How To Move Past Resistance to Get What You Want the Law of Attraction Way!

The Secret to Success

I’m sure you are familiar with this phrase ‘what you resist persists’. Have you ever wondered why that happens? Well it’s pure Law of Attraction 101 which states

I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy or focus to
whether wanted or unwanted.

We all have things in our business that we ‘resist’ doing even though we ‘know’ we need to do them. Those things that you are attracting in your conscious mind are going to pop up and annoy you until you make a decision what to do about them.

And all that ‘annoying’ is a negative vibration that will just keep on being annoying. However, you have two options when something comes up that you keep resisting. Both options require that you take a good look at what it is you are resisting and dive into the ‘why’ you are resisting it.


This requires that you acknowledge that you know this next move is good for business. Face the fear-based limiting belief and make a list of all the ‘benefits’ that you will attract by just doing it!

Focus on how great you will feel when you have tackled what you are resisting. It’s very empowering to face your fears and just do it! You will be grateful that you did and that gratitude rates a high-vibe in the law of attraction world.


Perhaps what you are resisting is something that keeps niggling at you yet you are not sure you really need to do it.

So is it time for you to do what we In the Law of Attraction community like to say, very kindly…

Build a bridge and get over it…

Here are a few examples of client ‘resist-persist’ situations and the decisions they made to change that.

I remember reading a post by a colleague of mine, Susan Friesen of eVision Media, where she talked about how for years she had resisted getting a new photo taken for her business. She had all the ‘reasons aka excuses’ that made sense to her and they were all fear based and founded on old limiting beliefs.

Yet when she actually made the decision to get her photo taken – well the results were outstanding:

  1. She got over her limiting fear-beliefs and she felt so much better to let them go because they were not true
  2. Her ‘tribe’ loved that she shared her story and her new photo because she looks amazing and she is using that in all her marketing efforts
  3. She feels better about her look and that has translated into all areas of her life where she spends just a little bit more time feeling proud of how she looks!

A client of mine ‘knew’ that she needed to create a social media strategy but she kept procrastinating and unfortunately complaining about how she had this great website and posted occasionally on Facebook- with no results.

Her complaint that she wasn’t attracting any clients made her feel angry and so every time she thought about it she emitted a negative vibe!

So we had a discussion about why she was resisting learning what she needed to know, and then finally the resistance eased and she said “All right what do I need to do to get more exposure and client attraction through social media?” With that shift in no longer resisting – she decided to ‘just do it’ and her results are getting better every single day. And she is actually enjoying it!

Another client of mine ‘knew’ that she needed to ‘fire’ a client but she resisted because of her limiting fear-based belief that she wouldn’t attract any other clients.

Perhaps you might be thinking this yourself. The truth is that every time you talk with that client you feel negative energy and that drags you down.

Once you ‘build your bridge’ and let them go you open up space for new clients and when you create your ‘ideal client profile’ you will be on your way to attracting clients or customers you love to work with!

So I invite you to take some time and find out what you are resisting, determine why, and then decide to you accept the challenge to do it anyway, or is it really something you can just let go…

About the Author, Dana J. Smithers


Dana J. Smithers is on a mission to inspire and empower women entrepreneurs around the world. At 50 she left a high-paying corporate job and over the years launched 3 businesses earning a 6-figure income.

As a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer she you how to use LOA tools to build a business by working on your limiting beliefs. As a Certified Sacred Gifts Guide she helps you discover what makes you feel on purpose and fulfilled. As an Emotion Code practitioner Dana knows how to release your trapped negative emotions that have built up over the years and are now holding you back from moving forward. She invites you to sign up for her enewsletter for tips, insights and inspiration and her FREE ebook 'The POWER of your WORDS' at Empowered Women in Business. She looks forward to making a real connection with you on Her NEW Law of Attraction Gratitude Journal is available on

I’m sure you are familiar with this phrase ‘what you resist persists’. Have you ever wondered why that happens? Well it’s pure Law of Attraction 101 which states I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy or … Continued