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Writing Email Marketing Copy That Sells

I read a great article from Vertical Response (a newsletter provider service eVision Media recommends to a lot of clients) that gives some great hints and tips on how to write effective newsletters that will help with your response rate.  Here’s the article:

Writing Email Marketing Copy That Sells

by Janine Popick,
President and CEO – Founder of Vertical Response

Writing your email marketing campaigns can make anyone want to pull their hair out, especially if you’re trying to sell a product/service, or ask for a donation, either as part of your newsletter or the sole purpose of your email. You want to make sure you hit all of the highlights and make sure people SEE your offer.

I’ve put together some ideas you can think about and put to work when writing copy that sells in your campaigns.

Benefits – I’ve written about this before, but I can’t stress how important it is for you to answer your recipient’s question, “What’s it going to do for me?” “How is it going to make my life easier?” They don’t necessarily care about all of the nifty features you’ll offer without getting to the heart of why they need it first. Many businesses get caught up in focusing on themselves rather than their recipients. Recipients should always be the focus of the copy.

Use Subheads – Getting the attention of your readers using subheads is always a great idea. It breaks up your thoughts and gets to the heart of what you’re selling quickly while letting them do the skimming.

Write in Small Chunks – You need to get to your point fast in small succinct paragraphs. When was the last time you read an entire press release in an email? It’s difficult to do, no one has the time, they need you to tell your story briefly. If they want more detailed information, link off to a page where they can find it.

Use Bullets – Bullets break up points or benefits so that your readers can get your information quickly by scanning. This is a very popular copywriting tactic for email and the web in general.

Get Customer Testimonials – Nothing sells your product better than your customers, but getting the testimonial right is essential. “I love this product!” is not good enough. You need to get to the heart of why they love your product or your cause. “I love this product because it saved me $500 in fees per year!” tells a much better story. Make sure you put your customer’s real name and city or company they come from. It adds credibility to the quote.

Get the Subject Line Right – Make sure you think about the subject line first, it’s the most important item in your email. In just 40-50 characters get across what they’ll get for opening your email.

Write Like You Speak – If you’re talking to a prospect or customer you don’t speak in long boring sentences. You are probably concise and conversational. So should your email marketing copy be.

Ask For The Order – I’ve spent a lot of time on calls-to-action lately and it’s because they’re important. Your call-to-action is your “Buy Now” link or your “Call 1-800..” copy. It’s essentially what you want your recipients to do. You should definitely display your call-to-action above the fold so that your recipients don’t have to scroll down to find your offer links. Don’t be afraid to get in your recipient’s face either. If that’s what you told them you’d be sending them, they expect it and probably want it. Use expiration dates and bold colors, and make sure to link from everywhere you can in your email to get your recipients to act now!

New Site Launch: Stephan Baker Stock Fotos

Stephan Baker Stock FotosStephan Baker is a talented nature photographer whose photos are in high demand. After receiving repeated requests for certain photos, he decided to offer them on-line to the general public as stock photos that can be used for personal or commercial purposes. Choose from a large selection of royalty-free images through a wide variety of categories such as Animals, Architecture & Buildings, Boats, Locations, People, Nature, and Transportation.

We custom programmed this on-line e-commerce, membership-orientated, application.

Bells ‘n Whistles – membership creation and management, credit purchase commerce application, back-end administration area for custom reporting, photo management and stat logs. Check it out at: www.sbstockfotos.com

New Site Launch: With Flair… Home Staging & Redesign

With Flair... Home Staging and RedesignCheryl Grattan has the “it” factor when it comes to staging and redesign. According to her clients, she has that special ability to see how a room can be arranged to showcase it to its optimal advantage – whether for selling or for living. Her services include Real Estate Staging, Redesign for Living and Moving In Assistance throughout the Richmond BC area.

Cheryl is a graduate of the PRES Professional Real Estate Staging program offered by another eVision Media client, Dana J. Smithers.

We designed her logo, business cards, promotional brochure, letterhead/envelope and flyer as well as designed and built her website. Bells ‘n Whistles – On-line photo gallery showcasing her before and after pictures.  Check it out at: www.withflair.ca

New Site Launch: Green Apple Staging & Spaces

Green Apple Staging and SpacesDeena offers home owners and real estate professionals staging and redesign services throughout Calgary, Alberta. Her talents as a stager are evident in her portfolio gallery where she is also able to showcase her photography talents. Her photography services are an excellent additional service to take advantage of when you want to showcase your home listing as best possible though professionally taken photos… after your home has been staged of course!

Deena is a graduate of the PRES Professional Real Estate Staging program offered by another eVision Media client, Dana J. Smithers.

We  designed and built her website. Bells ‘n Whistles – On-line photo gallery showcasing her before and after pictures. Check it out at:  www.greenapplestaging.com

Surround Yourself With Good Energy

Silver tier of the Millionaire Protégé Club I read a great article this morning by Ali Brown and wanted to share it with everyone. Not only is this article great for your personal life but also very important in your business life when dealing with clients, resources and your own team members.

The Power Of IntentionI have been reading a great book that also talks about positive energy that I highly recommend if you’re looking for more energy in your life and attracting people into your life that will help you accomplish what you desire. The book is called The Power Of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Here’s the article from Ali Brown titled, “Surround Yourself With Good Energy”.  Enjoy!



Have you ever felt down after chatting with a friend or coworker? You may have felt fine before the conversation, but now, after hearing them complain about the weather, the economy, and a demanding neighbor or mother-in-law, you’re starting to feel kind of cranky yourself, as if their negativity were somehow contagious.

Actually, you can catch a negative (or positive) attitude from the people around you. According to the well-known psychiatrist and energy guru Dr. Judith Orloff, who wrote the bestseller Positive Energy, our bodies are made of flesh and blood, but they’re also composed of energy fields. Negative energy like fear, anger, and hopelessness drags us down and drain our energy, but positive energy, like compassion, courage, and forgiveness, improves our mood and our well-being.

The law of attraction states that people either sense our positive energy and gravitate towards us, or they feel our negative energy and shy away from us. Those around us influence how we feel and can even impact the direction our lives take. Positive people can improve your life, while negative people (also called “energy vampires”) just drag you down.

* “Energy vampires” suck the life out of you. Spending time with people who constantly complain or make negative remarks only makes us feel listless and despondent. These “energy vampires” tell us we’ll never get our business off the ground or that our dreams are unrealistic (possibly because they can’t bear to see others succeed where they have failed). Spend too much time with a complainer and you’ll start to believe what they tell you.

* Positive people energize you. The more time you spend surrounded by positive people, the more you’ll internalize their cheerful, upbeat attitude and start spreading it around. Positive people make your goals seem attainable and give you a boost of energy when you need it. They don’t dwell on small setbacks or waste time complaining about things that are within their power to change. With an open heart, an open mind, and a willingness to try new things, they can handle virtually anything.

While we sometimes have to deal with negative coworkers or relatives, it’s up to us to choose the other people in our lives. Ask yourself how you feel after spending time with someone. Do you feel energized and inspired? Or does lunch with a certain “friend” leave you feeling restless and unfulfilled?

If the latter, then it’s time to develop friendships with people who support your goals and spread positive energy. These people will provide wisdom in times of trouble and inspire you to reach greater heights in moments on self-doubt. Seek our people and organizations that promote action and service to the community, because there is nothing more uplifting than helping others.

As you spend more time with positive people and distance yourself from negative ones, you’ll feel your spirits lift and your goals coming into focus. You, in turn, will become a more positive person – someone others want to spend their time with.

© 2009 Ali International, LLC

Self-made multimillionaire entrepreneur Ali Brown is devoted to creating financial freedom for women globally through the power of entrepreneurship. To learn how to create wealth and live an extraordinary life now, register for her free weekly articles at www.AliBrown.com

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