Content Marketing Goals to Strive for in 2018

In this eTip I talk about what you need to do in 2018 with your content marketing and why you should be doing content marketing for your business.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is any piece of content you create that demonstrates your expertise in your particular area of business where you need Lead Generation Service.

Any unique images, written text, video, graphs or anything else that shows you have knowledge about your industry is good content marketing and has value.

Why do you need content marketing in 2018?

Content marketing is essential to your online marketing in 2018 because it shows users your value. You need to do more than just blog. You should have a strategy in place that works to show off your knowledge of your business and industry.

Don’t randomly create something without a purpose. Plan out your content with reasoning and a clear set of objectives.

Plan your content out to improve your Know, Like, and Trust factor for your business.

Personalizing your work is key when creating your content in 2018.

So make your content unique and personal and plan out why you’re making it and where you’ll be posting it too!

What content should you make in 2018?

  • Video! Video marketing is a big deal when it comes to content marketing. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and even LinkedIn is adding more and more video marketing capabilities. At this point in time your best method for reaching the most people is with great video marketing.
  • Chatbots. Chatbots can be a great tool for using social messaging services when you can’t maintain them yourself full time. Depending on the platform these can be tricky so let us know if you need any help and our social media experts will assist.
  • Podcasts. Podcasts are a little easier than videos. These are all audio and are an inexpensive, great way to get your message out without having a studio set up. Try re-purposing your videos through podcasts!
  • Re-purposing! Use old content again if you see it has current value. Go look at your old blog posts and update the information. Republish the new content with the old content’s messaging. It brings new life to your old content and isn’t hard to do.

Be consistent

Create a content marketing calendar and plan your schedule. Plan out what you will be focusing on week by week, and month by month. Make the commitment to your business and make sure when you promise content you deliver so your subscribers know they can trust your work ethic and know that you are reliable and consistent.

I’ll be practicing all these changes myself this year as we adapt to the changing landscape. If you want any more information on content marketing have a look at our other posts and if you want any more info on content marketing leave a comment or send us a message and we’ll be happy to help with any questions you have.

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Until next time,
Susan Friesen

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content marketing goal setting

In this eTip I talk about what you need to do in 2018 with your content marketing and why you should be doing content marketing for your business. What is content marketing? Content marketing is any piece of content you … Continued