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For Pity’s Sake, Do Not Set a New Years’ Resolution!

For Pity's Sake, Do Not Set a New Years' Resolution!Dang! I’m sitting on the ground nursing a skinned knee.

Y’see I tripped over the crack in the sidewalk.


Only one person who was walking toward me, witnessed this very ungracious performance and, to tell the truth, the embarrassment was much more painful than the knee. That, and tearing the fabric of my favorite Capri’s.

As a 4 year old I would have cried copious tears rather loudly, run to Mum who would have made all the appropriate responses such as hugs, sympathetic words, cleaning the massive injury, putting a Band-aid on it and kissing the boo-boo better. Then I’d run back out to get in the game again.

Fast-forward several decades and the incident takes multiple days for this body to recover, what with the jolt of falling on my hands and knees affecting several joints and musculature that continually remind me of my clumsiness.

What does this have to do with New Year’s resolutions?

I’m about to reveal.

Let’s say you have set New Year’s resolutions for your business in the past and like 99% of those who also did this, you didn’t carry through and meet your goals.

Did you cry loudly and run to someone for comfort? Someone who could kiss your injury better and tell you sympathetic and healing words? Of course not.

Did you feel embarrassed about your ‘falling down’, your clumsiness about how you went about manifesting this goal and did it make you want to crawl into the bushes and hide rather than have anyone see you trip up?

Did you feel the pains of your failure reminding you how inadequate you are for multiple days after the fact?


Okay, here’s the deal.

If you are going to play in the world of business and personal goals, you have to be a four-year old.

Like any four-year old, you know what you want and without a second thought you set right out to get it. Your bright mind has a perfect image of what you are going for.

When something gets in your way, you shove it aside and keep going. When you trip up on the way, fall down and skin your pride, you make all the noise you want, go and get some immediate soothing help, put a Band-aid on it and then forget all about it and get back into playing the game.

You don’t go into pity mode, get all ashamed and tell yourself how stupid you are for not picking up your feet and causing yourself to trip. You don’t tell yourself that you can’t walk that path again because you tripped up once before and you are sure you will again.

First step: Always be planning

A goal is a journey. And when you are on a journey, the road winds, turns, has stop signs and detours. You can have a perfect vision of where you want to arrive, but be sure to include in your plan a decision to be flexible and change the plan, stop and start and take a detour if necessary.

If you take a wrong turn, it is not a reason to give up the trip. You retrace and get back on the right road. You will still arrive at your destination, but perhaps in a different manner than you first thought.

Why would you do this only once a year and especially when you know this hasn’t succeeded for you in the past? New Year’s day is no different than any other day for goalers, because goaling is a daily activity.

Second Step: Your Structure

Start easy, you are going into training.

  1. CHOOSE: On the first day of each month write your desired intentions for the month for each of 4 categories: business, health, relationships, finances.

  2. PLAN: Now break each one of those goals down into what you intend to accomplish during this first week of the month that will help bring about your month’s goals for each category.

  3. ACTION: Now break it down further into specific things you will do on each day of that first week for each category which will help bring about the accomplishments in #2.

#3 supports #2, and #2 supports #1. You are building the levels of the pyramid.
Check this list daily all week.

Repeat #2 and #3 every week for the whole month and then you will start at #1 again. Be sure to take note of your success with your month’s desired intentions! It may not be 100%, but anything unfinished can just be rolled over into the new month.

You will keep doing this every month, week and day for the entire year. And as you get better at this, you will be able to choose an annual desired intention, which you will break down into the months, weeks and days as you have been doing. Only now you will have four levels.

Don’t choose January 1st, it has a bad rap. Choose any day as your first day of a year.

Third Step: Have fun

Do what the four-year old does. Have fun! Don’t take yourself so seriously. Laugh off a few stumbles, the world is not going to end. Life happens and sometimes you are going to trip up or life will push you down. There are always the “Band-aids” of the next day, the next week and the next month.

Be flexible and do your goaling one day at a time.

About the Author, Lynn Moore


Lynn is an Intuitive Coach/Mentor who works with career women in the second half of life to help them find a deeper sense of self and soul purpose. To help them end the struggle to learn WHO they are, WHAT they want and HOW to go and get it.

She is an accomplished speaker, published author, lifetime entrepreneur and has coached clients worldwide since 2004. She is the creator of the Inspirational Goaling system that is revolutionizing the world of how to choose goals and accomplish them struggle free.

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