Stale, Tired, and Clunky… 10 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Makeover Now

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Have you ever come across a website that looks old and stale? What impression did you get when visiting it? Was it favourable or did you get the feeling they weren’t quite up to your expectations?

Much like your wardrobe, websites need freshened from time to time. Think about that favourite shirt you wore 5 years ago, which was the latest fashion then. That same shirt would look dated and out of place today.

Unfortunately, many business owners don’t realize the importance of updating their website. After reading this article, you might want to give us a call to see if yours needs a makeover too!

Here are 10 reasons why to consider a website makeover:

  1. First impressions are important. The starter website you may have built a few years back may now appear to be unprofessional looking by today’s web standards. With many visitors judging your website within a few seconds, having graphics that are professional, appealing and engaging is critical. That’s why investing in an updated look and feel for your website is a smart investment. A new polished look can help you attract and keep a higher level of clientele too.

  2. Your potential clients are comparison shopping. The Internet makes it so easy for consumers to shop rates and compare options when it comes to buying online. That puts the burden on companies to keep their websites fresh and inviting. The company with the sharpest looking website, offering the best resources and information wins. A website redesign gives your company the edge with eye-catching graphics and a layout that grabs visitor’s attention.

  3. Improved website sales effectiveness. In the past, it was standard protocol to post a brochure-type website for your business. Websites today can be designed in a way that is more effective in turning visitors into customers. A professional web design firm can help you re-examine the layout and content of your website to boost sales conversions.

  4. Updated web technologies. If your website was built in WordPress or using a different content management system (CMS), it’s important to upgrade to the latest version of the software. Installing the latest security patches can prevent hackers from getting into your website. This can prevent data breach of your customer information. Plus it stops hackers from abusing your servers by installing viruses or sending spam.

    Similarly, old shopping cart systems are also very susceptible to hackers if they have not been maintained by the developers. This applies to either purchased systems or open source – both need continual upgrades in order to stay ahead of hackers and of the users’ needs for functionality.

  5. Shifted business focus. Over time, your business changes. You have new products and services to offer, which may mean you have a different market to go after. Your target market should be the driving force behind what your website should look like and the kind of information it provides so a shift like this may require an updated look and feel to match the new focus.

    Additionally, don’t forget to update the company information on your site too. New employees to add, new credentials to showcase in your bio or new contact information if you moved. It’s important to frequently review your website to ensure that the information on your website is still up to date.

  6. Google loves freshly updated pages. The freshness factor greatly influences your website rankings. When evaluating pages, Google weighs a page’s freshness when deciding how high to rank search results. That means that if your website is stale and hasn’t been updated in months or even years, it may drop in rankings.

    Moreover, you don’t want to lose those precious conversions where prospective customers are checking you out but decide they can get something better somewhere else. It’s either that your site is not appealing to the right market or once they get there, they are immediately turned off from what they see and experience.

  7. Improved site structure boosts SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are several changes to the way your web site is constructed that can dramatically affect your SEO. A website redesign can improve site architecture, page names, image names, meta tags, and content so that it’s considerably more SEO friendly.

  8. It’s time to declutter. Over time, when you stick new content here and there your website can become jumbled, complicated, and less effective. Doing a website redesign provides the opportunity to simplify wording, layout, and navigation. This makes it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for without being distracted or confused.

  9. It’s not mobile-friendly. Over 17% of all website traffic that goes to your website is coming from a smart phone or mobile device. If your business website is not mobile friendly it could be costing you a lot of business. A website redesign means it can also be smart-phone, mobile friendly through a responsive design that is easy to navigate no matter the size of screen your visitor is using.

  10. Adds social media functionality. If your website was built several years ago you may not be set up to connect with customers on social media. Adding social sharing buttons allows readers to share your content, which boost SEO and your brand visibility. Plus, adding links to your social media accounts helps you build relationships with your prospective client. Moreover, it provides an instant way to share deals/offers with ready to buy consumers.

Does Your Website Need a Makeover?

A professional web and marketing firm can transform your website into a powerful online sales tool for your business. Not only can they update the look of your website, but they can increase conversions, boost SEO, and make it mobile-friendly.

To your success!

P.S. Let eVision Media unleash the selling power of your website with a smart, cost effective redesign that delivers results for your business! Contact us today for a free consultation.

About the Author, Susan Friesen

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Have you ever come across a website that looks old and stale? What impression did you get when visiting it? Was it favourable or did you get the feeling they weren’t quite up to your expectations? Much like your wardrobe, … Continued