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How To Start A Blog That Will Bring You Clients

By online business consultant, expert and author Biana Babinsky

Many of my clients have asked me over time whether running a blog is worth the time and effort that goes into it. The answer, as always, is “it depends”. For me, my blog has made a major contribution to bringing leads and clients to my business. I estimate that about 20% of my clients have found me through my blog, got to know me and then decided to attend my classes or purchase my other products.

If you learn how to run a blog and how to use it to bring clients to your business, it will become a great tool to get clients for your business. You need to create a plan for bringing your target market to your blog and converting this traffic into clients.

Will you be required to invest a lot of time and energy into blogging? Actually, blogs do not have to take up that much time and energy. Your blog posts don’t have to be as long as your articles, as long as they are of interest to your target market. The effective blog post is not long; it is written on the topic of interest to your target market. The blog post helps them learn something and at the same time leaves them wanting more. You also don’t have to blog every day – blogging a few times a week is fine. Some people only blog once a week.

Here is how to create a plan that will turn your blog into an effective tool that will drive potential clients to your business 24/7:

  • Define Your Goals For Your Blog. If this is a business blog, your goals could be to become more known to your target market, attract more newsletter subscribers, attract clients to your business, etc.
  • Pick Good Blogging Software. Blogging starts with picking the blogging software that’s right for you. I strongly recommend evaluating a few different options before deciding on the one that is right for you.

    The one I recommend to use is available at wordpress.org. This software can be installed on your own web site, is easy to use and is highly customizable.

  • Find Topics That Your Target Market Wants To Read About. Since your goals for your blog include using your blog as a tool to get clients and newsletter subscribers, your target market has to be interested in reading your blog posts. Do research through online social networks and search engines to find topics that your target market would like to read about.

    Always write blog posts that are of interest to your target market.

  • Bring Traffic To Your Blog. Just writing posts on your blog isn’t going to do much to improve your visibility and get more clients. In order to get the benefits from blogging, you need to create a strategy to bring traffic to your blog.

    Some ideas for bringing traffic to your blog are search engine optimization, social networking sites, article marketing, commenting on other blogs and more.

  • Convert Blog Traffic Into Clients. Just bringing traffic to your blog is not enough. You need to get people who come to your blog to take action with you! In addition to bringing traffic to your blog you need to have a procedure in place for turning your blog readers into clients.

Follow the above five steps to turn your blog into a tool for getting clients. Once you have a step-by-step strategy to bring your target market to your blog and turn it into clients, you will be able to get more clients for your business.

About the author: Biana Babinsky is the online business expert who teaches coaches, consultants and other service professionals how to get clients using their blogs. Get her Make Thousands Of Dollars With Your Blog Home Study Guide to learn how to start a blog and use it to get clients for your business.