How to Overcome Fear and Resistance towards Selling…

medium_6829496615Are you putting your business success at risk?

Anyone with a desire to succeed in business must face the truth about a common obstacle, their own personal fear and resistance toward selling.

It’s a critical issue of extreme magnitude that requires a solution because “Selling” is a huge part of what drives business success. Overcoming your fear and resistance toward selling or Not… can make or break your business success!

Whether you are building a new business, expanding one, or representing a product or service, it’s likely you are already struggling with fear and resistance toward on some level. It may not be obvious but it IS holding you back, keeping you from reaching the next level of success.

Ignoring the problem doesn’t work.

Even when you think the fear and resistance is buried deep down inside… your “secret” thoughts and feelings about selling still limit your ability to network effectively, leverage opportunities, and fully maximize your potential.

Seriously, being saddled with any degree of fear and resistance creates undue stress, diminishes quality of life, and threatens the long term survival of any business venture.

Awareness, Understanding, and New Perspectives are essential to overcoming fear and resistance.             

Fear stems from a lack of understanding, the unknown, or a false perception of the results or outcome.  Resistance is a defensive reaction, to avoid the consequences of a perceived negative result or outcome.

One exercise may shed some light on what “triggers” fear and resistance in you:

Close your eyes, clear your mind, and say the word “Selling” out loud. Note the words, images, and thoughts that come to mind, plus any feelings you experience, both positive and negative.

Typical responses are; slight physical discomfort, visual images of “undesirable” sales people or negative words like “pushy” and “aggressive”, and hearing negative phrases like “it’s not polite to ask questions” or “sales people take advantage”, just to name a few.

Pay attention any thoughts, images, and impressions you experience. They are all subliminal messages that you’ve already internalized as your “personal beliefs” about selling. Unfortunately these “personal beliefs” are based on layers of incorrect assumptions and misinformation, compounded by personal interpretation and bias, resulting in an over abundance of deeply held personal beliefs about selling that are largely False.

Wow, did you catch that? The majority of what you believe about selling is Not true!

These subliminal false beliefs “trigger” your attitude and approach. Fear influences your “selling” behavior. Resistance challenges you to avoid “selling” all together.

No wonder it feels overwhelming!

New perspectives in place of false beliefs instantly “triggers” desired selling results ….

Simply stated, “New Perspectives” are the “truth” buried beneath our false beliefs. Uncovering the truth behind “false beliefs” allows you to eliminate “triggers” and overcome fear and resistance toward selling.

For example, “Don’t Impose” is a false belief that commonly “triggers” the “Fear of Rejection”.

It’s based on the “false belief” that selling is synonymous with imposing on a prospect. You only feel rejected if you falsely believe the sale is about you.

In reality clients are not focused on you, they are struggling with their own internal argument…Can I really justify this purchase? Is it worth it? Does it out weight or rank higher than my other priorities?

Your responsibility is to guide a prospect through a decision-making process, not force them to buy something they don’t want.

Selling is a series of questions designed to help them reach a conclusion. It is Not an imposition, they appreciate the assistance.

If they don’t buy, it’s about them, not you.

So be aware of “triggers”, understand the truth behind “false beliefs”, and discover new perspectives. This is the winning formula for overcoming fear and resistance and creating extraordinary business success!

About the Author, Anne D. Johnson

Anne Johnson

Anne Johnson, the Bold and Classy Selling Consultant has a genuine passion and natural talent for teaching everyone how to overcome their personal fear and resistance toward selling, close sales quickly without feeling pushy or aggressive, and truly thrive during challenging economic times.

Her compassion and interest in people from all walks of life, coupled with her experience working in a variety of business settings with entrepreneurs, business owners, executive leadership and sales teams from numerous industries has given her a keen insight, an ability to understand people, to know what they need to succeed, and the skills to provide Bold & Classy Selling Systems that really work!

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Are you putting your business success at risk? Anyone with a desire to succeed in business must face the truth about a common obstacle, their own personal fear and resistance toward selling.