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Business Momentum Series Telesummit

I’m excited to share a new Business Momentum Series Telesummit with you!

It’s a virtual event that brings professional women and men together from all over the world, so we can be inspired to give our greatest gifts and make the biggest impact possible in our business lives today.

Listen in and you’ll gain an arsenal of knowledge and advice on a variety of pressing topics to help you sustain, profit and grow your business.

It’s easier to maintain momentum than overcome inertia get the tools you need to easily reach all your business and professional goals.

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You’ll learn from 23 amazing highly-sought-after leaders including Marcia Wieder, Rich Schefren, Debra Ponemen, Robert Allen, Sheri McConnell, Joe Polish, Murray Smith, Peggy McColl, Raymond Aaron, Ric Thompson, Fabienne Fredrickson, Mr. Michael Gerber, Wendy Robbins, Shanda Sumpter, Arvee Robinson, Kristen Howe, Kate Buck, Dr. Kammy Haynes, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Joe Nunziata, Noah St. John and Keith Wellman — all for FREE.

Here’s a sample of just a few of the presentations that will blow you away…

Fulfill your destiny through your dreams when best-selling author of 14 books and former President of the National Association of Women Business Owners, Marcia Wieder, gets on the line.

All you need is ONE great idea to create your own successful home business and New York Times bestselling author Peggy McColl is here to tell you how…

Let “Go Big Coach” Kristen Howe help you get clear, get honest and get moving, one step at a time, toward that life that you thought might only be a dream with simple guidelines for maximum business momentum…

When people are struggling, they tend to believe they have to work harder. Breakthrough specialist Joe Nunziata will explain why that’s not true, how you can attract the right clients to your business and more…

Top-notch copywriter, trained journalist and freelance writer Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero will be there to divulge her new world copywriting secrets for the 21st century that will have your audience clamoring to buy your products and services…

Reclaim hours in your day and open up your calendar to do more of what you love when Internet visionary and serial entrepreneur Ric Thompson shows you how to outsource the right way…

Discover how to say “YES” and become a magnet for success and happiness from Debra Poneman, the same great woman who mentored Janet Attwood, Marci Shimoff and Deepak Chopra.

Listen in as Noah St. John, the inventor of Afformations and author of the bestselling book “The Secret Code of Success,” reveals once and for all how to get rid of the “head trash” that’s keeping you from gaining momentum.

Find out why NOW is the time to start your business being a social media manager with social media maven Kate Buck …

Get all the answers you need to boost your business when internationally-recognized entrepreneur Murray Smith divulges his insights and strategies you can apply in your business so you cannot fail.

And so much more …

The Business Momentum Series is filled with practical suggestions and simple solutions from real-world business situations. If you want to take your business to the next level and spend more time doing what you love, you must attend.

In addition to giving your business a big boost and bringing all your big 2011 dreams to fruition, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn the very important steps to becoming an inspiring leader in your world.

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Wishing you all the best,


PS Remember momentum starts with movement … so get moving!

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