6 Keys to Overcoming the Fear to be GREAT for a Fulfilled Business Life

6 Keys to Overcoming the Fear to be GREAT for a Fulfilled Business Life

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner and don’t feel fulfilled?

I find the key to success lies within the fear to be great, which prevents many from moving forward into that greatness and feel better fulfilled.

Here’s 6 keys that will help you overcome this deep-seeded fear and gain a business life that has you feeling truly enriched and fulfilled.

  1. Resolutions

    2017 is here, the beginning of yet another New Year, and the season for new resolutions and intentions has unfolded. But how will these really affect the quality of your business life in 2017?
    It does not matter if millions are setting new intentions, numbers alone, do not prove them to be necessarily effective.
    Whatever the resolutions, each of us know deep down that we are still bringing the same internal version of ourselves into the New Year. Resolutions therefore simply give the mind the idea that it is on a refreshed trajectory, when in fact nothing has changed.

  2. The Voice Inside Your Head

    If the voice inside your head is saying ” I am not enough”, no matter how much will power is deployed to push harder, and work harder, in the end nothing but exhaustion will be felt in such a scenario.
    If the voice inside your head is saying, “I can’t speak up because I am afraid to be rejected” it will be impossible for the entrepreneur to step outside their current comfort zone and explore new ways of business.
    We have to do much more than becoming aware that our voice is not necessarily self-preserving. We have to dig deep to tackle this anguish driving aspect of ourselves.
    And the crazy thing is that most of the time, we are not even aware of the real self sabotaging conclusions that we carry because they are deeply hidden in our unconscious, and so they are not even surfacing at the level of the mind.
    Despite this lack of awareness, they totally control the destiny of our business life. Take for example an unknown belief : “I cannot have my freedom”, no matter how hard such a person tries to expand their business life, this hidden belief will result in a business experience that will suppress, but never bring abundance and total freedom.

  3. False Reinvention

    So, for many of us, if we don’t want business as usual, we might consider a little bit of reinventing to adapt our ways. Most of this reinvention will happen using the mind, through affirmations, positivity, gratitude journals and ideas that the law of attraction will assist us, if we concentrate on visualizations for a better future.
    We are encouraged to conjure up feelings, as if it has already happened. We are encouraged to create vision boards that we can focus on, so that our attention will bring growth in the areas that we predefine.
    In modern day times, we tell our critical voice to “shut up” and suggest “we are awesome” instead. This of course gives us the impression we are correcting this inner state, but the hilarious part is that no one asks the deeper question – “Which voice did we use to tell the negative voice to shut up?”
    The answer is shocking. It is, in fact, the same voice!!!! It is like a dog chasing its own tail- nothing has changed, but somehow we have the new impression that things have improved for us. The negative voice is told to shut up by the positive voice. Then the negative one speaks even stronger, and so the positive one has to work even harder! Round and round we go…
    We work extremely hard, to maybe get a few successes but there is a but!

  4. False Successes

    Don’t get me wrong, when someone has gone through the laborious task to tell their inner voice to shut up, they may feel a burst of energy to act on something that they might not have tried earlier, and of course this is good news! Some fear has been overcome, and new doors could open.
    Many of the role models we see around us, prove that this theory helped them to be the business success stories that they are today. Oprah Winfrey swears by her gratitude journal, and Louise Hay proclaims affirmations will do the trick.
    BUT the fear that we are not enough, hasn’t gone away, it is still lurking, and it will have the last say, and come to sabotage at its earliest opportunity. Mathematics says it has to. The energy is still there. Energy can only change form, but it can never disappear.
    If energy cannot disappear, of course internal anxiety will remain too.
    This is why people stay on the search for more…….deep down they know that there is a lurking fear that they themselves carry, even though they might not want to share that with the public that revere them, they know they have not fooled themselves.
    The sincere ones employ new tools such as meditation to go deeper. The insincere ones continue to live a lie.

  5. The Real “TOOLS” for Permanent Change

    So the real task is not to tell the inner voice to shut up, but to transform the inner voice, so that it no longer says, “I am not enough”. And for that to happen, there has to be a real knowing that you are in fact, absolutely enough. This takes courage to embody and the fear to be brilliant has to be overcome to facilitate such a presence.
    Through practices such as meditation and advanced tools that transform unconsciousness, new insights can be gained. A knowing reveals itself and with that the understanding comes that these encounters could never be experienced through the mind, because the mind was creating all the problems in the first place.
    The knowing that ” I am awesome” comes from a place within where we recognize the purity of who we are….and that resides deep within, in our being. When we meet our true face, we have that knowing.
    Then we recognize that our core personality has to be transformed to meet the purity of our being. When our core personality is no longer lashing out, no longer angry with others, no longer jealous, bitter, resentful, insincere, greedy, manipulative etc., it begins to match the quality of our inner being.
    We need advanced ways to permanently eliminate the fears and the root causes of the above darker side qualities that surface in each of us. This is the only route available to truly discover that we are enough. There is no other short cut. We might decide that releasing a few trapped emotions is helping but nothing awakens our real nature unless consciousness is heightened. This is the real work.

  6. The Truth of “I Am Great” / “I Am Awesome”

    If we cannot say that all our actions are loving and pure, why would we lie to ourselves and say, “We are awesome”!!!?
    Through UNDERSTANDING why our inner voice is actually saying “I am not enough” and clearing up the root causes and mis-beliefs, we can finally hold our head up and say,
    “I know who I am,
    I know where I come from,
    I know what I am here to do,
    I know I am enough unto myself and a light unto myself”

    There is a step in claiming and recognizing the revelation of what you know. What you know could prove to be too much for those around you. It may blind too many people, and thus this is where the fear comes in.
    To reveal your brilliance and embody your magnificence, in total confidence is so alien in our world at large, that it might feel better to hide the light and not shine it too brightly.
    When we have overcome this fear, the largest of them all, we can finally say:
    “I am here to be brilliant”, “I am here to live in total fulfillment” and “I am here to be awesome, showing others how to be too”.

    The voice inside your head will now be in total silence.

This is awesome and this is where we get to have a business life in which we are truly enriched and fulfilled.

About the Author, Kindi Gill ACA

Kindi Gill

Kindi is a former CEO who offers Self-Awareness Executive Coaching, teaches principles of Consciousness and specializes in Change & Mental Health as a Professional Speaker.

Kindi has been a student of the Dalian School for Health and Consciousness and is a Facilitator of the Self Healing Dalian Method, an evolutionary tool for Transformation. Kindi has shared this system with hundreds of people, since founding Spark Expansion Consulting in 2015, and without fail, adults, teenagers and children delight in their changes.

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Are you an entrepreneur or business owner and don’t feel fulfilled? I find the key to success lies within the fear to be great, which prevents many from moving forward into that greatness and feel better fulfilled. Here’s 6 keys … Continued