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The ABC’s of Aligning with Your Business

As 2009 winds down and we get busy with family and friends and the holiday traditions, it is also time to be reflective of how the year was for us and what we can look forward to in 2010.  This article from Christine Kloser really resonated with me about my own thirst for knowledge this past year and how I’ve seem many of our clients do the same.  Despite being bombarded with knowledge resources every day,  I believe that ultimately we have to look into ourselves and gain the confidence needed to grow and succeed. As long as we are conducting our business from a place of authenticity and of being of service to others, we don’t need to continue to look outside for any more insight than what we already possess “inside”.  Read this article from Christine to help put things into perspective…



The ABC’s of Aligning with Your Business
By Christine Kloser

When you stepped on this path of entrepreneurship, if you’re like me, you became a sponge for knowledge.  If there was a new strategy you heard about, you found a resource to become skilled in learning that strategy.  If there was an event you knew you needed to be at, you figured out how to get there.  You were an “eager beaver” to learn, learn, learn and implement what you learned in your business.

But chances are, nobody ever suggested you stop with all the information gathering and ask yourself the deeper questions of, “Is this right for me?  Is this aligned with who I am, what my business is and what’s important to me?”   Many entrepreneurs I’ve spoken with are just now stepping back to ask themselves what they’ve been doing for the past several months (or years)… and if it’s really working for them.

What several of these entrepreneurs are discovering is that they’ve been going after what they “thought” they “should” be doing based on watching and modeling someone else.  It’s an honest thing to do.  You’re taught to model others.  But, you’ve got to be mindful of knowing where the line is between modeling in a way that serves you and modeling in a way that pulls you further away from who you are.

On that note, I want to share with you the ABC’s of aligning with your business so no matter what stage you’re in; no matter how much knowledge you have; no matter your level of success (or frustration) these three tips will help you make sure you are on track to be in total alignment with your business as you head into 2010.

In order to get from “Point A” to “Point B” in terms of aligning with your business, you’ve first got to assess where you really are.  Many entrepreneurs just keep going, keep plowing through their to-do list without taking time to step back and truly assess where they’re at and what direction they’re headed.

In this phase, you’ll allow yourself to see what’s working in your business and what isn’t working in your business, and more importantly what is and isn’t working for YOU!  It may be that your greatest source of income is also coming from the service that causes you the most amount of stress.  This is not in alignment.  Your income ought to come from your greatest joy.  So, these are the things to be looking for.  Where does your business FEEL right and where doesn’t it?

Be Brave
The assessment phase may uncover some things that perhaps you’d prefer not to see.  I know when I went through the assessment phase in my business, I saw I was doing things that I really shouldn’t have been doing.  These were some of the things others had suggested I do, so they didn’t purely come from the intent in my heart, but by what someone else thought.

So, this next phase invites you to be brave in facing what you see.  Yes, it might feel temporarily easier to pretend that what you see isn’t really there.  It’s natural to want to avoid that kind of pain.  However, if it’s there, it will always be there and it can’t really be avoided, it can only be postponed.  So, allow yourself to face whatever you see straight-on and you will be one step closer to totally aligning your Self with your business.

Finally, the third phase is to embrace the concept of co-creation.  Co-creation happens when you are fully awake, aware and conscious of the reality that everything created through you is created in partnership with Spirit.  In order to truly be aligned with your Self and your business, it’s essential to not let your human will or your ego feel like it’s the creative force behind what you do.

Alignment happens when your ego is set aside, when your intent is pure, when comparison and competition (or what you think you “should” do) aren’t part of your process.  This can be the greatest growth oppor^tunity of all… to allow yourself to “let go” enough to make room for grace.  So, don’t feel like you have to do everything in your business (or your life) alone, be open to seeing that when you’re in alignment you’re opening to a world of infinite possibility.

© 2009 Christine Kloser

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