The Importance of Pausing in a Non-Stop World


In a world where speed to market is of the essence, where we are expected to be available 24/7 and where we have glorified busyness, the importance of pausing is vastly overlooked, remains under-valued and is often scorned, especially when you are an entrepreneur, business owner or executive.

Here are 10 gifts to get you started in appreciating the pause:

  1. Pausing is where integration occurs.  Imagine if you were never to stop eating, ingesting more and more food without taking a pause for digestion?  How much stimulus can you take in before requiring time for assimilation?  Professional speakers understand the power of the pause – it gives their audience a chance to consider the ideas presented and be open and eager for more. Being subjected to a non-stop speaker feels like being bombarded and is stressful for listeners who most often disconnects as a way to shut down their circuits and prevent overload.  There’s a reason why sound bites are so popular!

  2. Pausing is where a course correction presents itself.  In a patriarchal world, focus and one-pointed drive are skills that are lauded in business. Put on your blinders and keep moving full steam ahead – right?  Wrong!  Building in pauses for project or budget review at strategic points, facilitates catching a problem before it undermines the project.  Pausing to consider what the marketplace is telling you, what your customer feedback is pointing out, and what your bottom-line has to tell you is just simply good business.

  3. Pausing allows the voice of your intuition to be heard.  The tone of your intuition is gentle and quiet and can only be heard in the pauses.  Constant chattering drowns out the intuition, leaving only a sense of dis-ease that is easily rationalized away.  What a waste!  Your intuition is always on your side and always providing input to be considered in the context of your highest good

  4. Pausing is where you permit another person’s input to be heard. Conversation needs to emulate breathing’s inhale and exhale: speaking and listening.  Otherwise conversation becomes a monologue or a lecture and is purely self-serving.  How many “great” business ideas have you had in your career that came to nothing because you didn’t run it by your target market before rolling it out?  It can be so shocking to discover that what you think would be great is not of value to those you are designing it for but it’s the less of two evils; otherwise you are wasting your time and your money and perhaps even your reputation.

  5. Pausing lets the body to refresh itself and get re-motivated.  You don’t see Mother Nature rushing and yet everything in creation gets done right on time.  There’s no accident that we have four seasons and that night follows day.  To keep a cutting edge and be on top of our game we need regular pause points to refresh and recharge.  Productivity buffs can’t be wrong; taking a time out renews your creativity and your motivation.  That’s why the idea of a sabbatical became so popular.

  6. Pausing allows for celebration.  The satisfaction derived from celebrating a job well done is sacrificed, as we race to get started on the next job or task.  Pausing allows time for giving an employee, vendor or partner specific feedback instead of a casual and virtually meaningless, “well done!” Taking the time to tell another what specifically you liked or valued about their contribution encourages repeat performance.  Recognition remains the top motivator of employee performance.

  7. Pausing gives the customer the opportunity to say, “yes” and sign the contract.  Great salespeople know the value of being quiet once they’ve asked a question or asked for a decision.  Great interviewers are skilled in letting a question hang versus filling in the space due to their own discomfort.

  8. Pausing is an unexpected gift.  Next time the light turns orange or red, instead of fuming accept the gift of a moment’s pause.  Waiting at the checkout line is another such gift.  In fact, when you start to notice them – you see that they are everywhere; built in “catch your breath moments” offering you an opportunity for connection with another or with yourself; time to look up and around you and time to breathe and relax your body.

  9. Pausing helps you to think before you speak, or to “engage mind before mouth.”  It also helps you to formulate the questions in your mind.  Don’t you wish more people would take the time to do this?  Think of how many gaffes you would have avoided by pausing before expressing yourself!

  10. Pausing is the space between inhaling and exhaling and the place from where all life is lived.  We have time to appreciate the nuances, the beauty, what’s not being said, body language and our own aliveness.

When has a pause served you?  We’d love to hear about it – please leave a comment below!

Aimée Lyndon Adams

About the Author, Aimée Lyndon-Adams

Aimée Lyndon-Adams is both a seasoned corporate executive and a metaphysician practicing spiritual energy healing. She has provided coaching and healing sessions to individuals, couples and groups and has offered an energy management curriculum of training classes for many years. She is an articulate and charismatic speaker and facilitator.

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In a world where speed to market is of the essence, where we are expected to be available 24/7 and where we have glorified busyness, the importance of pausing is vastly overlooked, remains under-valued and is often scorned, especially when … Continued