to actually get clients and run a business.

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Why The Bright & Shiny Object Syndrome Happens

New entrepreneurs, especially women, often horde a deep-seeded secret that weighs them down and prevents them from growing their business to the heights they are perfectly capable of, but often don’t realize it.

That secret is the debilitating knowing they will be exposed as a fraud.

I know this because I too had this fear years ago.

It kept me playing small.

It stopped me from stepping outside of my comfort zone.

It dictated all of my business decisions from how much to charge to how I should be positioned in my industry to whom my ideal clients were.

The thought of being exposed as a fraud far outweighed any voice of reason that declared otherwise. It was a powerful force that controlled my every move.

But I had no idea this was going on. I wasn’t consciously aware of how much my actions were based upon that one fact: Feeling like I was a fraud.

But was I really a fraud? Hardly.

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My educational background and previous business skills and experience put me far above the level of many of my competitors in the web development and digital marketing space. But I still found a way to discount all of that.

It wasn’t enough.

I needed to learn more.

Clearly they know far more than I do – just look at how “successful” they are.

They know the “secret”.  

So what did I do about it? I signed up for every program I could in order to find out what that secret was.

I embarked to find that perfect formula to follow. That magic system that would take me from point A to point B easily and effortlessly.

That thing that would make me successful.

Once I completed these programs, THEN I’d skyrocket my success!


And it’s probably not going to work for you either.

Yes, you’ll get some new insights out of the training. You’ll learn a few things along the way. But it won’t be enough.

And that’s because it’s not really what you need. Not by a long shot.

More than likely all those programs will just result in you feeling more overwhelmed and confused than ever before. How on earth are you going to find the time to implement all this, let alone understand how to do it all?

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There’s only so much time in the day and wouldn’t you prefer to be working on what you’re passionate about instead? The reason why you went into business to begin with?

Here’s the deal

I can’t tell you how many struggling entrepreneurs I have worked with over the years. They aren’t able to reach successful heights in their business and the first (and often only) thing they will blame is themselves.

Their inner voice is screaming at them:

  • You don’t know enough.
  • You need to learn more.
  • You are clearly in way over your head – what were you thinking anyway?
  • You’re better off just quitting before you are exposed as the fraud you really are.

This may sound very familiar to you too.

So what does an aspiring entrepreneur do when they have thoughts like these? They sign up for every course, program, system, webinar, teleseminar, telesummit imaginable.

They become addicted to learning.

In their quest to no longer feel like a fraud, they embark on a mission to learn every single aspect about running a business they can. They feel they MUST learn how to:

  • Figure out who their ideal client is (even though they’re not sure what to do with that info once they have it)
  • Build a website themselves (even though technology has never been a friend of theirs)
  • Design their own logo and marketing materials (even though they have never had any formal training in graphic design)
  • Set up a sales funnel (even though they’re not really sure what that is)
  • Write the sales copy on their website and landing pages (Even though writing does not come easy for them)
  • Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on their website (even though they aren’t sure what that means)
  • Conduct webinars and teleseminars in order to launch their new program (even though they don’t have a program to launch yet)
  • Get on stage and be a speaker… write a book… participate in JV partnerships… hold workshops…. The list goes on and on!

What results from all of this? Entrepreneurs are spending SO much time and money on learning all of these skillsets that aren’t a part of their core competency, they aren’t left with any time or energy to focus on their own business!

And here’s the insidious part of it all:

The people who are selling you these programs and systems know full well you are prime for the picking. They are capitalizing on your fears and are making loads of money doing so.  They are counting on you feeling you MUST know all of this stuff before you can be successful at your business.

They also know that once they have your attention, you are prime to be “upsold” on higher-end programs or at least make affiliate commissions by referring other products/systems/platforms you MUST have.

Their business survival depends on it.

“BUT SUSAN!” I can hear you saying out loud… “in order for me to be successful, I have to have all of these things in place, and I can’t afford to hire anyone to do it all for me!”

Yes. But.

There’s a couple of falsehoods in that statement:

  • You do NOT need a website or marketing materials (yes, that’s coming from a web developer and online marketer!). Not right away at least. I sure didn’t have those things in place when I first started.
  • You do NOT need complex marketing funnels and fancy lead generating downloads
  • You Do NOT need a huge list or any list at all for that matter
  • You do NOT need to have every duck lined up in a neat row before you can start talking to clients and generating business.

Eventually, sure, you can work towards incorporating all of that into your business and marketing model. But not until you can afford to have it done properly. Wasting your time and money on learning how to do it all yourself is simply that – a waste of time and money.

And that’s because you will never learn as much as what the pros know in those key areas to get the same kinds of results by doing it yourself. You simply can’t know it all.

Plus that deep-seeded fear is also going to do whatever it takes to stop you in your tracks.

What You Really Need: Believe in Yourself

All you need to start and run a successful business is to trust yourself, your knowledge, your expertise and your ambitious drive to do what it takes to make it work. And most of all, you need the confidence in yourself that you are absolutely, unequivocally more than capable of bringing your business vision to fruition.

Your passion, energy, drive and vision is the fuel that moves you forward and creates the opportunities you need to make your business successful. Not all of those programs you’ve signed up for.

The more you believe in yourself, the more opportunities will materialize that will get you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Will you be rich in 30 days like many sales pages promise? Unlikely. But if you are wanting to build a sustainable business, you probably don’t want that kind of huge growth anyway.

Stop believing all of the hyped-up promises we are bombarded by everywhere we turn and instead, start believing you already know what you need to move forward.

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And of what you don’t know, the right help at the right time will show up for you.

Now go. Trust yourself. Build a sustainable business with confidence and kick that false nagging voice that tells you you’re a fraud out the window. Stop giving away your power to those that are hungry for your money and make the right choices for you based on confidence, not fear.

You have a vision you need to fulfil and have no time for those kinds of mental blocks slowing you down!

To your success,

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About the Author, Susan Friesen

Susan Friesen offering 10 Critical Questions You Must Ask to Get Maximum ResultsSusan Friesen, founder of the award-winning web development and digital marketing firm eVision Media, is a Web Specialist, Business & Marketing Consultant, and Social Media Advisor. She works with entrepreneurs who struggle with having the lack of knowledge, skill and support needed to create their online business presence.

As a result of working with Susan and her team, clients feel confident and relieved knowing their online marketing is in trustworthy and caring hands so they can focus on building their business with peace of mind at having a perfect support system in place to guide them every step of the way.

Visit www.ultimatewebsiteguide.ca and download your FREE "Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Website's Profitability - 10 Critical Questions You Must Ask to Get Maximum Results".

How To Lift Others As We Climb

9 Tips for Authentic, “Uplifting” Networking

How To Lift Others As We Climb 9 Tips for Authentic, 'Uplifting' Networking

I had an amazing lunch about six weeks ago, surrounded by dozens and dozens of mostly female entrepreneurs at a networking event.  Prior to joining this organization I had no idea that so many women have small businesses…

I am seeing many passionate women, all attempting to get their message uniquely understood and valued by their counterparts.

Women Seem to Love Being Entrepreneurs

Lifting each other up is one of the major themes during these meetings. This is a natural human tendency when consciousness/self-awareness leads our choices, and our heart genuinely drives our interactions with one another.

However when self-awareness and consciousness is lacking then, such a theme can force us to be fake.

We all know that a “rule” does not necessarily mean it is our truth.

Rules Don’t Necessarily Help Us to be Honest

Relationships by nature are not capable of flourishing based on pretense… but the pretense we experience within ourselves is the most difficult to bear!

After all, “who are we kidding ultimately”?

This is the relationship that most matters in our life and the one that helps us to navigate our way into feeling whole.

We can’t run away from the truth we feel inside… the truth that nags when we slow down, and we find ourselves in the confines of our own space.  Our fears, our jealousies, our comparisons, our judgments, and our insecurities never shy away.

They are absolutely natural.

We Can’t Hide from Ourselves!

The women who are heart-connected genuinely stand out and ooze a good feel factor, whilst others can leave an absence of presence even in their limited conversations.

As I watched everyone, I felt the pressure that some were under, the pressure to get a pitch shared accurately, the pressure to offer something free just to be noticed or to be able to make a connection for a future sale.

The fear and pressure around cash flow issues in some, the pressure of their hidden marketing agenda accompanied with the associated pretense on the surface, was obvious in some.

Landing a Perfect Pitch Can Be a Strain

In my heart I felt sad seeing the strain these people were under, and sad at seeing how entrepreneurial life is a tough road to navigate.

At times marketing edicts can become forms of manipulating customers into buying from us. We are at these events to serve, and to help to make a difference in someone else’s life. That has to stay our primary focus, but things can get ugly for us, if our business is not flowing, and our innocence is lost.

Let’s Not Make Marketing a Form of Manipulation.

I’ve had time to reflect on this, and wanted to share a few tips and insights about networking and lifting each other up in the process.

  1. Be Honest With Yourself!
    This is a form of lifting, because it acts as a great start point. I recently noticed that entrepreneurial life felt like a hustle. This was such a healthy internal observation because it gave me a chance to step back and take stock.
  2. Be Your Own Best Friend and Be Kind to Yourself.
    Even if you see flaws, know that you are only a work-in-progress and that with efforts made to know yourself, you can evolve out of your limiting beliefs.
  3. Recognize Your Own Gifts and Your “Why”!
    Use that to stay anchored as your “first” lift of the networking event. This way, you are more likely to be grounded and confident, and your authenticity will always show.
  4. When You Speak, Just “Be” Your Natural Self
    This serves you a lot more than a word perfect pitch. We are human after all!
  5. Look For The Strengths and Passion in Others
    These traits help to build trust and inevitably help in relationship building.
  6. Feel the situation and follow your gut/intuition
    Words that flow from your gut serve more than your marketing edict- however smart we try to be, we can always sense an uneasiness when we are being sold to, so avoid the practiced jargon.
  7. Lift Others ONLY if it Feels Genuine in Your Heart
    Faking is worse than saying nothing.
  8. Watch Your Own Insecurities in Networking
    Make a commitment to yourself to transform insecurities, so that you move onwards and upwards after each event.
  9. Have Fun!

I hope you enjoy your next networking event and find life-long friends in the process.

If you want to know how to eliminate any of the internal insecurities that might surface for you, feel free to reach out.

I am more than happy to assist you using the amazing new modality called the Dalian Method. Revered by many clients as a firecracker, proving to be a life-changer, this technique can be self-practiced, speeding our ability to claim our self worth and power.

About the Author, Kindi Gill ACA

Kindi Gill

Are you extremely responsible but tired and wish someone could now nurture YOUR needs? Is your family life in need of a boost and ready to be revitalized into unity? Is there room for improvement in your relationships at home so that your work-life is better supported? If you are struggling with adversity, contact Kindi Gill for a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

Kindi is a CEO, Revitalization Consultant, Inward Leadership Mentor and Keynote Speaker. She has 30 plus years of experience in leadership, is trained as a Chartered Accountant and is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Kindi is also one of 11 people trained as a facilitator of the Self Healing Dalian Method, an evolutionary tool that bypasses the mind, created by a modern day mystic, Mada Eliza Dalian who revolutionized Kindi's own life back into wholeness.

Call her at 778-558-5110 for help in getting your life and vibration back on track to achieve its natural potential, so that your gifts can shine, and the rain can eventually stop.

What Lions, Hippos and Hyenas Taught me about my Business


Hyenas, yuck.

Who would want to be a sneaky, scavenging, underhanded hyena?

I used to hate hyenas. You’ve seen them steal hard-earned food from lions in nature documentaries. You’ve seen them conspire with Scar and decimate the Pride Lands in “The Lion King.” And that cackling “laugh.”

Hyena in the mudThey’re just so creepy.

You know what? That underhanded creepiness that we hate about hyenas is really a reflection of what we fear in ourselves.

Hear me out for a minute.

What you love about lions—their grace, their nobility, their beauty—is what you aspire to in yourself.

What you love about hippos—their earthiness, their easygoing nature, their adorable awkwardness—is what you accept in yourself.

But everything about hyenas—how they skulk around, how they take what they haven’t earned, how they look so freaky—is what you’re trying so hard *not* to be.

You want the power and the grace of lions and the easygoing nature of hippos, while you fear the underhandedness of hyenas.

Of course, I’m speaking metaphorically here. Unless you’re animal-centric like I am, you’re probably not consciously thinking, “I’ve got to be more like a lion and less like a hyena.”

The thing is, as powerful as these metaphors are, they’re also a great source of misunderstanding—about the animals AND about yourself.

Lions and hippos and hyenas aren’t everything you think they are. They’re much less and much more.

Just like YOU.

Everything you think about yourself, the image you hold of yourself, the identity you carefully fabricate—you are none of it and all of it.

You *are* the grace and the beauty of lions.

You *are* the earthiness and the adorable awkwardness of hippos.

And, yes, you possess the potential for the skulking, sneaking, stealing underhandedness of hyenas.

It’s all part and parcel of your true power. It never comes with all “good” and no “evil.” It’s none and both and everything wrapped into one big beautiful mess of a human life.

You’ve probably heard that male lions will conquer a new pride by defeating the ruling males, killing the cubs and then mating with the females to establish their own breeding line.

Yes, the noble lion pillages, rapes and plunders.

hippo entering the waterIt’s not just lions. Male hippos do the same thing. Can you imagine?!?

Yes, those lovable and adorably awkward hippos will conquer a new pod by defeating the males, killing the babies and raping the females.

A little more bad news about lions: Did you know that they don’t just hunt, they also scavenge and steal from other predators—just like hyenas? It’s true. How’s that for nobility?

Now that I’ve ruined lions and hippos for you, let’s elevate hyenas a bit.

Sneaky, underhanded hyenas live in matriarchal groups, led by an alpha female. They do not conquer other groups and kill their babies. Yes, they will scavenge and steal, but they are also powerful, strategic hunters—often even better hunters than lions.

Hyenas are actually pretty awesome. Living in matriarchies like they do makes them a lot like elephants.

You love elephants, right? It’s time to start loving the smart and strategic hyena, too.

Now that we’ve cleared up some of the misunderstanding about these animals, let’s clear up some of the misunderstanding about yourself.

I said that what you hate about hyenas is what you fear in yourself.

You want all the beauty, grace and power of the lion but none of the scavenging and stealing that you associate with hyenas.

Cutting yourself off from part of your power cuts you off from all of your power.

It’s like having an 8-cylinder engine in your car but using only 2 cylinders. You may as well not have those other 6 at all.

I understand the fear that comes with powerthe fear that your smarts will turn into trickery, that your strategy will become manipulation, that your ambition will lead to unearned riches. Instead of learning how to manage these very real possibilities, you block your power, extinguish your passion and cut yourself off from who you really are. I know because I’ve done it and still notice myself doing it sometimes.

That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to our fear.

Fear is never a “one and done” or even a “5 steps to banish fear forever” type of thing. It is an ongoing process. Even as I teach other people how to manage, learn from and release fear, I continue to work on it in myself.

When I was on safari in Kenya and Tanzania last month, I found myself constantly wondering, “Where am I cutting off my full Lion power? Where do I need to bring in more Hippo power? How has being afraid of my Hyena side kept me stuck?”

I discovered that I wasn’t using the power of my pride—both literally and figuratively.

I haven’t been taking advantage of having a strong network of connections. I’ve been trying to do everything alone, while lions know that there is more power in the group.

I also realized that I haven’t tooted my own horn when I should. I had fallen into the trap that so many women do of being dismissive of my accomplishments.

Self-deprecation doesn’t get you noticed. And when you’re an entrepreneur, you must get noticed.

They Hyena side I’ve been afraid of also has to do with strategy and connections. I usually feel as if the only way to ensure that I’ve “earned” something is to do it all myself.

I’ve been hesitant to reach out to potential JV or promotional partners out of fear that they would think I was trying to get something for nothing. Of course, this fear has completely ignored the value I’d be bringing to them.

Be a lion. Be a hippo. Be a hyena. You don’t have to pick just one. Be all; fear none.

How about you? Where are YOU cutting off your full power, running on only two cylinders, being stuck in fear in your business?

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About the Author, Kelly Eckert

Kelly Eckert is an author, professional speaker, and shamanic leadership coach. She is a graduate of Harvard College with a bachelor's degree in biological anthropology and Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Sciences with a master's degree in biology.

Kelly is a certified MentorCoach® and a certified coach member of the International Coach Federation. She is the creator of the Fear Releasing Method™ and Coaching with Animal Archetypes™. Kelly speaks nationally and internationally on the topics of fear and unleashing the animal within. Her latest book, What's Your Spirit Animal?, is now available. Find out more at kellyeckert.com.


How to Know When It’s Time for Your Prospect to Buy and “Ask for the Sale”

Are You Ready?

One of the All-Time Best Kept Secrets to getting comfortable with Closing.

If you’ve had any sales training at all then you have likely been told just how important it is to “Ask for the Sale”! You have probably been given a script and specific instructions on how to actually do the asking, as well.

So why do so many people continue to struggle with Asking for the Sale?

In this post I’m going to share why you need to literally ask for the sale and how this can significantly increase your sales closings. I’d also love to hear what you have to say on the topic.

I sure struggled when I started in Sales.

I remember feeling panicky during each sales appointment.

My voice would get quieter as I stumbled over my words.

The room would feel extremely hot and I would wonder if the prospect could tell how nervous I was. Eventually I would mumble a rather high pitched question, “Sound Good”?

Not a closing strategy that instilled much confidence in my prospects!

Being told, “don’t worry, follow the script, it gets easier” did not alleviate my anxiety.

When it didn’t get any easier, I felt like an impostor, incapable of being successful. The more I stressed, the worse things got. I even tried to convince myself that…

“Prospects who wanted to buy would let me know, Wouldn’t they?”

Sound familiar? You are not alone.

The number of questions I am asked about overcoming the fear, resistance, and anxiety related to “Asking for the Sale” confirms the fact that getting a script and some “how to” instructions really isn’t enough for most of us to get comfortable and be effective.

Learning WHY we need to “Ask for the Sale” along with the mechanics of how to ask, made all the difference in the world for me.

Unfortunately the Why continues to be one of the best kept secrets related to eliminating obstacles to Closing!

There are several reasons why we need to ask for the sale but discovering this particular truth aka “Alternative Selling Perspective” is the one that gave me permission, actually obligated me to start “Asking for the Sale” without any fear, resistance or anxiety!

*Prospects don’t always know when it is Time to Buy*

We have all faced this awkward moment: Prospects are not buying because we keep talking and we keep talking because the prospects are not buying!

Quite simply, other people don’t know when your presentation is over. They are waiting for you to finish in case you mention something of vital importance that could alter their decision to buy.

Give your Prospects a Clear Signal when it’s Time and then LET them BUY!

  1. Stop… Take a breath… Nod your head…
  2. Confirm it’s a good decision by saying, “It seems like a Good Fit”
  3. Relax, make eye contact and Nod your head Yes
  4. Maintain eye contact as you look to them for confirmation
  5. Remain QUIET and Wait…wait as long as it takes for confirmation

Be very Clear, be QUIET and Wait… until they agree… then say “Congratulations!”

Hint: Practice being quiet while making eye contact with yourself in a mirror.

What is your biggest struggle to asking for the sale? Feel free to share your challenges or solutions below.

About the Author, Anne D. Johnson

Anne Johnson

Anne Johnson, the Bold and Classy Selling Consultant has a genuine passion and natural talent for teaching everyone how to overcome their personal fear and resistance toward selling, close sales quickly without feeling pushy or aggressive, and truly thrive during challenging economic times.

Her compassion and interest in people from all walks of life, coupled with her experience working in a variety of business settings with entrepreneurs, business owners, executive leadership and sales teams from numerous industries has given her a keen insight, an ability to understand people, to know what they need to succeed, and the skills to provide Bold & Classy Selling Systems that really work!

Increase results and boost personal wealth by signing up for Anne's free MP3 download, "The 3 Secrets to Selling More Than You've Ever Sold Before".