Five Keys To Thriving In Your Business

Five Keys To Thriving In Your Business

What you need to know to overcome obstacles that are getting in the way of true business success

Self doubt and operating under false beliefs can be a killer of a great business. Here are 5 keys you need to know about and overcome in order to thrive in your business.

  1. Am I Good Enough?

    Human nature drives us to compare our qualities to those around us, without even knowing why. 

    At home, at school, in business we get accustomed to compete to thrive and succeed. We are not educated to see that each of us has unique talents, and that like an orchestra we all fit together. 

    Individually we are not designed to be similar, and thus should not be comparing ourselves, whether that is our physical body-shape, our intellect, our social skills, or our personalities, even our likes and dislikes. Instead we could recognize that each person brings a gift that we could benefit from, particularly if we work together.

    As children, when our parents tried to “correct” what they saw as our weaknesses, they inadvertently helped their children to fall into a conclusion saying, “I am not good enough”.

    This is not about good or bad parenting. Often the most fantastic parents have had interactions with their child too, where the child concludes, “I am not good enough”, based on his/her own internal evaluation criteria when certain events have unfolded.

    The consequences of such an internal conclusion is very disabling in business life, because our ability to be adventurous in our decisions becomes compromised. Not only that, “I am not good enough”, will only bring in events proving this to be the case.

  2. I Am Afraid To Make Mistakes!

  3. Often in family homes, fear-based parenting is used to create discipline and conformity, all innocently undertaken to attempt to bring the best out of their children.

    Similarly schooling that is driven by right/wrong and school grades, forces children to be hungry for success, based on an outside measure of them. Children are not encouraged to look for their uniqueness, but instead are being hypnotized to compete with their skills.

    No child would want to make mistakes, if they felt that their survival or evaluation is at threat. If making a mistake is met by punishment/shame/discrimination and adverse consequences, then the child would naturally become afraid to make further so called “mistakes”.

    They would hold themselves back into their future, even if they know better, because of the memory that there is a risk that they are going to be criticized.

    Although everyone has good intentions, with this type of fear used in parenting and schooling, sometimes curiosity begins to get affected, exploration lessens, and a willingness to try new things becomes curtailed too.

    All initiatives we might undertake under the cloud of fear will become less adventurous and less pro-active.  Our internal confidence is damaged and fear forces us to live a partial life, where we settle for remaining unfulfilled.  This is a lose-lose outcome for everyone.

    Modern times are calling for all business to be carried out with a fearless attitude, in order to stay innovative and on the leading edge. If we embody everything in life as a learning experience, and not about right and wrong, then the fear of making mistakes becomes a distant memory!

    In order for this to become a real reality, we have to undo disabling fears to encourage the spirit of joy and abundant ideas to flow again.

  4. I Am Afraid To Trust Myself (Finding Intuition)

  5. If we have been through life and found that our inherent desires/ideas/inspiration have been inadvertently judged as inappropriate, naïve, and thus criticized or squashed, our ability to trust our own judgment naturally becomes sabotaged too.

    We don’t know how to access our power and stand up against those that have authority, even though they might be prejudiced in some way.

    Our mind is calculative and lives in duality, left/right, this way/that way, there/here, yes/no, right/wrong, positive/negative etc etc. The mechanism of our mind finds it very difficult to trust, especially since it has a job to protect us from the unknown!

    We thus have to be educated to follow our gut instinct, with understanding that the mind can never assist us in our evolution.  The mind is the cause of our problems, and not the solution, as it is simply a tool for use.  Naturally the muscle to be able to trust our own inner knowing through our gut instinct can only be unleashed, if we use it more often!

    To connect with the soft voice of our intuition and our internal guidance system is the key to readily assist us in business life.

    The art has to be to overcome fears and re-awaken the connection to our gut instinct. As each fear is transformed our trust in life increases, and the unknown becomes more and more exciting. The stress in business life falls away too, if we stay in touch with our inner knowing.

  6. The Myth Of Hard Work

  7. If the above three conclusions have been made, these beliefs would result in an attitude that also believes that all business success can only be ours through hard work! I am not good enough, would force us to seek outside approval, be less independently decisive and be constantly wasting effort on superficial and less risky action.

    Had we known that we are imperfectly perfect, our creative juices would have remained flowing even during challenging times, and thus joy would have fueled our business life, rather than the idea of hard work.

    A trusting and creative response to business challenges never has at heart any fear of making a mistake. This type of person never fears taking risks, never fears being on the leading edge with their ideas.

    These type of people are fueled by internal joy to try new things, and an understanding that there is nothing except experiences in life, that allow us to fine tune our power. Our ability to achieve business success without stress is more likely to unfold with this type of confidence too.

    The ability to trust ourselves is absolutely critical to a feeling of flowing with business life and being present to respond with grace. Not following our gut would lead to less targeted action and naturally stops decisions that would have helped us to thrive.

    What we love unfolds naturally if we are creative, as joy is naturally experienced from within.  This is much more possible if we know we are enough, we know how to trust ourselves, and we understand that following our mind is dangerous ahead of our gut instinct.

  8. True Transformational Change Happens At A Cellular Level

  9. Even if cognitively we see that we are unique with our separate talents and gifts, unless we transmute the power of the old comparison and competitive based childhood beliefs and conclusions, that are stored in the cells of our body, our inherent ability to thrive in business will continue to be undermined. This is fact.

    The trick is to transform the old beliefs out of the cells of our body, so they no longer run as invisible programs.  As soon as the cells are changed, we unleash creative excellence effortlessly without having to reframe our thoughts, and without having to dig deep with mind chatter to solve!

     As this happens we become less judgmental too, since this is just a mind mechanism.

    Science has proven that by merely expressing out a fear out aloud, its power begins to diminish. This is a very quick trick to use to change the power of disabling fears.

    Meditation can help us to come closer to recognizing the voice of our inner gut, and as we follow this voice, with increase our ability to trust ourselves too.  

    Using revolutionary techniques such as the Dalian Method, old childhood beliefs of not feeling good enough become transformed at great ease, and all at a cellular level.

    With these type of tools, the exciting thing is that our behavior improves, and along with that our social and emotional intelligence too.

    As this type of evolution happens internally, our business life flows with greater and greater ease. A true win-win! Inside and out.

    About the Author, Kindi Gill ACA

    Kindi Gill

    Kindi is a former CEO who offers Self-Awareness Executive Coaching, teaches principles of Consciousness and specializes in Change & Mental Health as a Professional Speaker.

    Kindi has been a student of the Dalian School for Health and Consciousness and is a Facilitator of the Self Healing Dalian Method, an evolutionary tool for Transformation. Kindi has shared this system with hundreds of people, since founding Spark Expansion Consulting in 2015, and without fail, adults, teenagers and children delight in their changes.

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Five Keys To Thriving In Your Business

What you need to know to overcome obstacles that are getting in the way of true business success Self doubt and operating under false beliefs can be a killer of a great business. Here are 5 keys you need to … Continued