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3 Tips to Being More Conscious to Manifest Business Success

Being More Conscious to Manifest Business Success

As a leader of our business we make decisions daily and our actions determine the outcome of our reality.

Of course, we all want to be successful and be fulfilled whilst creatively expanding our business. However, subtle unknown beliefs will directly contribute to our emotional stability and resilience and ultimately affect our enjoyment and what we do.

For example, a teacher/student experience in our childhood may have left us with a healthy attitude towards failure. Alternatively, an unhealthy one where we could be scared to fail and do not even know it.

Making Conscious Choices

Tip One
If you cannot jump easily into the unknown, and have a tendency to want facts, details and controls before you decide, this behaviour is alerting you to an underlying FEAR.

If we are anxious about a choice, we will not recognise the smart ways that our mind will prevent us from taking expansive risks that could benefit our growth.

The mind may give you calculative and logical reasons why you should remain closed to an idea when in fact, it may have been the exact door you should have walked through.

Being Conscious About Fear

Tip Two
If you feel a fear, transform it from the body, and expand into heightened consciousness and turn it into empowerment and strength you feel throughout your body.

So the next piece of advice we are often given is to “feel the fear and do it anyways” ….

This moves me to the missed opportunity in this second piece of advice. If you have not yet transformed the fear you were experiencing and jumped in, that fear is still in your body. And as in the law of attraction, like draws like, so it will automatically lead to consequences that will bring the same fear up again for you.

The quality of your life will not move into greater comfort or joy, but instead the underlying fear will win.

There is a possibility that if you “felt the fear and did it anyways” you might find that exact decision will be unsuccessful too. (simply because why should life send you a gift if you have not yet transformed what needs to be seen?)

This is why being honest with yourself is so important and that your intelligence guides you to what is working for you and what is an illusion. 

Many people are beginning to do the above exercise through engaging their mind, through reframing or attempting to put a spin that gives them a broader and more open, comfortable perspective.

The mind is thus adjusted to think differently from its original thought- and you sort of step in to assist the first thought. Neuro science tells us that a better quality of thought aids the connection of greater circuitry in our brains.

This is all great news but again an opportunity of ease in our life is being missed.  If we had used consciousness to transform the fear in the first place, it is gone forever, and the associated negative and undermining thoughts are also gone forever.

No more need to intervene to assist the mind in future because the energy has transmuted into its opposite form of inner strength. Thus, you get to experience a deeper peace within and ultimate fulfillment becomes easier to access as your own innate confidence rises to the surface.

Embracing Your Consciousness

Tip Three
Take the courage to dive in and heighten your consciousness since the only one who gains is you!

There is no greater joy than to be connected with your own pure presence within and the consciousness that helps to facilitate this also effortlessly brings in ideas, people, and experiences that will advance your business too.

Often these doors that open are far bigger than you could have ever imagined with your mind.

Last week, I heard many female leaders discuss their dismay at watching their male counterparts often steal their great ideas in the board room, leaving them frustrated. What they do not realise is that somewhere in their psyche is a fear to speak up and say “You stole my idea” and then bravely face the consequences of a possible lack of approval from counterparts for being honest.

Of course, through heightened consciousness, they would have the backbone to speak up, without fear of consequence and their ability to command respect would happen naturally.

They would not compare their accomplishments with others. They would not compete either. They would just know how to be authentic out of self-respect and their social mask of “being nice” would be transformed.

When you take the steps to become more conscious the expanded consciousness acts like an expanded vision for you. It is like wearing a pair of glasses that lets you see much more.  Not only does much more seem possible, but also you too become more as you embody the increase in inner strength and power that is yours to claim.

Being Consciously Courageous

It is often hard to face our own ego and look to see what it is truly going on, and why our behaviour is the way that it is.

We often inadvertently buy into concepts of “happiness” and “success” as if they are “out there” and we begin to live a life focused on possessing material gains, money and increased societal recognition & reputation.

We thus miss a very important opportunity and that is to truly enhance our confidence, increase our vision, and have balance in all parts of our life.

We lose out on being a contributor and trailblazer that can elevate many business and personal lives.

Through taking the courage to look at our inner state honestly the parts that want to be empowered and loved, AND the parts that are in competition with others, and judging them, we have a chance to be whole inside.

We finally come to a place of real happiness, success and fulfillment.

For with increased consciousness we arrive at the non-judgmental awareness of what is, but we are not fooled by ideas that keep us enslaved in societal norms that are now outdated.

When consciousness is part of your development program as a leader, unprecedented success of immeasurable form follows to keep all parts of your life, health, relationships, and work in harmony.

I hope to see more people take the jump to elevate their consciousness and have this priceless experience of completeness.

About the Author, Kindi Gill ACA

Kindi Gill

Kindi is a former CEO who offers Self-Awareness Executive Coaching, teaches principles of Consciousness and specializes in Change & Mental Health as a Professional Speaker.

Kindi has been a student of the Dalian School for Health and Consciousness and is a Facilitator of the Self Healing Dalian Method, an evolutionary tool for Transformation. Kindi has shared this system with hundreds of people, since founding Spark Expansion Consulting in 2015, and without fail, adults, teenagers and children delight in their changes.

Call Kindi at 778-558-5110 for help in getting your business and personal life back on track to achieve its natural full potential or visit www.www.InwardLeadership.com for her free leadership report.