7 key Website Considerations to Attract and Convert Leads

Today’s eTip focuses on 7 steps you can take when setting up your new website so it attracts paying clients.


Seven Essential steps to ensure your website is set up to succeed.

Every website owner and/or business wants traffic to their site but what they really want is qualified traffic. To make sure you’re getting the right eyes on your website my focus today is on what steps you need to take so your website is successful.

Step 1: Why are they there?

The first essential step of your website is copy(text) that makes it clear to a user why they should buy from, or contact you.

Feature your unique selling position and hone in on what makes you distinct in your industry from your competition.

Step 2: What exactly do you do?

Make sure you are explicitly clear with what it is you do. We’re often stuck with tunnel vision when it comes to what we’re offering because we’re so familiar with our industry and business.

To a user who has never been to your website or who doesn’t know your company, some language you know well can confuse them so make sure you’re writing for your user and not yourself when outlining who you are and what you do.

It’s amazing how often I see a lack of clarity on websites. I ask the owner about it and the answers are as expected. The business owner has clouded their judgement by writing as though the site was being marketed to them rather than someone who doesn’t know the business.

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Step 3: Describe your client.

Who do you work with? What is your client list like? By stating the type of client you work with demonstrates your ability to identify their specific problems and challenges that your visitors will resonate with.

This lets users know that they’ll encounter little difficulty in trusting you because you’ve provided the service or product before to someone just like them.

Step 4: What questions does your company answer?

This builds off of step 2: what do you do. Now ask yourself what question can be asked where the answer is your business?

The reason for this is often users will find their way to your website by way of trying to solve a problem. By positioning yourself as the solution, you are showing them that by contacting you or making a purchase they’ll have their question answered and problem solved.

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Step 5: Always lead the user to a conversion

End each page’s content with a CTA, which stands for “Call To Action”.

Once you’ve outlined your value you need to end with a way for the user to either buy from you, get into your newsletter list, or contact you. You’ve told them why so now just show them how.

It can be a simple “Contact Us Here” message, a buy now button, or better yet, a newsletter sign up form that offers a free giveaway that will entice your users to sign up.

Step 6: Give something away for free

The statistical probability of someone coming to your website for the first time and converting is lower than if you can continue some sort of communication with them.

A free giveaway is like a virtual leave behind. Rather than physically giving them a calendar to put on their desk, you’re providing a free product such as a survey, PDF report, or something else that shows you have credible knowledge.

This way you now have a chance to continue a virtual dialog with them and the next time they have a problem, they remember the value you’ve demonstrated and will come back with a vastly increased chance of converting.

Step 7: Do a follow up

Follow up with all users via your mailing list or any other point of contact established.

Whether it’s a newsletter or other means you need to make sure the dialogue doesn’t end when they leave your website.

If they downloaded your free giveaway chances are you included an option to sign up for a mailing list. Use that list to make sure you stay in front of your user’s eyes and they don’t forget you.

Those are the 7 things you can do to get the right users to your website and to encourage them to come back and become paying customers.

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Until next time,
Susan Friesen

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Today’s eTip focuses on 7 steps you can take when setting up your new website so it attracts paying clients.   Seven Essential steps to ensure your website is set up to succeed. Every website owner and/or business wants traffic … Continued