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Stop Planning, Forget The “How”, Just Go For It!

I’ve been saying this to a lot of people lately – especially after seeing David Neagle in Vancouver this spring where his message came through loud and clear to “just make the decision of what you want to accomplish or do and the “HOW” will present itself naturally”.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve personally witnessed this happen for me ever since! For instance, I recently made a decision to attend a live event in October in L.A. Now I rarely go to these events (my first one was the Body Wisdom Wealth & Purpose Experience in Vancouver and I’m so glad I made the decision to go!) – they are always far away and take me away from my business but something told me I had to attend this one. The moment I made the decision to go, everything to make that work for me fell into place with ease! (If you want to know more about the event, click here – it’s an amazing opportunity for women and I highly recommend it!)

Now for the actual article written by Fabienne Fredrickson – A Client Attraction Mentor…

Enjoy and just believe…

The last couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about aiming for MUCH bigger in our business, in our life, and in our purpose. We’ve stretched, looked into the fears of dreaming TOO big (is there such a thing?!) and looked at all the other emotions that come up once we’ve actually MADE the decision to play a bigger game. These are related to issues of safety, not rocking the boat, and self-doubt as to whether we really CAN play a bigger game in life and business.

But then, if this weren’t enough, there’s yet another thing that is likely to stop a lot of people right in their tracks. And that’s trying to figure out the “how”.

“How will I ever get from here to THERE?”
“But I don’t HAVE the resources (the funds, time, help) to make that big dream happen.”
“I’m not qualified right now to take on this big dream. I just don’t have what it takes yet.”
“Once I know HOW I’m supposed to do this, I’ll do it. Until then, I’ll just wait to be ready.”

Problem is, this is EXACTLY the point at which most people give up, probably even YOU. Right there. You see, most people wait for the HOW before they make a commitment to accomplish their big goal. Being the good planner that you probably are, there’s a part of you that feels this is too risky of a project or a goal to take on without having a plan, a solid plan, without knowing exactly how it’s going to unfold.

You may have a dream of being on Oprah, for example, to share the message only YOU can share, and to give exposure to your book or business. You love the idea of it, you imagine yourself on her yellow leather sofa, talking to her and her live studio audience. You may even be able to feel the warmth of the studio lamps and the nervous feeling you would have in the pit of your stomach. Perhaps what you’ll be wearing and what she’ll say to you. Your imagination is strong about what it would actually BE like once you’re there. And it feels great.

But then it all stops. Your imagination shuts down once you try to think about HOW you’ll ever get to the Oprah show, or whatever else your big dreams are. Here are things I’ve heard:

“I don’t have enough media training. They’ll never pick me.”
“Everyone and their MOTHER wants to be on Oprah. There’s too much competition.”
“Explain to me how it would ever happen and THEN I’ll think about going for it.”
“Is there a guarantee this will even work? Probably not worth trying if I don’t have a plan”

Now, if you’ve seen my Mind Movie on my Facebook page, you know that I have BIG dreams. Writing best-selling books, doing workshops to thousands of people, affecting millions, and having a global effect on helping women and children around the world, and yes, one day, even taking my message to Oprah’s stage and sharing it with 10 million people.

I’m hearing it now… “Stop dreaming and GET REAL!”

And admittedly, some of these things ARE “lofty”. In fact, I would categorize them as downright “scary big”. Especially since I don’t have a clue yet as to how I will write ONE best-selling book, let alone many, how to get thousands of people to come hear me speak, how I’ll help on a global level (where, whom, what will I be helping them with???). And I certainly don’t have a clue about how to get on Oprah’s couch.

But I’ve decided to go for it anyway, because here’s “what I know for sure”. If you’ve got the commitment to do something, the intention is strong and you’re willing to do anything it takes to get there, in a good way/not bad, then things WILL unfold before you, like a red carpet being unrolled in Hollywood. You just need to take the first step, accomplish the task that’s right in front of you, and then the next task will show up for you to work on. Once you’ve done that one, just the right opportunity will land on your lap, followed by the right resource to take full advantage of that opportunity or to accomplish the task at hand.

But because we’re bred to be planners (or in my case, sometimes a bit of a control freak – have you ever seen me in the kitchen right before a dinner party??), we want to have the WHOLE thing planned out first, in every descriptive detail. It’s got to be all laid out and orchestrated ahead of time, in perfect order. Otherwise, we don’t make the commitment.

Thing is, that’s not how the Universe or life works. Your next step or the next opportunity will NOT show up until you’ve made the commitment. But once you DO, it shows up, and the more you do this, the faster things start showing up for you: the right operations manager, the perfect branding development coach, the spiritual guide with just the right message (even the bottle cap with just the confirmation you’ve been asking for) or simply, just the right book to get you to that next level.

That’s what is happening to me right NOW. It’s fascinating to be in the eye of the storm, calm (most of the time) and witnessing everything around me show up as it’s supposed to, having everything around me rearrange itself to make that big dream come true. In fact, it’s pretty humbling. It’s almost as though my intention and commitment to getting this big dream accomplished has taken a life of its own, in a really good way. And now, it’s just about taking the next step that presents itself, without thinking of the next HOW. In fact, it’s a very reassuring process, once you begin to see the pattern.
Your Assignment:

Notice your mindset as it relates to your big dreams and goals for your business or your life. Is there a way that you might be stopping yourself or putting a hold on your big dreams because you haven’t yet figured out HOW it’s going to happen? Is the planner in you squashing the dreamer in you?

Instead, I’d recommend you gather your strength, deny your “smallness” and grab hold of the truth of yourself: that you CAN accomplish that big dream, that it’s not a silly notion. Just the mere fact that you’ve thought of it means it can be done. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have gotten the idea. Forgot the how! Just go for it. Each “how” and the resource needed at that time will show up exactly when you need it.

And I’m here for you to make it happen, with all the support you need.

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About the Author:
Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Mentor, is founder of the Client Attraction System?, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to attract more clients, in record time…guaranteed. To get your F.R.E.E. Audio CD by mail and receive her weekly marketing & success mindset articles on attracting more high-paying clients and dramatically increasing your in.come, visit www.ClientAttraction.com.

Personal Branding For Women Leaders

I came across this great article by Kathy Garland I wanted to share about personal branding – it’s not just about a logo!


Branding and personal branding are hot topics in business and personal development now. Why all the buzz? Businesses and people with the strongest brands are the most successful and make the most money. You may think it is odd that a person would have a brand. A brand is more than a logo. In the case of a personal brand, your brand is a sum of your behaviors, attitudes, actions and personal style. It’s what you are known for and makes up your reputation and image.

It’s the same for business, except businesses use logos, websites and marketing materials to represent those qualities. To be noticed and be a successful leader, you should be able to define your personal brand. Your personal brand is a combination of who you are and what you stand for.

Wildly successful, Oprah clearly knows who she is and what she stands for – empowering women. Her personality, vision for and commitment to women has contributed to her phenomenal success.

Who do you admire? What are her personal qualities? What contributes to her success?

You can strengthen your presence, your leadership, your results by focusing on and identifying your personal strengths and talents (who you are) and what difference you want to make and what results you want to create (what you stand for.)

You’ll know you have a strong personal brand when you show up and people say about you:

I need to meet her

She is someone I need to know

Or other people will say, “You need to know her” about you.

Other ways you’ll know you have a strong personal brand are that you are top-of-mind for special projects, promotions, big opportunities, new clients. People trust you because they know who you are and what you stand for.

Women don’t always take time to focus on who they are. We try to be everything to everybody in order to avoid conflict, be helpful, keep the relationships. This comes from that outdated superwoman myth. Time to abolish that notion!

Top leaders know what to say yes to and when to say no, which I find is a skill women often need to learn. You strengthen your personal brand and leadership style when you understand when to say yes and when to say no.

I firmly believe that women can be leaders in restoring the economy by focusing on who they are and what they do best. It’s a great time to identify your personal brand of leadership.

To get started on your personal brand:
1. List three to five areas where you really shine. Identify situations where you felt the most satisfied. One of my personal examples is a team sales pitch I led for a former employer that resulted in winning a large account with a Fortune 500 company. The skills and talents I used to lead that process are part of my personal brand.

2. Purchase the book, “Now, Discover Your Strengths” by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton. It comes with a code for an online assessment that will identify your top five talents. The book offers suggestions for each talent identified.

To know what you stand for, take some time to think about:
1. What do I want to create? What results? What relationships?
2. Where are my passions? What difference do I want to make?

Mother Teresa stood for ending poverty and hunger. Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, stood for helping tribes in indigenous cultures create micro-economies. Women like Mary Kay Ash and Estee Lauder had a unique vision and used their talents to innovate both cosmetics and a business model that supports women.

Your personal brand is already within you. When you are clear on who you are and what you offer, you can be unstoppable. Defining your personal brand will enhance your reputation, build your confidence and empower you as a leader.

© 2009 Kathy Garland, all rights reserved.

Kathy Garland, http://www.kathygarland.com is a transformational leader who works with women leaders on their brands, client acquisition and creating focus for the future and frequently writes and speaks on these topics. She resides in McKinney, Texas and works with clients on branding and client acquisition across the U. S. and Canada.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kathy_Garland

Press Releases Not Only for the Press

Here’s a great article about the power of press releases from WebProNews by Chris Crum, Staff Writer, I wanted to share:


Press Releases Not Only for the Press

Press releases are a form of online marketing that we don’t discuss very often. They don’t have the new and exciting appeal of social media or even search engine marketing, but they’ve been around a lot longer and are still working. In fact, they can play right into those other forms.

“Search engine rankings are arguably the most important small business marketing tool available today because it drives Web traffic — and potential prospects — to a small business’ Web site,” a PRWeb spokesperson tells WebProNews. “However, because improving search rankings is desirable, achieving results can be both challenging and highly competitive.”

PRWeb shared a case study with us, involving a firm that typically sees a boost in search engine rankings and a 50% spike in web traffic after they issue a release. In fact, for one release in particular, the firm saw a spike of 400% on two different Web sites, and the firm doesn’t believe they were from the same users. They also incorporate social media tools like Twitter to extend the “shelf life” of press releases, and say that drives additional traffic.

“If you want a release to rank highly in search engines you have to use key words and link those to your Web site,” says Peter Figueredo, CEO of NETexponent, the subject of the case study. “In addition, you need to put them in the release a few of times, for example in the headline, the sub-headline and again in the body. This is different from a traditional news release with a catchy headline where you may not have your key words included.”

“When we included a link to our press releases on Twitter and other social media networks, we saw these both expanded the scope of distribution and the extended the longevity of the announcement,” adds Figueredo. “With other news releases we saw an initial spike in Web site traffic on the first two days and then it dropped off. With these features we’ve seen increases in traffic up to five days after the news release was issued.”

Some have suggested that Twitter could actually replace the press release. I wouldn’t go that far, but it provides a complimentary service for announcing news quickly. The press release just has much broader potential. That hasn’t stopped at least one company from offering a service that provides one line “Twitter-style” press releases.

When we think of press releases, we often think of distribution, which is a huge part of it definitely. But when using a newswire service like PRWeb, BusinessWire, PRNewswire, etc., don’t forget about your own website as well. Earlier this year I discussed how some companies’ own press centers are holding back some marketing opportunities for them.

Your site should have a section for press releases, and that should be up to date with the latest release when it goes out. You’d be surprised at how often these go without being updated even when a press release has been spotted elsewhere. It is also a good idea to link to any company blogs, Twitter accounts, or any other place where company announcements are made.

Another thing I notice is that many company press pages also do not have RSS feeds set up. Some offer different kinds of press alerts, but otherwise, they are relying on people to frequently check back to see what is happening. Google does this well. They announce a lot of their news via their wide range of blogs (which is a great strategy in itself), and while their press release section doesn’t get nearly as many updates, they offer a feed so that users know when it has been updated. They also provide links to other press-related resources where their latest info can be obtained.

The bottom line is that press releases inform interested parties of what is going on with your business. Despite their name, they’re not just about the press anymore. The web has made them available to anyone. Social media is an extension of this, and opens up the opportunity for sharing. Search engine rankings of course bring releases right to searchers. Make your releases good.

Do you get good boosts in traffic from press releases? Tell us about it.


Try the power of press releases in your marketing efforts!

SEO/eMarketing (Who Needs It?)

“If you build it, he will come”
Field Of Dreams

“IT” doesn’t work that way!

So now you have a website? Does anyone even know you exist?

Everyone has suddenly jumped on the SEO/eMarketing bandwagon and out of nowhere “experts” are saying you “must do this or that” to get your website noticed. The only thing they haven’t thrown at you is the kitchen sink!

Hey! Did you hear the one about…..?

“We will submit to a Gazillion Search Engines and Directories for $59.95!”
“We guarantee Page 1 rankings in Google!”
“We guarantee thousands of Visitors every Month!”
“Just spend thousand$ with us, plus a $500 monthly fee and we will make you rich!”

“IT” doesn’t work that way!

Optimization ….“Huh?”

One of the keys of ranking well in any particular search engine is knowing exactly what the public and prospective client is looking for and making sure your web pages are designed properly. This is called “optimization” and unfortunately the vast majority of web sites on the Internet are not properly optimized for keywords or phrases related to their subject matter. A professional SEO/ eMarketing company will ensure that your site is optimized properly and not just for search terms that are the most popular, but also the most relevant to your business.

You need a “fair and balanced” approach

What does work?

What does work is a balanced and sustainable approach to SEO/eMarketing. I have heard from many that their marketing gurus, network administrators, copy writers and even their gardener’s have great SEO/eMarketing advice, and a surefire way to create instant success.

Expert advice in this field is about as common as ants at a picnic. The industry is evolving at a furious pace and just like the liquid web, it is changing dramatically. One must always be open to new ideas but with a well informed grasp of sound principals. What worked yesterday might not work today and what works now might be obsolete tomorrow. Some pre-conceived notions by those “experts” might have been untrue to begin with, or shortly become as extinct as the Dodo bird. With the bombardment of all the information and advice about SEO/eMarketing, do yourself a big favour and take a step back and look at the basics.

SEO/eMarketing Companies 101

The 3 R’s of SEO/eMarketing

1. Research: What are your goals and what is SEO and eMarketing all about? Research the advice you get and don’t let yourself be sold a bill of goods that is unnecessary to achieve the results you wish. You don’t always get what you pay for in this industry so educate yourself, become informed and ask questions.

2. Relevance: Are your web pages relevant to the search term you’re trying to rank higher? Is it relevant to optimization or even needing SEO/eMarketing? Without a balanced approach to your needs, any SEO/eMarketing could fail. Find the balance of your budget and the relevance of your needs and demand honesty of implementation from a reputable SEO/eMarketing company.

3. References: Ask for references with any company you are considering hiring for your SEO/eMarketing. Ask for clients who have gone through their program and talk to them. Any company worth their weight in salt will have no problem supplying references of clients or encourage you to contact the clients yourself if a portfolio is provided. Shop around and check out what you need and what is worth paying for?

The reality of SEO/eMarketing

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. ~Albert Einstein

Most consumers are really tired of being inundated with marketing everywhere they look, but are still receptive to the kind of “just-in-time” marketing represented by a high placement in search engine results.

The reality is; if you own a company website, you need to consider implementing website-based SEO/eMarketing. As a business owner or entrepreneur, you have to decide what role the Internet will play in your business marketing model and whether you’ll be implementing a strategic search engine marketing campaign. Regardless of your marketing decision if building a website, site-based SEO/eMarketing plays an important role in the usability and aesthetics of your website.

Search engine optimization, and eMarketing in general, can serve a number of different purposes. It can generate sales and leads, both online and offline. It can convince search engine users to implement the actions you desire such as buying your product or service, signing up for your newsletter, downloading “give-away” documents, registering for a seminar, and so on.

A bonus, yet often overlooked positive effect SEO/eMarketing has on your business, your website/company’s prominent position on the search engine results pages contribute to higher: Industry Exposure, Rankings, Target Market Attraction, and Brand/ Name recognition.

When done correctly, search engine optimization can bring people to your sites that are actually looking for what you are offering. You know they’re looking for it because they typed in a key word or phrase that is directly related to your content.

In a nutshell, here is what your SEO/eMarketing Company could do depending on their package and service offerings:

“Optimization and online marketing in general, isn’t a destination. Rather, it’s a road, one that must be constantly traveled for optimal levels of success”
Christine O’Kelly

  • Know your online competition
  • Research and implement targeted keywords and phrases
  • Manually submit your site to search engines and relevant directories.
  • Rewrite and revise your content to make it the best it can be and utilizing your keywords and phrases
  • Create relevant inbound links and relevant linking partners.
  • Make sure you don’t have any items on your site that may “blacklist” your site from the search engines
  • Use Meta tags properly, page specific if warranted
  • Make sure your site is properly designed using compliant coding for optimal performance
  • Keep on top of your site rankings and freshen your content to raise your ratings even more
  • Think outside of the box in using many creative and ethical ways to increase qualified traffic
  • Keep up-to-date with all the incredibly new ways of on-line marketing including blogs, social media and article submissions.

“I can do this myself!”

Do-it-yourself’ SEO/eMarketing is a risky prospect.

Search engine optimization is not a quick overnight process. It takes research and work and optimizing your site does work and is worth it in the end. There are many benefits to hiring a professional SEO/eMarketing company. A good SEO/eMarketing company knows what search engines are looking for. Each search engine has their own set of rules, algorithms, regulations, etc. that they apply to web sites that become part of their indexing. In an attempt to supply user’s relevant content as they search, there are certain things they look for in web pages.

Work Pro-Actively with your SEO/eMarketing Company but not alone

Don’t expect an overnight bonanza of high rankings and tons of traffic

Working with someone to achieve higher rankings and exposure may take up to several months or longer. The initial part of the project will come in the form of search engine and directory submissions, creating Meta tag keywords, page titles and descriptions, plus they will work with you for keyword-rich content on your sites. Then, over the next few weeks/months, they should help you to track your placement on the search engines and suggest other changes to bump your rankings higher.

Without proper SEO/eMarketing; your website and business can suffer or not reach its full potential. It is a small price to pay for a sustainable business model. It is truly in your best interest to find a company that is well versed in both marketing and web development. The two industries are so intertwined that one can really benefit from having a well rounded approach to your marketing program.


About the Author:

Daniel Simmons is the SEO/eMarketing specialist for eVision Media: a full service Web Development, eMarketing and Graphic Design Company
www.evisionmedia.ca. Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eVisionMedia